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The Danger of Fire
Season The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1, Episode 2
Air date 26th September 2020
Written by Whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon
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The Danger of Fire is the second episode of The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1.


It was the Summer Holidays on the Island of Sodor and lots of people were using the trains to get to popular tourist spots. This meant that extra passenger trains had to be scheduled, which meant Henry and James had to give up their goods work. This meant that Donald and Douglas had to do extra work as well. They didn’t mind the extra work though as they knew they were being really useful engines.

One day, Douglas was pulling a mixed goods train consisting of open plank wagons, fuel wagons and refrigerated vans which were loaded with meat, to be taken to shops across island, but they were heading for trouble, one of the fuel tankers had expanded creating a leak. Then sparks from Douglas’ funnel set the tanker on fire. The guard quickly noticed the flames and whistled to the driver to stop. They brought the train to a halt and the driver ran to the nearest signal box to phone for help whilst the guard put detonators on the track behind to warn other trains. Soon, the driver came back

“The fire service is on its way!” he shouted, “They’ll be here in about five minutes until then we’ve just got to wait!”

By the time the fire service did arrive the fire had burnt the tanker to a crisp and had spread onto the meat trucks and a smell of burning meat lingered in the air. At last, after two hours of firefighting, the flames were extinguished but the smell of burnt meat and smoke lingered for several hour afterwards. Before Douglas could leave Gordon thundered by.

“Poop, poop. Have you had a barbecue Douglas? It certainly smells like it.” He whistled as he sped by.

This made Douglas cross. Later, he spoke to Donald and some of the other engines at Tidmouth Sheds.

“That Gordon is too big for his buffers.” He grumbled to the others.

“Aye.” Agreed Donald

“He needs to learn that you shouldn’t joke about things like fire.”

“Ever since he had that new coat of paint, he’s been nothing but a nuisance.” Put in James.

“I can hear you; you know.” Said Gordon.

“Oh, be quiet.” replied James. All the engines agreed that something needed to be done but no one knew what.

A few days later, it was hotter than ever.

“We’ll have to stop halfway to pick up some more water today Gordon.” Said his driver

“No, I’m sure I can make it.” Said Gordon.

As they approached Killdane station the driver began to apply Gordon’s brakes

“No, you don’t!” said Gordon and he began applying more steam. His brakes screeched as he fought against them.

“You need more water!” said his driver

“No, I don’t!” replied Gordon but he was getting rather thirsty. All his hurrying had used up most of his water. “Best to slow down,” he thought “but only a little bit.” Suddenly, flames shot out of Gordon’s firebox opening in his cab! His driver put the brake in to emergency before jumping clear.

“Oh dear, what is happening to me?” cried Gordon

“Your firebox is back drafting.” Replied his driver, “Your boiler might explode!”

The fireman quickly ran to get help. Donald came to take the express coaches back to the previous station and Douglas towed Gordon to the works.

“So, you learnt not joke about fire then?”

Gordon was too shocked at what had happened to reply. The Fat Controller was waiting for them at the works.

“Douglas you have shown yourself to be a really useful engine. You worked hard in an emergency and showed that no matter what trains must get through. You shall have a new coat of paint.” He turned to Gordon “As for you. Trains must get through, but safety is more important. Not taking on water is a foolish idea and you will have plenty of time to reflect on your actions whilst you’re being repaired. It will be a long job, you need a new cab and firebox, in the meantime I have to find another to do your jobs instead of you.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir” apologised Gordon.




  • Going by production order this the fifth episode of the first series