The Blizard is the twenty-seventh episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Snow started to fall harder everyday. Soon, expactions for a blizard were high.

Delete was departing one day in the evening from Vicarstown with a stopping train. He had double the coaches he had expected for.

"I'm glad my snowplough was fixed", he thought. "This snow is high."

The wind began to howl, harder and harder.

"Report! Blizard is hitting Sodor. Everyone seek shelter immediately!", called Control.

Delete backed down, but the brake coach hit snow.

"We can't go through that", said Delete's Driver.

"The only option is to go one", said Delete's Fireman.

"I can't see a thing!", cried Delete. "Not even with my headlamp on."

He plowed through snow that seemed to get higher everytime.

At last, the snow stopped. Delete was cold, but felt at home.

"Oh, hi Delete", said a very familiar voice.


"Yes. Take your train in. The points must've been set to here. We were just about to close the doors too. Hurry along."

"Thank you."

"So, how did you get here?"

Delete told Thomas all about it.


  • Thomas
  • Delete
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