David Tennant as Thomas, Sir Handel, and Douglas.

John Leguiziano as Percy, Donald, and BoCo.

Meryl Streep as Emily, Lady Hatt, and Belle.

Bonnie Somerville as Mara.

Diedrich Bader as Jack Redbar.

Dennis Vones as Sir Topham Hatt and PT Boomer.

David Scwimmer as Duncan.

Chase Karben as Diesel, Arry, Splatter, and Dodge.

James Earl Jones as Don Hatt (flashback).

Christopher Lloyd as Diesel 10 ( flashback).

Jonathon Freeman as Spamcan.

Keith Wickham as Gordon, Henry, James, Bert, and Den.

Rupert Degas as Bert.

Mickey Rooney as Dart.

Simon Pegg as Sir Topham Hatt Jr, Paxton, and Sidney.

Calvin Munroe as Norman.

Tim Curry as Derek.

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