Terence Takes a Swim is the fourteenth episode of the twentieth season.

Terence Takes a Swim
Season 20, Episode 14
Air date 24 April 2015
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was a damp, rainy day on the Island of Sodor.

Terence was resting in his shed when his Driver came up.

"Come on, old boy. There's been some fallen trees near Hackenbeck Halt and we have to help Percy and Trevor move them."

"All right. I'm ready."

Soon Terence arrived at the stream near Hackenbeck.

He and Trevor helped load the trees and branches into Percy's trucks.

"Phew! Well that was hard work," sighed Trevor. "Now we have to remove that tree wedged beneath the bridge."

Terence and Trevor were attached to strong ropes and they pulled with all their might.

The rain pelted down and wind blew, but they didn't give up!

Finally, they pulled it out from beneath the bridge.

"Hurray!" they cheered.

However, the weight of the tree and the rain had made the river bank weak.

Terence was about to pull away when suddenly the earth beneath him collapsed and he fell right into the river!

"No! Help!" choked Terence.

They quickly tossed ropes to Terence's Driver who was still holding on.

Then, he swam to shore.

"Percy!" called some workmen. "We need your help!"

They attached Percy to the rope and he pulled with all his might.

It was harder than he thought, but at last, Terence was on firm ground.

"Well, Terence!" chuckled Percy. "So you decided to take a swim, eh. Quite unexpected, huh?"

"Yes, yes it was, Percy," sighed Terence, who was more than relieved to be on the ground again.

"Don't worry. I once took an unexpected swim too. I was braving bad weather to help Thomas when I reached a flooded bridge! My crew had to use Guard's floorboards to maintain my fire. Then, I had to cross the flooded bridge to get the children home."

"Well, at least we're both still on the ground."

Later, Terence met Thomas at Ffarquhar.

"Huh, so I hear you took an unexpected swim," said Thomas.

"Yes, yes I did," replied Terence.

"But remember that snowdrift," continued Thomas. "That makes us quits, I reckon."

Terence laughed.

"But I'm much happier to be on firm ground than taking a swim in the river."




  • This episode is based off the story of the same name from the 1985 annual by Christopher Awdry, Terence Takes a Bath.
  • References to the first season episode, Thomas, Terence and the Snow and the third season episode, Percy's Promise are made.
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