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The Sodor Ironworks, or more commonly known as The Smelter’s Yard, are the main scrap yards on the Island.


The Ironworks are mainly used to break down old engine parts or machinary and make them useful again. 'Arry and Bert usually work here.

In Adventures on Rails, the Ironworks are located at Vicarstown, and since their arrival in 1969, 'Arry and Bert usually staff the Ironworks. The Ironworks has a Shunting Yard and big smelter's shed where the main scrapping takes place.

In Sodor Adventures, the Ironworks are located on the Main Line near Killdane

In Thomas the Slender Engine

The Ironworks is one of multiple maps that can be played on. Tom’s decapitated body can be found here.

At Day, it is inhabited by Neville and Bulgy.

At Night, it is inhabited by Henry.