This is the first season of The New Adventures. It is set after season 17 of the real Thomas and Friends.

Season 1 information

Season 1 will have 16 episodes. It will have some new engines, and some old ones return. The series will be more like the classic ones. Its will also have guest writers.


  1.  Welcome to Sodor - Tom, an engine from the mainland, visits the famous Island of Sodor.
  2. The Big Race - TBA (this episode is rumoured to feature Tom and Gordon)
  4. Oliver's Emergency - TBA (Oliver will most likely appear, and Toad probably too. It is rumoured that Duck will appear in this episode too)
  5. The Wedding - TBA (it is rumoured that Thomas and Rosie will appear)


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Toad
  • Connor

Many others. It is rumoured that Duncan, Rosie and Caitlin will return too.

New characters:

  • Tom
  • Jess


This season will be followed by a movie.

It is rumoured that its going to be called 'The New City'.

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