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Sudrian Heroes is a spin-off series of Thomas and Friends. It will air on Disney Channel in 2022 in the US. It also airs on BBC Kids in the UK and NHK in Japan. For obvious reasons, the events of The Great Race and BWBA are not canon to my series. Meaning that any characters that were introduced there....Yeah....they don't exist here.

Season 1

This is the first season of the series. This season takes place in 2014.

  1. Goodbye Steam Team - The steam team ends and the engines go to other places across the island.
  2. Money Talks - Murdoch chases Sailor John after he robs a bank.
  3. School Train - Rebecca becomes the new school engine.
  4. Godred's Ghost - The Culdee Fell engine come up with a plan to make Godred's Ghost go away.
  5. Contaminated - Two cruel engines from the railway board come to Sodor and question the efficiency of Sir Topham Hatt's railway - making Edward their main subject of question.
  6. Axles of Steel - A new tank engine named Ashley comes to Sodor and has to stand up to Gordon.
  7. The Ten Famous Engines - Sir Topham Hatt has a surprise for 10 of the engines.