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The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are visitors from the Mainland who visit Sodor regularly and own a summerhouse on the island as well. They are also the owners of their private engine, Spencer.


The Duke

The Duke is a kind and respectful man. He is good friends with Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt and attends many of their parties and events. He also treats his engines with respect and compliments them when they help him out. He does not approve of Spencer's boastful behavior and often reprimands him for it as well as his treatment towards the Sodor engines, but he knows that Spencer can still be a really useful engine.

The Duchess

Like her husband, the Duchess is very kind and respectful. She attends nearly almost all of the same events as her husband and is good friends with Sir Topham and Lady Hatt as well. She is very friendly to the Sodor engines and always enjoys saying hello to them whenever they pass by the summerhouse or when Spencer is taking them on a tour. She does not approve of Spencer's behavior as well, but she knows that her husband knows how to handle him and allows him take charge in cases of the engine misbehaving. She is also there to help her husband calm down when he is under stress.


The Duke wears a dark purple suit jacket, which has a crest on the left side, over a yellow shirt and grey trousers, with a brown boater hat, with a purple band.

The Duchess wears a light purple dress, with white collars and pink floral patterns and a floppy brown sun hat.


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  • Season 7 - Brothers and Cousins


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