The fourth season of Sodor Adventures aired with Thomas and Algy on January 15th, 2015 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the series. It finished airing on October 9th, 2015. 


  1. Thomas and Algy - Thomas decides to race a bus named Algy, to prove to Bertie that engines are superior. 
  2. Banker Banter - Gordon tries to prove he doesn't need a banker to get over his hill.
  3. Triple Trouble - Bill, Ben and Charlie form a trio of pranksters and end up causing trouble.
  4. Duncan and Victor - When Duncan accidentally pushes Victor into a turntable well, Victor has to be repaired in his own Steamworks and Duncan ends up in charge.
  5. The Odd One Out - Timothy starts getting ridiculed by Dennis for being the only oil-burning standard gauge engine.
  6. The Missing Tool - A groundskeeper at Ulfstead Castle loses one of his clippers and Millie has to find it.
  7. Flora and the Troublesome Coach - Flora has to deal with a very troublesome coach named Koby.
  8. The Runaway Koby - Koby runs away from James' passenger train.
  9. Too Much of a Good Thing - Marion's love of digging starts to be obsessive which gets her in trouble.
  10. It's Not Easy Being Green - Gator has to take a goods train for Duck but ends up causing a mess.
  11. Planes and Helicopters - Harold and Jeremy compete to see which mode of air transport is better.
  12. Duke's New Grace - Luke takes Duke to Ulfstead Castle, where he learns of his new grace: Sir Robert Norramby.
  13. Famous Engines - Diesel gets fed up with Stephen's popularity.
  14. Scrap Sculpting - Neville is scared of Reg's "scrap sculptures".
  15. Polar Opposites - Daisy makes fun of Rosie for being a tomboy.
  16. Duck and the Coaches - Alice and Mirabel feel threatened by the new Slip Coaches when Duck starts using them more.
  17. Cows and Whistles - Caitlin tries to prove she can shoo away cows to Gordon and Henry.
  18. Jason's Lost Friend - Edward helps Jason mourn over his best friend.
  19. The Wrong Sort of Coal - Billy gets in trouble with Thomas when he accidentally delivers American coal, which causes an outbreak of sickness on Sodor.
  20. Broken Down Crane - After lifting Murdoch, Rocky's cable snaps and Jerome and Judy have to take over his jobs.
  21. Harold and the Climbers - Harold has to save a couple of climbers before they fall off a cliff near the Skarloey Railway.
  22. Saved by the Belle - A fire rages near Wellsworth, causing Edward and BoCo to be trapped, but Belle is nervous about fighting a big fire without Flynn.
  23. James and Flynn - James thinks Flynn's job is easy, but is proven wrong when a fire rages at Ulfstead Castle.
  24. Sea Rescue - Captain has to save a baby whale from being hunted.
  25. Trevor's Flat Tyre - When Trevor goes on an errand for the Vicar, he gets a flat tyre.
  26. George Strikes Again - George takes a dislike to Buster.


Characters Introduced

  • Koby
  • Robert (flashback)
  • Andrew (flashback)
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