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Tales of Sodor is a series written by BIGWIKISTUDIOS.


Series 1

  1. Bulleid the Leader - A new engine called Bulleid has arrived and is not trusted by steam or diesels and tries to prove them wrong.
  2. Model Engine - Gordon is jealous of his brother Flying Scotsman after a boy shows a model of him he made and he tries to become one too.
  3. Bagnall Trouble - Alfred and Judy come to Sodor, and team up with Bill and Ben to cause trouble.
  4. Royals - Gordon meets Duchess on the mainland and get off on a bad start.
  5. Freddie VS Ivo Hugh - Freddie and Ivo Hugh fight for the number 7 on the Skarloey railway.
  6. Crovan’s Gate - Crovan brags about how he’s a private engine and runs into an incident.


(Note: There are more cancelled episodes which didn’t past the title stage, these are only ones with thought out ideas.)

  • Series 1 - Episode five - The Excellence of Emily - An engine named Emily is on Sodor and calls herself Excellent Emily but let’s this get the better of her. - Cancelled due to being too much like Excellent Emily.


  • Thomas and the Big World - Topham decides to bring Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel on a ship to travel around the world. However after something goes wrong, Thomas needs to work on other railways to get back to Sodor.


Island of Sodor

North Western Railway

Skarloey Railway

Road Vehicles

Private Engines


  • Dad
  • Cole
  • Governor




Island of Sodor

North Western Railway

Skarloey Railway

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