Sodor Blackout is the seventeenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


One day, Delete was taking a usual, 7.15 train in the afternoon. It was one of his four daily trains. Nix was also departing. She was to follow 5 minutes later at 7.20.

Suddenly, everything turned back, and Delete and Nix's headlamps turned on.

Apparently, Sodor had blackout.

"How are we going to make it back to Knapford at least?", asked Nix.

"You'll have to take Rocky Ridge", said the Stationmaster.

Rocky Ridge is a shortcut to Maron, which is full of rocks. it is dangerous.

But Nix, trembling said, "Do, do, I, I, have to go."

She remembered her experience, being buried under rocks. She didn't want that to happen again.

"OK, then", answered Delete, "I'll take your train, you stay here."

"Sure you can handle six coaches?", asked his Driver.

"Surer than ever", replied Delete.

And they were off, through Rocky Ridge. But, they were in for a surprise.

A rock can loose, and crashed onto Delete's headlamp.

"Damn it", Delete thought.

The Driver stopped the train. The Guard came to see what was the matter. With a back-up flash light, they saw the broken lamp.

"That does it, we can't go futher", concluded the Driver.

"No. We need to get the passengers to safety. No matter what. Guard, surely you have another light", urged Delete.

"I do", replied the Guard, "But.."

"But, what are you waiting for. Get it!"

It was a small dim red one, but Delete was sure he could see well.

Soon, they crept into a dark place, where only horns sounded.

"Uh, oh", thought Delete, and his Driver pulled the reverser.

"Come back", screamed 'Arry and Bert. But, Delete was gone.

Delete raced all over the North Western Railway. Trying to find Tidmouth. At last he did, quite by accident.

He was heading for Tidmouth, but was still worried 'Arry and Bert were chasing him. He crashed the buffers, and down came a sign saying- TIDMOUTH.

"Horray!", cried Delete, "At last."

The passengers, late, but thanked him.

He did have to sleep there, for he had derailed, but he sleeped, thinking of his new adventure.


  • Nix
  • Delete
  • 'Arry
  • Bert


  • In a deleted scene, Bert says, "We'll do it another day", and "to tell", at the end is not included in the final version.
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