Sodor Slate Quarry replaced Centre Island Quarry in the television series. It is where Mavis, Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert primarily work. James, Toby, Henry, Gordon, and Stanley occasionally help out by shunting trucks of slate. Rocky sometimes works here as well. A magazine fact file states that Jack and Alfie work here. Another fact file says that the slate quarry is owned by the Anopha Quarry, which is likely to be correct as the quarry is often referred to as Ffarquhar Quarry in recent episodes of the television series.


  • Since Thomas and Diesel bashed 'Arry and Bert through the back of the shed, it now has rails running straight through it.
  • A magazine fact file suggests that the quarry used to be called Anopha Quarry before its name was changed to Sodor Slate Quarry.


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