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Sonny is a small, navy blue tank engine.


Sonny used to work at a coal mine before he came to Sodor. He was one of the first engines to be built with piston valves, allowing him to control the amount of steam he used.

Later, after he was taken out of service, he was bought by two men, called Baz and Bernie, and after acquiring him, the two men used Sonny to get to Sodor, where they were planning on stealing plans for new inventions at a Technology Fair at Ulfstead Castle. During their time on the island, Sonny got acquainted with Thomas and after learning what a really useful engine is, he changed his mind and didn't want to participate in Baz and Bernie's schemes anymore. After learning this, Baz and Bernie decided to use Kenji to steal the plans and use Sonny as a distraction instead. Their plan almost worked as they escaped the castle, but thanks to Sonny for telling Thomas their plans, they were eventually caught down the line.

After the thieves were arrested, Sir Topham Hatt was skeptically about keeping Sonny as he initially helped them with their plans, but after encouragement from Thomas to keep him, he decided to give Sonny a second chance. However, even though Sir Topham Hatt let him stay, not everyone was very welcoming of Sonny as they were still a little suspicious of the tank engine, particularly James and Gordon. Sonny felt upset, but once Diesel saw this, he decided to form a little "friendship" with him, which was really manipulating the tank engine into doing his jobs. Sonny was unaware of this as he was happy that someone other than Thomas was being nice to him.

Eventually, Sonny found out at Ffarquhar from a conversation between Percy and Diesel that the latter was using him all this time and was cross with him and huffed away. Diesel tried to make it up to Sonny and followed him, but then got diverted into a siding and was derailed and hung dangerously over the edge of a deep pit. Sonny heard his calls and hurriedly went back to rescue him, though he accidentally derailed trucks during the process. Luckily, Sonny managed to rescue Diesel and pull him back to safety, but then Sir Topham Hatt arrived and after seeing the derailed trucks, he nearly sent Sonny away after all. However, Diesel admitted he caused the whole accident and that Sonny was really just trying to rescue him.

After hearing this, Sir Topham Hatt was impressed with Sonny's heroism and decided to make him an official member of the North Western Railway, much to Sonny's delight.


At first, Sonny had a reserved, introverted, and a rude personality, as he tried avoiding talking to the other engines when he first arrived on Sodor. He often follows along to whatever orders he has been given from his superiors when he was an outsider as well. However, after getting to know Thomas and the latter helping him be a really useful engine, Sonny changed his ways and is now a friendly and welcoming engine and is willing to help out when he's needed and continue being a really useful engine.


Sonny is based upon the Haydock Foundry well-tank locomotive Bellerophon, built in 1874 and designed by Josiah Evans.


Sonny is painted dark navy blue with gold lining and white boiler bands. His dome, safety valve stand, wheels and running board are painted black. His bufferbeam is also painted black, albeit with red sections around the coupling hook and either side of his buffers. His number is painted on his cab sides in white.


Lukeillie's Series

Thomas And The Engines

  • Season 1 - Untitled First Episode

He will appear in More Episodes