The Ministry of Defense Engine





Arrived on Sodor:

Around 1960

The Ministry of Defense Engine is an electric engine that had been abandoned by the Ministry of Defense.


Sudrian Stories

When the Skarloey Railway Slate Quarry was bought by the Ministry of Defense in 1960, it's likely that the engine came along at the same time. He appears to have been abandoned by the Ministry of Defense when they left the Slate Quarry, and has set up shelter in an abandoned bunker. Nobody knew about him, since only the Ministry of Defense workers were allowed to come into the quarry, nobody noticed he was gone.

It seems like the many years of isolation has gotten to him, as he seems to have gone absolutely insane. It wasn't until 2017 when he was actually discovered by other people, when he tried to kidnap and replace Rheneas, he wanted to take his place on the Skarloey Railway. However, Bertram chased him, and caused the engine to derail. But, when him, Rheneas, and the police returned to the derailed engine, he was gone.

Later on in the year, Sir Handel would end up hearing strange noises at the Blue Mountain Quarry, thus he left in a panic and was forced to sleep with Bertram. This resulted in interest from ghost hunters, thus Sir Handel, Bertram, and Freddie investigated the quarry to search for the noise. When he was finally found, Bertram and Freddie chased him, until he was trapped. Once the police found him, he was scrapped.


The Ministry of Defense Engine seems to have gone insane after years of being abandoned by The Ministry of Defense. Because of this, he has become cynical and sadistic. Being quite the sneaky one, he is easily able to move around without being found.

It's possible that he wants to be useful again, as he wanted to take Rheneas' number, so he could work on the Skarloey Railway. Because of this, it's possible there is some good in him.


The Ministry of Defense Engine is based on a freelance design. The Island of Sodor: It's People, History and Railways describes him as an electric locomotive, and his design resembled a beetle. He is quite small and low to the ground.


The Ministry of Defense Engine is painted completely black, he also had black wheels. On his sides is the lettering "MoD" in white.

In the second season of Sudrian Stories, he has a white circle on the side, the emblem of The ‘Spirit Trains’, on his side instead of the “MoD”.


Sudrian Stories

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The Adventures on Sodor


  • Strangely, The Ministry of Defense Engine lacks a whistle or horn, it's possible this was done to make him harder to find.
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