The second season of Sodor Adventures started airing on BBC on March 10th, 2014. It finished on August 9th, 2014.


  1. Runaway Coaches - Annie and Clarabel turn out to have a high-speed adventure when they break away from Thomas.
  2. Frozen Points - 'Arry and Bert have a fall out after crashing into each other at some frozen points.
  3. The Early Whirlybird - Harold takes over Percy's morning mail duties, but causes confusion and delay.
  4. Coach Brakes - Peter Sam has some trouble with Cora's malfunctioning brakes while taking cameramen.
  5. Max, Monty and the Bull - Max and Monty have some problems with Farmer McColl's bull.
  6. Fergus the Generator - Fergus has to be a generator for the Peel Godred line, but he isn't so keen.
  7. Quack! - Duck gets teased by the big engines after he meets a duck at Tidmouth Bridge.
  8. Sea Stories - Murdoch begins to get annoyed by Salty's stories.
  9. Stanley and the Flood - A flood occurs, and Stanley and Whiff have to save the people of Great Waterton.
  10. Forest Fire - Henry's Forest catches on fire.
  11. Rheneas and the Dinosaur - Mrs. Billington finds a dinosaur skeleton, and Rheneas delivers the dinosaur skeleton with Duncan.
  12. Molly and the Mountain Engines - Molly gets permission to deliver coal for the Culdee Fell Railway and meets Culdee. The Mountain Engines help Molly with her problem with Daisy.
  13. Mountain Danger - Wilfred helps save Patrick after he breaks down.
  14. The Peel Godred Branch Line - The original Peel Godred engines get sold and the Fat Controller needs a plan.
  15. Miniature Engines - Oliver plays a joke on the other engines using the Arlesdale Railway.
  16. Mike and James - Mike and James develop a rivalry.
  17. Gordon and the Sharp Bend - Gordon goes too fast on Knapford Bend.
  18. Hiro and the Express - Hiro comes to pull Gordon's express, but Billy has a hard time trusting him.
  19. Dave's Scary Tale - Dave reveals his backstory to BoCo, Den and Dart.
  20. The Loch Ness Monster - Donald and Douglas wonder if the legend of the Loch Ness Monster is true.
  21. A Happy Day for Alfie - Alfie has a day of bad luck, but maybe a visitor can fix it..
  22. Paul and Rusty - Rusty shows a new Diesel around the Skarloey Rsilway, but the new Diesel seems more interested in trouble.
  23. The Importance of Being Neville - Paul teases Neville for looking like a Diesel.
  24. Independence - Rosie finally realizes that she doesn't have to copy Thomas to be a Really Useful Engine.
  25. Diesel Day - Thomas and the other engines are surprised to find "Diesel Day" on Sodor.
  26. Bluebells Forever - Stepney returns after a long absence on the Bluebell Railway.


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