Spencer & the Express is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 3

Spencer & the Express
Season 3, Episode 24
Air date October 26, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
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One day Gordon is unable to start the Express, so Spencer decides to take it himself. Toby tells him he will need help up the hill, but Spencer says Toby is to old to work. The Express has 4 coaches today and very heavy. Soon, he reaches the hill and charges but to no avial. Toby is sent to help and Toby teases him for not being able to pull the Express up a hill. Later at the sheds, Spencer is teased by Toby and Gordon.


"So unable to pull the Express up a hill, eh?"

Toby teasing Spencer.


  • Gordon
  • Toby
  • Spencer
  • Clarabel (cameo)


  • Clarabel's name tag can be seen in Platform 3.
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