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These are the characters that you will see in Sudrian Heroes



Ashley is a saddle tank engine that works on the Ffarquhar Branch with Thomas and Percy. She may be small, but she is not afraid to stand up to any big engines who try to push her around. Ashley is very courageous and is a good role model to the other tank engines.

Ashley is based on a Great Northern Railway J13. During the days of the big four, this engine was renamed, the London and Northeastern Railway J52.


London Underground S8 Stock 21068 on Metropolitan Line Fast, Preston Rd (19373343398).jpg

Brandon is a rapid transit train who works on the Kirk Ronan shuttle line with Daisy and Toby. He hates to sit out and loves to be busy; bustling with work. Brandon may not be the most popular engine on Sodor, but in Sir Topham Hatt's eyes, he is still a really useful engine.

Brandon is based on the London Underground's S8 stock trains.