The Sodor Steamworks is situated on the Main Line at Crovan's Gate. It is the main repair yard for the North Western Railway where all the essential components for the steam engines are made and heavy overhauls are carried out. The company's logo is a chimney with steam coming out surrounded by a large cog wheel and can be found on their locomotives, rolling stock, vehicles, and staff uniforms.


In Adventures on Rails, it was opened in 1915 when Thomas arrived on the Island. It since then has increased in production, such as the acquistion of Victor, a narrow-guage tank engine who helps to move parts and help keep things running, and Kevin a crane who moves parts around.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

At Day, it is inhabited by Duke, Nia, and Lady.

At Night, it is inhabited by Victor, Kevin, and Smudger.


The site of the Steamworks consists of:

In Super Smash Thomas & Friends

The Steamworks is a stage. It is the home stage of Victor and Kevin. Various steam engines (excluding ones that are fighting) will be brought in to be repaired. Victor and Kevin will be seen in the background. If they are in the current match, they will not be seen in the background. If Victor/Kevin are in the match but the other is not, the other will be cheering them on from the background.


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