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Special Holiday is the thirteenth story of volume four.

Special Holiday
Season 4B, Episode 13 (89)
Air date 3 July 2022
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Early one morning at the Big Station, all the engines were ready for work. The sun was already above the horizon and slowly creeping into the sheds.

"A busy day awaits," said Gordon.

"As if that's a surprise," huffed Henry.

"I expect plenty more visitors today," said James.

"Of course you do," teased Henry.

"Hey! I don't blame people for wanting to travel with me," retorted James.

"I was just about to say that the Small Railway always gets a good lot of visitors," said Pug.

"You have to admit that's true," chuckled Duck.

"Yes, yes, we're all so busy," said James.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"Is it just me or does it feel like our crews are running late?" asked Gordon.

"I wouldnae be surprised if our Firemen overslept!" laughed Donald.

"Aye, we've had it happen several times," agreed Douglas.

"Surely, it's happened to everyone at least once," said Henry.

The engines continued with their usual chatter but the minutes passed, and still there was no sight of either Driver or Firemen. The engines found this most unusual.

"I wonder," proposed Duck, "if we missed a holiday or something."

"The idea of a holiday sounds wonderful, but I highly doubt it," said Bear.

"We would have known about it beforehand," put in James.

"There could still be some special day that we forgot about," said Pug.

Just as the engines began to argue, the shed doors finally opened, and there was Duck's Fireman.

"Someone, at last!" called Douglas.

"My apologies about the delay. Let's get your fire started," said Duck's Fireman.

Soon, Duck's fire was burning brightly. The other engines could only watch with envy as Duck began to build up a good lot of steam.

"I wish I could be out the door already," sighed James. "My coat would be gleaming in the sunlight by now."

"Keep a few feet away from me then," teased Henry.

"I think we are all longing to go out," said Gordon. "If I may ask, do you know when everyone else will get here?" he asked Duck's Fireman.

"I'm not sure," said Duck's Fireman. "I heard it was some sort of special holiday so very few of us are working today. For instance, we're just going to make sure that the repairs to our line were carried out properly."

"A special holiday?" asked Pug. "When did that come up?"

"It does seem especially odd considering it's the middle of summer," added Donald.

"I'm not sure when it came up but look on the bright side, you all get some well deserved rest," said Duck's Fireman. "For all I know, we'll all be back at work tomorrow," he added.

The engines were all glad to hear this.

Presently, Duck's Driver arrived and Duck puffed out of the sheds and collected Alice and Mirabel from the yard. He was soon steaming up the coast to Arlesburgh. All the signals were green and the wind was whistling all around him. Duck was having the run of his life. He slowed down as he reached the mended section of track. In no time at all, he was resting at the station.

"I have to say, I really enjoyed that journey," said Alice.

"One of our best journeys ever!" said Mirabel.

"It was very different though," said Alice.

"Yeah. No people or engines in sight. Just us out on the line," said Mirabel.

"Well, apparently there's some special holiday," explained Duck. "It really seems like everyone's taking the day off."

"That was suppose to be the purpose of today," grinned Duck's Driver.

"We'll be back at home soon," chuckled the Fireman.

"In the end, we all deserve a day off," said Duck, thoughtfully. "Let's get back to the Big Station, shall we?"

"Once the signal turns green!" chuckled Mirabel.

"Good thing we're here to keep you focused," laughed Alice.

So, once the signal dropped, Duck made his way back to the Big Station.

"Another successful journey if I do say so myself," said Alice.

Duck was about to go back to the yard when he heard a familiar 'toot'. It was Bertie the Bus. He drove to a gentle stop and a few passengers got out.

"Hullo Bertie. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Why? Just 'cause it's special holiday," teased Bertie. "Ah, I'm only joking Duck. It's great to see you along with Alice and Mirabel. I'm just covering for all the trains for today. Just a few trips though. After this, I head back to Knapford and I'm finished for the day."

"You know, I'm still rather confused," said Duck.

"About what?" asked Bertie.

"About this special holiday."

"Yeah, I don't know much about it either but I for one, am thankful it exists. I haven't felt so relaxed in the longest time," said Bertie.

"Hmm, I suppose you're right. I guess all that's left now is to enjoy the rest of the holiday," said Duck at last.

"Exactly!" said Bertie. "Well, I'll be off. Enjoy your the holiday!"

"I certainly will!" called Duck.

Duck took Alice and Mirabel back to the yard.

"Alice and Mirabel, have a great day since it seems like we'll be back at work tomorrow," said Duck.

"Trust me. That was my plan from the moment I found out it was holiday," said Alice.

Duck laughed then went back to the sheds. There he found that the engines were still heavily discussing which holiday was being celebrated.

Eventually, the engines decided that it was simply a day off for all of them. Duck and all the engines agreed that they deserved a holiday for the hard work that they do on the Fat Controller's Railway.




  • This story was inspired by the "Special Holiday" banner seen at the beginning of the episode Bulgy.
  • Originally, this story would have been released before the previous story but was pushed back so it would be released close to Fourth of July, which is an actual holiday in the United States.