The fifth season of Sodor Adventures started to air on November 12th, 2015. It'll be finished in early 2016.


  1. Sodor Snowstorm - The engines at Tidmouth Sheds are snowed in from a snowstorm.
  2. Henry Saves the Day - After the snowstorm, Harold rescues many people, which starts to get him cocky, which gets Henry annoyed.
  3. Butch's Snow Rescue - Bertie is stuck in the snow after the snowstorm, and Butch has to go and rescue him, but he has a difficult time too.
  4. The Big City Engine - The Big City Engine returns to the island, but is less than impressed.
  5. Nigel - Nelson is overworked, so Nigel comes out of an old shed and replaces Nelson while he's away.
  6. Bert Tries His Best - Bert has to pull a long train of ballast for Blisters | and || when they can't start up during the winter.
  7. Percy and the Problem with James - Percy gets fed up with James after he tells the little engine he's not worthy of Tidmouth Sheds.
  8. Thumper and the Avalanche - Thumper wants to prove to Rusty and the other engines that he's learned.
  9. Bumble Bucket - Max and Monty keep on teasing Ned while building new townhomes, which eventually leads to disaster.
  10. Silver Steam - Spencer boasts to Stephen and Stafford that he's faster and bigger than they are, but ends up in trouble.
  11. James' Search Party - James helps out his friend Farmer Walsh in finding a lost sheep.
  12. Culdee and the Enthusiasts - Some enthusiasts come to the Culdee Fell Railway, and Culdee is chosen to take them.
  13. Stanley's Branch Line - When Thomas has an accident while avoiding Toby, Stanley is sent in his place.
  14. High Expectations - Arthur starts to feel pressure when his reputation of a lack of accidents gets everyone to expect he'll never have another accident.
  15. Creepy Cutting - Peter Sam hears a spooky echo in the Echo Pass Ravine, and thinks a ghost is the reason.
  16. Samson and Logan - Samson is sent to the Coaling Plant to work with Logan.
  17. Bears - Gordon makes fun of Bear's name, but gets his just desserts when he meets a bear himself in Henry's Forest.
  18. Oliver Slips Up - Oliver offers to take Duck's slip coaches while he's ill.
  19. Lorries and Laziness - Elizabeth sees Dennis lazily working and decides to put a stop to it.
  20. Jacob and the Thunderstorm - A storm breaks out, and Jacob becomes scared of the thunder.
  21. Traction Troubles - Rex's brakes wear out and he becomes a runaway.
  22. A Vintage Coach - Henrietta is insulted when Bulgy calls her a "vintage coach".
  23. Nicholas and the Seagull - Nicholas finds a seagull that has trouble flying, and alerts Arthur about what is happening.
  24. A Concrete Caper - Patrick uses an old recipe of concrete to help with a construction project.
  25. Smoke Signals - Duncan boasts that he doesn't need help from Harold, but while the workmen and Rusty come across a fallen tree, Duncan goes down the wrong line and crashes into a mine.
  26. Old Enemies - Stepney meets 'Arry and Bert for the first time since they almost scrapped him.


Characters Introduced

  • Farmer Walsh
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