The Hottest Day Ever is the thirty-fifth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


"It is hot!" Delete exclaimed as he waited for his passengers to board.

"No doubt of why the passengers are wearing shorts and shirts," Delete's Driver added.

"Most of them are packed for Norramby Beach," the Guard added.

"Oh! How I long for the weather to cool," Delete sighed.

"Be glad actually. My cousin that lives in Austrailia says it's freezing cold and roads are blocked," the Fireman said.

Delete was now on the stretch between Killdane and Kellsthorpe Road, and still his coaches were packed.

He was running well, at medium speed, and coasting down, making good time.


"Ouch!" he cried. "I feel hot!"

"Worry not, we'll let some water into the boiler," his Driver replied, and Delete felt better.

"Where's the water?" he asked.

"That's funny. It doesn't seem to work," his Driver commented.

"The pipe must be blocked then, but we can't afford to stop and lose time," his Fireman pointed out.

"Delete, do you think you can get us to the station? It's about three and a half miles from here!" the Driver shouted.

"Well, if you can get at least some water or damp my fire yes," he replied.

"You heard him."

Delete lost a bit of speed, but was ahead of time, so it wouldn't matter.

"1 more mile, Delete! You can do it!" the Fireman called out.

Delete struggled the last mile and blew a sigh of relief when he stopped at Kellsthorpe.

"That was brave of you," the passengers said, whilst the Driver and Fireman scooped endless piles of ashes.

Then, the Driver spoke to the stationmaster.

"Gordon will come and help you to Crovan's Gate," his Driver told him.

The Fireman emptied the tender, but was surpised to see...

"My water bottle?"

"How'd that get there?" asked the Driver.

"I must've knocked it in there whilst filling up with water," he replied.

Gordon soon arrived and Delete was back at work the next day.

"For a hot day, it was quite a hot incident," Delete told his crew, and mopping their faces, they agreed.


  • Delete
  • Gordon (non-speaking role)
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