Tender Couplings is the ninth episode of the fourth season

"Tender Coupling Inspection... pah! My tender coupling is perfect"

"Rubbish, yours isn't perfect at all, the TCI is important"

Spencer and James talking about the tender coupling inspection

Tender Couplings
Season 4, Episode 9
Air date December 2, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
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James is resting when Spencer comes in with Sir Topham Hatt, he tells them that all tender engines MUST have their tender coupling checked, Spencer just ignors the speech. Later he passes the SteamWorks where engines are waiting for the inspector. James as much as he hates to do tells Spencer to collect Sir Topham Hatt as he has not yet been approved to go. Spencer very delighted goes off. Soon he has him and delivers him, but goes off without an inspection, James horridly chases him, but Spencer sees a chance for a race. Soon, he comes to the hill and is pulling two coaches and his tender coupling breakes and crashes into James. Soon, Stanley, Bash, and Dash come to the rescue and Spencer is sent to The Siding.


  • James
  • Spencer
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Stanley (restores only)
  • Bash (restored only)
  • Dash (non-speaking role; restored only)
  • Thomas (cameo: original non-speaking role)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Ferdinand (cameo)
  • Murdoch (cameo)
  • Kevin (cameo)


  • This is the third episode not to include any made up engines the first two being A Day at the DieselWorks and Flatbeds and Logs. Making this the third episode in a row.
  • In a original version, Ferdinand, Stanley, Bash, and Dash are absent. And Thomas comes to the rescue in the original.


  • Surely more tender engines like Gordon, Edward, or Emily would have been at the SteamWorks, but this is probraly only to fit the layout.
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