The first season of Thomas and Friends: Sodor Adventures started airing on January 10th, 2014 on BBC. It continued airing until February 23rd.


  1. Races - Thomas and Percy get a run for their money after boasting about their races.
  2. Stuck in the Mud - Emily gets sent down the wrong line towards a muddy puddle.
  3. Winston and the Signal - When a new signalman comes to Kellsthrope Signalbox, Winston becomes a runaway.
  4. Where's BoCo? - Bill and Ben play a trick on BoCo, but chaos occurs when nobody can find him.
  5. Improper Engines - Henry has another accident, leading James to think he's a jinx.
  6. The Crashing Kipper - Henry tries to prove he's not improper, but it doesn't end well.
  7. Down the Bridge - Duncan, Max and Monty think of a plan to derail Rheneas.
  8. The Wrong Way - Duck thinks Percy's doing things "The Wrong Way."
  9. Harvey Goes Fishing - Harvey gets a surprise when he takes a goods train to Brendam.
  10. Sir Handel and the Ghost Engine - Sir Handel thinks ghosts are silly, but changes his mind after an eventful foggy night.
  11. The Old Warrior - Bertram explains how he got the nickname "The Old Warrior".
  12. Streamlined Engines - Gordon and Spencer are tired of Connor and Caitlin asking them to race, so they try and find someone else to race them instead.
  13. Thomas' Special Coach - Caitlin gets to pull the Wild 'Nor Wester, but in her excitement, forgets an important coach.
  14. Oliver and the Snowstorm - Oliver and Toad get trapped in a snowdrift.
  15. High and Mighty - Mighty starts boasting that he's the better half, so Mac decides to put him in his place.
  16. Be On Your Guard! - Bill and Ben stop some jewelry thieves.
  17. Oldies But Goldies - Toby proves to Spencer that he's stronger than it seems.
  18. Mind my Paintwork! - Isobella doesn't want to get dirty when she has to deliver some supplies to Ulfstead Castle on a muddy road.
  19. Nicholas the Crane - A new crane named Nicholas arrives and is placed at the Smelter's, but is horrified at the jobs 'Arry and Bert do.
  20. Butch's Chase - Butch has to catch up with Rusty when he leaves too soon.
  21. Memory Loss - Edward finds out the truth of how Sidney got his memory loss.
  22. Trust Paxton - James is suspicious of Paxton.
  23. Diesel Domination - Diesel tries to dominate Sodor.
  24. Winston and Elizabeth - Elizabeth makes fun of Winston and the Fat Controller.
  25. Dave the Diesel - The Fat Controller decides to buy a new diesel, but Diesel 10 has other ideas.
  26. The Christmas Tree - Thomas realizes a simple Christmas delivery can turn into chaos.


Characters introduced

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