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Sodor’s Final Frontier
Season Special, Episode 2
Air date February 10th, 2017
Written by TheLocoLover
Directed by TheLocoLover
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Sodor’s Final Frontier is the second special or Sudrian Stories, and the conclusion of the second season.



Dear diary, it’s been a few weeks since Edward vanished with Alyssa. Edward’s controller’s nice, but the engines seem like they’re blaming me and Randy for the reason they’re gone. For now, me and Randy have been on Edward’s branch line, it’s a nice change of scenery, but it’s not the same as the Mainland. An engine named Derek took Edward’s jobs, while we’re taking his. I really hope Randy’s plan works, he’s been watching that black diesel shunter for a while now, hopefully he’ll be willing to help us.


Diesel was shunting a train of tar tankers for Neville to take to the Mainland. “I expect no tricks from you.” He said to the tankers.

“Of course, Diesel.” Said one sarcastically. “We always listen to you.”

The tankers all laughed at Diesel, who rolled away to get a brake van. “This day just keeps getting worse and worse.” This was especially true once he heard a booming whistle. “Speak of the Devil.” He grumbled.

Gordon rolled up to Wellsworth, stopping with a local passenger train. “I need another coach immediately.” He called.

Diesel groaned. “Why? Isn’t the three you have enough?” He questioned as he added the brake van to the rear of the train he was shunting.

Simply glaring, Gordon didn’t care. “What would you know about Main Line trains?! You just work on Edward’s unimportant branch line.”

It was obvious that Diesel was about to reply, but the two got interrupted by the sound of a loud diesel engine. “Who’s that?” Gordon asked, seemingly forgetting him and Diesel’s argument. “It sounds like Terence.”

Diesel seemed to have forgotten the argument too. “No, it’s that diesel who’s friends with Edward’s partner.”

Suddenly, Randy rolled up with a goods train of china clay with Melvin. “Good to see you two, Diesel.” He said with a smile. “I have a proposition for you.”

Gordon and Diesel looked at each other. “Please, I insist. Diesel is slow and weak, he can’t do anything.” He bragged.

“It is true that I am slow, I can’t do much for you.” Diesel elaborated.

But, Randy was adamant. “No, Diesel. I need your help. You were part of ‘The Spirit Trains’, correct?” He asked.

Albeit hesitating, Diesel knew he would have to reply. “Yes.” He sighed.

Randy just smiled. “Correct, I’ll be needing your help.” He said.

“What?” Diesel asked.

“You’re going to help me take down The ‘Spirit Trains’. Gordon, if you have the time, maybe you could help too.”

Gordon and Diesel looked at each other, and then began to laugh. “Did you hear that, Diesel?!” Gasped the former.

Diesel, who wheezing from laughter, could barely reply. “Yeah, he thinks we can work together, could he be any more daft!?” He coughed.

Randy, however, was confused. “Why? Can’t you two just help?” He pleaded.

The two foes were cracking up as if they were good friends. “Are you serious?” Gordon called, still laughing.

“Me and Gordon have been feuding for months!” Finished Diesel.

“Since August!” Confirmed Gordon.

Randy, however, wasn’t finding the humor in the situation. “I don’t care!” He boomed, the two enemies suddenly stopped laughing.

“Wow.” Whispered one of the tankers to another.

“I’m afraid me and Diesel just don’t get along.” Gordon explained. “It’s one of us, or neither.”

“I agree.” Diesel said. “Wow, we’re getting along well today.”

Randy groaned. “Feuds don’t matter right now, both of you are coming with me, no matter what!”

Gordon just scoffed. “What would you-“

But, Gordon was cut off, Randy darted towards the express engine, stopping only inches away. “Alright, then. Come on Diesel!” Gordon called, the two engines were obviously scared.

As Diesel got in front of Randy to be coupled up, the latter and Gordon both put their trains into sidings. “What about us getting to our stops?!” Called one of the many passengers.

“And us getting to Maron?!” A truck finished.

“Why do you think buses and lorries exist?” Scoffed Randy.

Melvin, however, was still at the back of Randy’s train in the siding. “What about me, Randy?” He said.

Randy thought for a moment. “You need to keep Topham from coming to Huntingworth, I’ve already had a call for an emergency meeting at Vicarstown. The others are waiting for us, see you later, Melvin!” Randy said back with a smile.

Melvin, however, just sighed. “I never get to do anything...” He pouted.


“This has not been the best few weeks.” Edward sighed, both him and Alyssa were hanging via crane for a week now, their tenders were taken away, thus even if they could escape, they were stuck.

“I second that.” Alyssa agreed.

The two had nothing else to say. “Good talk.” Edward said.


Suddenly, the two blue engines heard a loud, booming whistle. “Oh, Edwin~!” Called out a voice that both Edward and Alyssa had become familiar with.

“Hush!” Hissed Albert. “It’s Edward, anyways.”

Edward and Alyssa both rolled their eyes. Oh, I hate that general. Alyssa grumbled in her mind. Albert, who was still just a boiler on a flatbed, was pushed by the general of The ‘Spirit Trains’, Albert’s eccentric cousin, Sebastian. “Albert, Sebastian.” Edward said, obviously not amused.

Albert had a glum look on his face. “You think I wanted to see you either? After you melted most of me, I’ve been dreading speaking to you.” He said.

Sebastian giggled. “Albert’s scared of you!”

Immediately, Albert’s face went red. “WHAT?! I-I am not scared! Just because you’re my cousin, Sebastian, that doesn’t mean you are above me! Go, buzz off!” With that, Sebastian rushed off, happily laughing.

Edward smiled a little. “Family ties rose his ranks, eh?” He laughed, Albert was not happy, but then, he suddenly had his familiar cynical and sinister grin. “I don’t like it when you do that face.” Edward grumbled.

“Good.” Albert said cynically. “Now, Edward, I’m here to talk about you and your friend’s fates.”

Edward and Alyssa looked at each other, and the former was slowly lowered down. “What do you mean by fates?” Spat Alyssa.

Albert smirked. “Well, your scrapping will take place at the end of the month, darling.” He said, seemingly a bit flirtatious.

This immediately enraged Alyssa. “DARLING!? Why, I oughta come down there and rip you apart! You are so lucky that your goons have taken away my tender!”

“Alyssa!” Edward shouted. “Remain calm. Now, Albert, when do you assume that my scrapping will take place?”

Albert squinted his eyes, looking at all of Edward. “No scrapping for you, we’ll sell you off, probably either for a foreign military railway or a service somewhere in Huntingworth.” Edward’s eyes looked like they were about to bulge out. “I can sell you for a lot of money, you are quite impressive and well known among us. You and your red pal tricked me, now I’m immobile. Not to mention, what you did to Number 2 was truly... amazing.”

Alyssa was confused. “Who’s Number 2?” She asked, but Edward was petrified, he was too shocked to speak. How does he know?


“Why do we need to have another meeting?” Yawned Dennis amongst the confused muttering of all the engines. “I just want a nap.”

“Did Sir Topham Hatt just forget to tell us something?” Questioned Rosie.

“I hope it’s over quick!” Murdoch replied. “All this noise will drive me mad!”

Suddenly, Randy rolled up. “It’s that weird diesel again.” One of the engines whispered to another, but Randy couldn’t tell who. Gordon and Diesel rolled up to either side of him.

“Gordon? Diesel? What are you two doing up there?” Asked BoCo.

“Silence.” Randy said, this immediately hushed the half-curious and half-suspicious engines’ conversations. “You may be wondering why me, Gordon, and Diesel are up here, but we have come up with a plan to save your friend and stop The ‘Spirit Trains’! Isn’t that right, guys?” Gordon and Diesel both agreed, despite the fact that they were glaring at each other, obviously not happy about having to work together.

But, Randy didn’t get the reaction he wanted. “I can’t go!” Called Toby. “I’ll run out of water long before we get there!”

“I can’t go either.” Hank replied. “I’m too heavy for rails on the Mainland, I’m banned from even using them!”

“And I’m too tired.” Dennis mumbled, but Den bumped him.

“You’re going, Dennis!” Scolded the latter.

“What he means is-“ Began Dart, but he was interrupted by Dennis.

“I know what he means, Dart.”

Flynn looked sad, but he knew he had to make a choice. “Somebody has to stay on Sodor in case there’s a fire, so I can’t go.”

Well, we’re down three. Randy thought to himself. How many more will we lose?

“Percy’s still at the Steamworks!” Continued James.

Amongst all the chaos, Randy, Gordon, and Diesel didn’t know what to do. “Well, I am going!” Called a voice. The three looked over to see BoCo slowly rolling towards the front of the crowd. “Edward has done so much for us, and while he has been suspicious lately, he is a selfless engine, and we must help him in his time of need.”

Derek honked his horn. “BoCo’s right! I may have a faulty engine and a pessimistic attitude, but I think we should help Edward.” The two green diesels smiled to each other.

“That’s ri-“ Began an engine.

“Go away, Ferdinand.” Hissed Henry, Ferdinand sighed and left. “I’ll be happy to go.” Henry said with a grin.

Thomas beamed from buffer to buffer. “I’m always willing to help my old friend.” He said cheerfully.

Skye, despite being quite young, also smiled and showed a brave face. “I really don’t know Edward well, but I’m willing to help him out.”

Suddenly, things changed from engines not wanting to go to engines now wanting to go. “I honestly didn’t think this would work.” Gordon said, shocked.

“I did.” Diesel replied with a smile.

“I doubt it.”

Randy once again silenced the crowd. “Okay, then. I will need some engines to gather coal, water, and diesel fuel.”

“I’m on it!” Called Stafford. “I won’t be able to go due to my battery, but I might as well help out.”

Rosie and Philip joined in as well with the shunting, and a few minutes later, there was a long train of coal, a long train of water, and a long train of diesel fuel. “So, each of us will be a leader of one line, and we will charge up to Huntingworth, we won’t stop for anything, not even red signals, the only exception is to refuel.”

With that, the engines were split into three groups and were assigned a leader, Randy’s group was in the middle line, Diesel’s was on the left, and Gordon’s was on the right. “Let’s go!” Called Randy as he honked his horn and left, the other engines continued, cheering and blowing their whistles or honking their horns.

Toby, Hank, Stafford, and Flynn watched the others go. “I hope they’ll be alright.” Toby sighed.

The three long lines of engines trudged through the Mainland, most of the Mainland engines had been sent into sidings until the groups passed. “How have they been kept shunted?” Gordon asked.

Randy chuckled. “My owner’s good friends with many railway people.”

Meanwhile, near the middle of the trains, Skye had a thought. “Uh, Neil?” She asked, as Neil was the nearest engine.

“Aye?” Neil replied.

“What is Huntingworth like? You and some of the other engines have mentioned it before, but I don’t know anything about it.”

“Well, this is me first time being there too, but ah’ve heard of the build up, and the issues it had. Huntingworth was never a town, but ah’m old enough to remember when a wee entrepreneur named Ronald Huntingworth built a place in 1868, it was filled with companies so large ye’d have to see them to believe it. But, following the purchase of the buildings by the military, the entire place was abandoned, now, with former engines who worked there, wee delinquents, and troublemaking engines escaping the cutter’s torch, ye’ve got tae be careful.”

Suddenly, Murdoch cut in, he was right behind Neil. “You two are lucky, I’ve seen Huntingworth during my days on the BR, the points were jammed.” He said, and although Murdoch didn’t seem happy to think again, he spoke up. “There were some members of The ‘Spirit Trains’, but back then, they just lurked around, but that was back when that one industrial pannier tank ruled them, I can’t remember his name, though. Most of the engines there were old engines, painted in plain black, they were rusting and the previous white lettering on them was fading. Engines were shouting at me, calling me ‘Blackie’, referencing my paintwork, and not to mention that they were... vulgar. The obscene language they used is something I always will remember, and now, some of the diesels from the Mainland have told me that things there are getting worse.”

Skye was a bit taken aback. “So... it’s a bad place.”

“Aye.” Sighed Neil.

Meanwhile, near the front of the the trains, another question rose. “Uh, Randy... what will happen if we’re found out?” Rosie asked.

“Don’t worry, Melvin should be keep your controller distracted for a while.”


While originally taking the day off, Sir Topham Hatt was angrily storming out of Topham Hall. “Do you need a drive, Sir Stephen?” Asked his butler, Reginald, as he left.

Seething, Sir Topham Hatt couldn’t even reply. “I’ll take that as a no.” Reginald said as he went back to organizing the books in Lady Hatt’s library. “It’s not like I have emotions or anything....”

Sir Topham Hatt boarded his car, although it was having trouble starting. “Bother! Come on, you old thing!” He said as he continued to try to start the car. “Buy the Rover 25 they said, it’s a good car they said.” He then went back into Topham Hall. “Helen, I’m going to need to borrow your car, I’ll be back later!”

Meanwhile, Bertie was taking some passengers from Sodor Airport to Wellsworth. “Those silly engines, leaving Sodor Roadways in charge of their jobs! It’s just ridiculous!” He complained.

“Woah, calm yourself, Bertie.” Advised a lorry who passed by. “Your age means you can’t push yourself this hard.” It was true that Bertie was the oldest vehicle owned by Sodor Roadways, but Bertie still sighed.

The two vehicles arrived at almost the same time, Bertie dropped off his passengers, and Sir Topham Hatt pulled into the staff parking lot at Wellsworth station. “Hello, Bertie.” The latter groaned as he unboarded his wife’s car.

Bertie, although still a bit sour, smiled. “Hello, sir. Any news?”

“I’m afraid not, but I think I might know who has some information.” He said as he slowly turned towards Randy’s abandoned train of clay. “Melvin!” Sir Topham Hatt boomed as he looked towards the beige brake van.

Immediately, Melvin froze up. “Uh.. er... hello, Sir Topham!” He said awkwardly. I’m in trouble now! He thought in sheer terror.

The stern Sir Topham Hatt was walking over to the visually horrified Melvin. “Do you know anything about most of my engines vanishing?”

“N-No sir, I’m a-a-absolutely clueless on what’s going on.” Melvin replied nervously.

Sir Topham Hatt obviously didn’t believe Melvin. “I won’t believe that until I get compensation for this mess,” He scoffed. “and that will never happen!”

But, one of Bertie’s passengers cleared his throat. Seemingly in his 80s wearing a purple-colored suit with a matching bowler hat, he walked over, suddenly stopping the limp he had unboarded the bus with. “Excuse me, Sir Topham?” He said in a refined tone as he suddenly straightened up, much to the shock of Bertie.

That’s odd. Bertie thought.

Both Sir Topham Hatt and Bertie looked at the man in confusion, but Melvin wasn’t. “Mr. Shortstack! Hi!” He whispered to the well-dressed man.

The man, seemingly the mysterious Mr. Shortstack, grinned at his brake van. “Good afternoon, Melvin.” He replied, tipping his hat.

Sir Topham Hatt was both confused and shocked. “Wait... are you Melvin and Randy’s owner?” He asked.

Mr. Shortstack nodded. “Sir Topham, I am Mr. Tiberius D. Shortstack, a spy for the Ministry of Defense, I’m sorry that Alyssa got a bit out of hand. She may be old, but she’s still young inside. I sent Randy and Melvin here to stop her, but it seems like they were too late, now Randy did something ridiculous, I see.”

“I’m afraid so.” Grumbled Sir Topham Hatt.

“But, I have already been in contact with my higher-ups, and you are getting compensation for this, I’m sure of it.” Mr. Shortstack replied. “See, you would.”

Sir Topham Hatt, despite being confused, grinned. “Well, thank you, Mr. Shortstack, I really do owe you.”

Mr. Shortstack chuckled. “We can talk about that later. For now, we should probably follow the engines and make sure they don’t do anything more ridiculous.”


The cavalcade of engines were nearing Huntingworth Ironworks, but then came a call of emergency. “We’re all out of diesel fuel!” Called Paxton from the back. The three lines of engines all came to a halt.

“What can we do?” Pondered Gordon.

“I can help with that!” Called a voice. A familiar blue diesel rolled out of a nearby goods yard. “Eddie’s the name, sitting around is my game.”

Diesel was shocked. “Wait, aren’t you Samson and Bradford’s friend?” He asked.

Eddie chuckled. “I sure am, and I remember when they had to help you get rescued.” Before Diesel could reply, though, Eddie spoke some more. “I’ll go get that diesel fuel, I’ll be back in a minute!”

As Eddie filled the North Western tankers with diesel fuel, Willy slowly woke up. “What’s going on?” He questioned.

Just great. Eddie thought. “I’m just filling up some tankers, that’s all.”

“Sorry, Edd, what did you day?”

“I’m filling up some tankers!”



“Alright, alright, no need to shout.” Willy chuckled at the sight of his hot-headed brother.

Randy looked at the two feuding. First Gordon and Diesel, now these two, it seems like arguments are frequent today. He thought, then chuckling a little bit.

Eddie shunted the tankers of diesel fuel back to the middle train. “Off you go, lads! Wherever you’re going, godspeed.” He said as he returned to his siding.

“Probably something stupid.” Muttered Willy.

“How did you hear that!?”

A short bit later, they reached the junction to Huntingworth. “Here we are.” Said Gordon, who obviously wasn’t very thrilled about going.

Randy had a grin. “Yes, yes we are.”

Slowly, the three lines of engines entered what appeared to be a small, abandoned town. “I don’t like this...” Philip whispered in fear.

“We must remain brave, everyone!” Randy called back as he lead his line of engines through the large yard.

Various engines glared at the North Westerners, while no member of The ‘Spirit Trains’ could be seen, others were. A number of old black engines had looks of disgust. “Oi, you lot! What are you doing ‘ere?” One shouted.

“Don’t mind them.” Randy whispered to Gordon and Diesel.

They then came across another group of engines, these ones were painted pink and had lots of makeup on. “Hey there, green.” She said to Henry. “I know a cool place we can hang out at, wanna come?”

Henry, knowing exactly what was going on, hissed steam. “Push off!” He said, even in a more mean way than the wheeshing.

A large, green tender engine who looked similar to Murdoch, but with a Pacific wheel arrangement, rolled up. “Hey, you dolt! Did you mess with one of my girls?!” He said.

Henry rolled his eyes. “Yeah, and I’ll do the same to you if you don’t leave me alone.” He retorted.

This enraged the green engine, who tried to ram into Henry, but the latter simply hissed more steam.

“Stop trying to pick fights, Henry!” Diesel instructed, as he was Henry’s leader.

Henry sighed. “He started it.” He muttered.

As the engines approached Huntingworth Steelworks, they put on a look of determination. “It’s much bigger than I remembered.” Randy remarked.

“What does that mean?” Interrogated Gordon.

“Uh... nothing!”

As everyone entered, a giant light shone down onto the engines. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, engines and excavators, coaches, cranes, and brake vans, we present to you, General Sebastian.” Called a voice over the speakers around the Ironworks, she seemed pretty bored about it.

Following that, a tender engine who resembled Albert without the leading truck and a taller funnel pulled up, makeup covered her face. “Oh, joy!” She cried as she eyed up the engines. “Come on lads, it’s time for a musical!”

The other engines grumbled. “As general, I control you, so I demand you listen! We’re performing Betrayed today!” Gordon and Diesel both looked at each other, who they thought was a random female engine, it was a male, but not just any male, the general of The ‘Spirit Trains’, Sebastian, Randy gulped.

Sebastian cleared his nonexistent throat, and then began to sing.

When you think you have a friend, and you thought it would never end, be careful, as the friendship might just be dead...

You see, I had a friend who was quite dandy, and he was named Randall, or as you might know him, Randy-

However, Randy cut Sebastian off. “SHUT UP! SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! I DON’T EVER WANT TO RETURN TO THIS CURSED PLACE, YOU- YOU DRIP!” He barked, the previously mature and controlling Randy had fallen apart, he charged towards Sebastian, hoping to run into him.

“Oh no you don’t.” Said an engine who looked like Gordon with a larger boiler, as he got in the way of Randy, bumping the latter away.

Sebastian was taken aback. “Mind my face!” Chided Sebastian.

Randy was breathing heavily in rage. “What does he mean, Randy?” Asked Emily.

Sebastian laughed with glee. “Randall isn’t just a private engine, he’s a spy for Shortie! Tell them, you bronze traitor!”

It took a moment for Randy to even speak, he slowly closed his eyes as an individual tear fell. “I... I am so sorry.” He whispered, unable to be loud. “...I was a member of The ‘Spirit Trains’ until I abandoned them a year ago. Albert and Sebastian had big plans for me, I may of even become one of the higher-ups, but I had a wake up call, and I’ve been helping Mr. Shortstack ever since, I owe him for taking me in.”

The North Westerners all stared at each other in suspicion, except one. “We don’t care if you were a ‘Spirit Train’, you aren’t anymore. Us Sudrians believe in redemption, as they all accepted me.” It was Diesel, the other engines all muttered in agreement, some even blew their whistles, Randy smirked. “Now, CHARGE!”

Engines from both groups shouted their battle cries as they ran into one another. Alyssa was shocked. “Do you hear that, Edward?” She asked, but she got not reply, it appeared that Edward was asleep. “Edward?”

Edward wasn’t joking when he told Emily about his sleep paralysis, he couldn’t wake up. A black tender engine slowly rolled towards him, he had no face, and there was a numberplate with a two on it. He appeared almost entirely charred, it was Number Two, Edward’s brother from when he worked at Huntingworth Ironworks. While he didn’t actually speak, a ghastly voice surrounded Edward.

“N͙͕͙̯̝̻͎̎̽̂ͪ͑̿̕̕O̷͍̺̥͕̰̩͗͗ͧ́͠ͅT̺̘̮̤͎ͮ̋H̼̥̘̙̺̹̙̪̉̌̅̄́͘I̩͎̺̙̘̿̿̓N̵͙͍͚̬ͩ͐G̮͈̋̆̈́ ͙͉͈̲͈̦̥̙ͤ͌͋̒M̤̪̦̞ͦ͗̚Ǎ̛̚͏͈̩̥ͅT̺̞̭̮͖̫͓ͫ̆̆̿̐́Ţ̧̙̼̏̑̊͠E̠͔͙̠ͮͫ̔̑̏̐͜R̜̹̱̫̉ͬ͘͞S̶̸͎̮̝̟̼͖̯ͣͣ́̅ͬ͂ͬ͆.̭̱͎̼̱ͬ́̇͋ͪ̓ ̷͎̥͉̳͎̔ͯ̒ͩ͋͜͟H͙͍͕̥͒́͆́ͯE̲͉̦̫͚̟ͨ̅̂͠’̅ͦ͊̓̈́̇̋ͣ̚͏̴̠̞͎̬̙̦̩̣L̔͋͐͊͏͇͎̩̼̝̮̻̩L͚̼̻̘̜̻̗̗̙̋̾́ ̤͖̗͎͂̀̕N̰̞͓̱̖̠̠̺͆ͣ͂͛ͥ̔͘ͅËͫ̏͒͒͆̚҉͎͔͞V̴̡̰͒͗ͬ̀ͦ͒̃͘Ȩ͔̻͍͒̂̍̾͒̐̀͡R̩̥͚͎̹̤ͩ̑͌͆̎ ̛̫ͭ̿ͨ̄̏̽͑̑͘F̜̪̤̠̹̼ͤ̅ͭͣͨ̎̂͌͞͠ͅO̦ͨͤͭ̈́̂ͣͩͧR͚͓ͯͮ́̚̚͜͡G̷̲̗͚͇̙̳̺̯͛͘͢I̸̶̎̈́̒҉̞͈V̞̝͚͔̯͓̣̪ͯ̿̀̕ͅE͙̠͚̤̹̫͔͋̽ͬ͂̋͂ ̸̢͇̭̮͔̽Y̡͈̼͈̝̌̃͒̋͒̾ͪ͂͞O͔̳̟̝͇̊ͫ̈͂ͭͯ̀͟U̿ͦ̒҉̨̣̦̰̞̮́.̧ͫ͒̌́̉̚͏̧̘͓ ̷̳ͯ͋͂̾͘J̦͚̻ͦ̾̈̌͊ͧͬ̚͘͞U̧̥̯̥͉͙̪̮͓̾ͣS̗̟̞̹͕͙̋̓͛ͥͭ̋̆͑ͅT̺̙̜͒̋̓̉ͣ̾͌̆ ̷̛̲͓̟̫̺̰͓̆ͦ̑G̸̘̮̑ͤ͠İ̜͙͉̥̯̇ͫͧ͌ͥͯ̿͐V̡̡̥̈̀ͨ̾͂ͮͧͩE̷̱̙̫̩ͬ̌͟ ̻͔̮̩̓͐̽ͮ̚U̜̬̝̠̝̲͎̦͖͗̿̽ͧ̇ͦ̎̏̆̕͠P̢̩̻̰̝̜̏ͤͤͧ̀ͫ̏.̢̣̜̳̹̙̪́̆̍̋̅̏ͭ́.ͨ̋ͦ̀ͤ͑̚͏͔̺̦̳͕.

“Ñ̵̖̲̫̬̰̼͎̹̪͂̈́͐̔̉̌̾̐͘͘͝͝Ų̸̡̡̢̯͓̲̰͉͖̣̗̬̮̠͕̩̗̱̖̬̣̘̖̘̩͔̗͙͍̲̓̇́̐́̑̽͗͋̀̊̕̕̕͜͝͝M̶͓̙̪̦̑͂͛̓̀̎̈́͊̈́͐̓̾̌͂̈́̔́͒̆̏̕͘͘B̵̨̧̛͉̱̤͙̗̥͔͚̰̞̞̙͚̩͎̬̠̫͓̘̗͈̩̖̍̿̿͊̃̓̏͆̽̏͛̈́̀̅͊̒̃̓̾͐̅͋̋̃̄̌̒̇̍̑͆͘̚͠͝Ę̶̧̘̦̠̞̻̻̼̰̫̞̘̟̠̲̤̣̔͊͗̿̿͆́̄̔̋͒̑̌̽̍̇͘ͅŖ̶̛̛̛͍̜̬̫̳̜̯̮̮͔͍̜̻̟̰̤̥̰̗̅̑͆͒̏̈́̉̈́̐̾͌͛͊͑̏̇̕͝͝ ̷̡̧̺̺̞̲̙̹̜̝̙̤͉͈͍̩͔̹͖̪̹̖̯͚̯̙̜́͒̈́̎2̶̨͓͓͎̯̯̦̰̳̠͔̫̦͎͚͕̦̤̪̼͎̼̜̙̠̩̟͇̪̇́̒̑͌̓͗͂͗̚͜͜͜ͅ ̸̢̡̧̭̪͓̟̠͎̙͍̖̙͉͉̣̰͉͓̓̇̔̔̈́̊̇́̊̅̂̔̓̏̿̏́̏́̐̈́͋̌͆̓̍̊́̉Ḭ̴̡̜̰́̄̊S̴̨̡̨̢̨͖͙͍̞̙̲̹̳̮͔̦̤̺̱̥̣̳͓̠̖̱̼̣̭̜̪̮̖͖̎̾̾́̿̈́̋́̈̈́̑̐̍̓̌̄̎͐̅̎̓̀͂̒̄̅̎̿̀́̊̾͜͠ ̵̨̨̧̡̛̠͎̮̳͇̤͙̱̞̘͈̗̱̹͎̯̺̓́͛͒͗̀̎̌̍͆̀̐̀͋̉̋̈́̒̽̀̒̏̅͑̽̇͋̀̕͘̕̚͜͝Ǵ̴̡̢̢̦̣̠̥̬̻̪̪͕͉͇̙͕̩̘̱̳̟͍̒̈̓̈̅͂̅̔́̊́̓̐̈̀͒͛̓̄͘̚̕͜ͅǪ̶͍͔̺̗̣̝͎̤̯͇̙͓͓͓͖͈̯̙̗̼͉͙̙̫̩̭̘͓̠̱̖́̽̓̈́͑̀̓̍͌̊͐̇͒̎͊̒̑̓͐͒̾̓͗́̈́̉̄̕͜ͅN̵̨̨̡̡̳̪̲̪͔̹͖̭͕̤̱͕̫̫̮̠̭̱̠̻̐̏̃́̍͋͂̃̌̊̍͆͆͒̀́͂͂̂͝͠ͅE̶̯̟̖͖̜͖̱̼̣̲̓̐͋̃͆̈́̀̈́̐͋͋̇̂̊̀͆̑̉͐̽̾͆́̐͂̏̀̀̕̚̕̕͝͝,̶̧̢̢̢̺̳̘͔͖̲̹̭̣̻̲̮̱̝̳̝̮̞̮͖̮̖̺̠̖̰̙̝̫̉́͊̅̋̌͒̊̓̚͜͝͝ͅ ̷̨̡̛͉͓̯̪͖̭̭̳͓̲̲͔͎̭̱̗̬͇͙̺̯͖̤̫̯͖̣̮̞̮̭͎̖͔͎̍̃̐͑̅͐͐̋͒̀̉̈̌̒͐̄̎͌͒͊͐̾̀́̽̕͘̚͜͜͝͝͝Ţ̵̨̨̼̝̳̠̪͙̥̠̜̦̪̩͉̱͈̳̳̩͚͖͈̝̬͓̣͔̠̮̯̠̜̼̖̩͚̍̌͐̑́̿͂̆͑̒͆̇̃͛͗̈́̃͊̏̅͑̏̔̕͜͝Ḫ̸̢̨̧̨̛̟̫̼̰̫̣͙̥̱̲͑̓̍́̑̌̾̌̾͂̽͌̽̂͐̄̓ͅÀ̴̦̓̌͌̄̏͊͑̈́̉̓̑͆̓̽͊̌̿͒͛̚N̴̨̫̳͈̟̘̱̙̘̦̯͓͖͓̬̩͖̩̱̭̫͕̖̻̣͈͍̑̂̐͂́̽̈́̿̒̾̀̅͜ͅK̵̡̛̗̫̱͓̘̮̤͓͍̜̖̮̀̌͑̈́͑͊̏́̓̉̔͗͝͠ͅS̴̢̢̮͓͔̩̮̰̼͈̅̃̅́̓̽̍̎̈̃̇̈̋̅́̅̒̍͐̂̇̑̈́̈́̐͗̅̀͠͝ͅ ̸̢̢̢̡̛͙̞̬̣͇̦̝̺̱̹̫̜͖͙̭̭͖̒̎̀̂̊͗͌͑̓̌͒͊̂̉̀͛͗́̽̓̏́̃̊̚̚͝ͅT̵̨̛̩̊̑̈́̀̃̏̆̿͊̾̈̇̏̅̎͋̓̇̇͆̾͆́̏͂̈́̎̎̓̔̉͘͝͝͝Ơ̴̖̗͚̞̤̼͒̅̀͂͐͌̒̽̒͐̐ ̷̢̬͈͔̻͉̭̱͓̬̭̗̝̐͑͛̽͗̐͗̃͐Y̵̨̡̢̛͔̟̜̜̮̮̝͙̩͉͙͇̖͉̤̳̲̮̤̤͇̥͖̰̪͖̪̣͉͕̩̝̓͋̅̓̋̍͆̑͑͋̉̒̈́̈́̐̅̒͋̈́͂̀̋̍̀͂͒͌̓̇̓̑̈́͘͜͝͝͠͝ͅỜ̴̧̧̨̢̨̡̩̘̰̼̼̗̭͕̘̜̰͖̘̞̜̩̬̼̱̪͈̫̜̰͇̬̬̌̄͛̄̒̆̄́̉̉͑̏̆̔̕̕̚͘͝ͅU̶̡̢̢̡͇̼͉̟͇͉̰̞̟̱̹̗̞̯̩̩̣̖̜̎̓̐̏͝͠!̸̢͚̫̞͔̩̤̫͓͔͉͍̥̤̱͖͈̘͔͓̫͔̘̟̜͚̟̩̤͊̿̂̈̾̂͠͠͠”

“B̧̧̡̡̯̺̞̩̣̺̜̻̭͍͉̜̘͉̼̘̞̩̹̟̙̣̪̳̣͍͓͚̟̝̣̫̪̞͚̘̞̠̝͚̣̗̭̼͈̘͍͈̦͙͖͍̙̼͉̻̙̗̦͙̻̪̮̤͇̖̦̲͖̹̳̹̳̠̟͇̈̇͐͗̉̓̋̌̒̃̃̈́̀͋́͊͑̓̓̑̊̓̂̿̇͛̓̔̅͊̔̇̽͐̔̈́̃̏́̾̋͂̽̃͂̉́̋̄͛̅̚̚͘̕̕͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝ͅŲ̨̨̡̨̧̨̡̡̩͖̘͚͓̬̳͕͎̙̘̮̩̬͖̖̙̜͇̮͍̺͖͕͇̪̩̤̫̳̦̼̘̪̦͍̤̦̲̜͈̟͇̹̣̰̜̲̤̯̫͚̬̦̬͔͔͈̜͎̫̟͕̪̬̦̪̬͖̫̝̰͓̬̤̲̹̰̖̺̂̈́͊̊̎̈́̉̎̈́̐̀̄͂͑̓̂̄̋̀̇̈́͑̽̂̆̈́͒̒̄̈́͊͆̇͐̍͋̓̅̊̃̃̋̽̃̍̀̓͂̃̆̿̿́̓̑́̈́̆̇̀͒̌͑͌͌̈́̕̕͘͘͜͝͠ͅͅR̡̧̡̧̧̢̢̢̧̛͕̻̹̣̗̺̗̻͍͉̳͕̘̮̠̝͙̘̟̞̜̫̩̞͓̯̣̜͇͙̗̠͖͔̱̻͈̬̼̞̰̭̘͕̺͍̭͎̳̙̰͚̹̪̙̻͕̱̯̼̥̮̱̬͍̩͚̗̺͋̂̀̽͐̄̈̇̿̒̒͐̄͌̈͐̓̇̽̒̿̈́̒̍̅̏͆͛̏̄̏͗̾̈͒̉͂̄͌̊̀͌̀͆̿̐͛̐̓͂̿͑̓̿̈́̀́͆̓͋̀̃̏͜͠͝ͅͅN̨̨̨̧̡̧̧̛̜̻̙̩̞͖̖͖̜̙̜͕̬͚̮͇͕͇̬̙̫̮̠̞̝̣̱̭̣̫̙̪̜̮̰͉̜̟̝̰̬̘̼̯̫̫͇̮̦̪͈̬̯̹̫̖͕̥̼̺̫̻͇̯̰̲̯̖͖̺̖̳̳̝̤̩̦̦̓͆̆̀͗͂́̄̊̈́͌͛͑͛̿̀͑͊͑̎̓͌̽̓̆̀͌̅̌̏̇̄̆̈̋̉̌̉̏̊̑̔͂͐̒̏̌̌̇̋͗̉͑̃͛̓̐͋̕̚͜͜͜͠͝͝͠͝͠ͅ,̧̨̢̧̡̢̡̧̧̡̡̛̛͔͔̫̹͔͉̣̼͍̺͙̯̰͙̟̯̯̘̳͚̦̝̩̗̫͓͙͙͓̰̣̰̻̟̣͈̤̫̩͍̜̜͉̹̱̦̮̮̙̘̯͎͎̪͚͔̭̪̲̬̞̝̰̳͚̪̤̞͙͎͙̝̲̖̼̖́̾̐̓̽̒̾̉̃̀̌̐̉̀̒̽̓̈́̊͒̓́̀̌̅̀͆͑̃̅͒̊̏͆́̄̍͛́̈́͂̎͛̎̎̈́̇̋̑̽̋̍̑̒̅̇̔̆͒̈́͑̿̋̓̓̑́̉́̐̊̔̕̚̚͘̕̕͝͝͠͠͝͝͠ͅͅ ̨̢̢̡̨̨̨̢̢̛̛͔͔̲̲̮͖͕͔̺͕̘͉̰̩̞̟̻͈̺̜̮̦̠͔͚̞̹̩͉̘͓̭̺͈̩̗͓̗̦͕̜̩͇͕̣͓̙̥̰̟͚̘̠̫͙̝̦̘̘̉̾̏̆͗̃̽̔̀̔̃̐͊̎͛̅̽̿͛̈́̽̈̔̇̈́̄̅̌̉͆̐̃̋̆̓͆̑̇́̀̏̏̍̉̆̂̈́̓̔̆̐͛̔̊̃̑̈́͋̽̄̅͒̍͋̀̎͂̂̓̑̍̕̚̚̕̚̚͘͘̕̕͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅĘ̡̡̧̢̛̛̛̛͈̥̺̙̯̣̬̹̱̤̝̪͈̺̙̼̻̳̳̭̦̼͕̪͚̬̻̳̰͉͍͉̝͍̩̦͖͚̩͚̱̥͕̯͍̯̻̻̰̠̟̭͖̱͙͚̭̥̠̱̲̥̦̘͒̇͗̒͋̈́̔͌̉̌͊̏̈͂̽̑̏́̆͑̊̃́̌̀̓̇̌̀̃͑̑̓͑͂̈́͋̑̅͗̌͆̎̄̆͆́̍͆̈͘̕͘͘̚̚͜͜͝͠͝͠͝ͅD̨̡̧̧̧̛̝̻͉̪̭͉̗̖̯̗͙̖̰̙̮͍̦͈̗̖͙̩͕͓̜͕͎̞͍̖̰̱̖̯̤͉̻̲͇̦̰̮̬̘̫̝͚̘̩̭͕̈́̂̈́̈̎̓̏͒̄̊́͌̈̔̈̐̓̇̊̎̎̈́̽͌͋͗̓̀͒̿̄̀͑̎̓̀͆̇̈́͊̆̓̽̌̎̏͋̅̉͛̈̾͊̓̃̆̑̅̿̇̈͊͘͘̕̚̚̚̚͘͘̚͘͜͜͜͝͝͠ͅͅͅW̢̡̧̨̛̛̘͍͙̬̹̱͚͖͎̪̟͈̠̖̪̘̬̬̼͔̣̤̣̩͈̖̺̜̝̖̜͖̘͍̙̯̦͚̦̳̤͓̠̭͇̹̦͈̤̘͈̬͈̞̬̟̭̪̤̠̟͙͕̟̼̠̞͖͉̻̱͈̗͌̽̈́̂͑͗͂̍̓͋̓̾͋̀͆̄̄̇̌̓̅̈́̅̋̎́͒̑̅͆̄̓̈̂̇̂̈́̓̓̎̐͒̏͌̈̃̽̽̀̄̒̀̔͗̑̑̒̀̈́͗̔̾̀̽̍̀̿̅̀̋̈̾̾͆̏̊̂̑̔̕̚̕͘̕̚̕͘͜͜͝͝͠͠͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅA̧̡̡̧̧̡̛̙̺͓͖͎̬̥̭͎̦̫̝̱̥̫͎̠̣̱̝̠̠̫̥̟̺͈̭͖̪̯̬͔̤̬͕̠̣͈̦̪̻̰͙̥͔̦͈̟̝̞̤̖̗̹͈̯̖̹̖͕̱͌̋̎̓̈͑̿̍̋̈́̿͌̓͗͐̾̉̐̅̒͊̈́̏̓̓̋͑͂̓͑̾͌̇̃͊̈̅͋͋̆̈́̈́͐͋͛̄͊̿̈͌̎̈́͗̊̌̇̿̐̿̐̂̓̍͘͘͘̚̕͜͜͝͠͝Ŗ̨̧̨̨̡̧̡̛̱̖̱̫̝̟̟̗̫̝̩͇͚̫̠̼̻͈͈̺̙̬̗͇̩̭̭̩̭̲̫̗͍͈̰͙̬̦̣̥͕̞͙̻̞̗̜̤̮̬͙̝͓̝̤̟͚̫͔̟͕̣͚̭͇̮̬͔̭̩̙͖̗̝͈̺̺̝̗̰͓͎̳͗̑̿̆͑̀̂͂̅̈́͌̿̇͗͗̇̽͌̏̌̈́̋͛̈͋͆̐̉̓̐̔̊͐̅͑̂̀̀̈́̏̃͌́̇̎̿̌̎̏̅͗̌̒͋́̐̓̊͑͐͒͆͌͌̚͘̚͘̚͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅD̡̨̨̨̡̡̛̛̛͙͇̳̩̤͈̜͈͎̟̬͔̺̟̹͉͔̙̳̻̭̫͕̲͔̤̳̞̤̳͓̬͎͍̳̭̫̩͕͕̜̼̹̻̺̗͇̼̻̰̤̳̘̯͖̳͙̘̆̐̅̃̄̍̆͌̂͐̈̇̈́̉̉̽̐̅͐̈̌͊͌͑̐̆̅̈́̒̇̽̊̓̇̔͊̍͑̈́͒̾͒̈́̐͂̈̂̿͗͋̏͂͑̃͒͂̒͛͊͛̓̄͒̇͒͑̆̃̋̇̊̉̀̓̓̋͌̕̕̕̕̕̚͘͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅ ̡̧̡̧̨̨̧̡̧̨̛̲̬̭̮̘̩͖̹̻̣̭̬̲̰͔̰͈̘̩͖̤̫̝͙̳͚̝̜̝͚̬̞̻̺̹̺̻̱͓͇̖̫͓̱̳̝̤̱̖̝͉͕͙͍͚̪̣̘̖̤͎̣̝̩̠͉̼͚̞͈͓͕̪̲͈̙̰͉̜̒̂̉̒̋̓͋͗͊̈́̊͒̈́̓͌̎̉̆̃̈̈́̓̀̂̍͑͌̈́̈̈́͋̉́́̀̾̏̆͂̀̀̈́̿̀̂̀̄͑̿͌̋̔̈́̃̀̈́̃͌̀͛̈́̈͐͋̈́͛́̔͋̈́͋̿́̓̾̾͘̕͘͘͜͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅT̡̧̢̢̧̛̛̛̤͈̭͓̙͉͓̭̣̠̩̤̜͓̟̯̬̤̹̼̪̻͓̰͈͔̥̭̹̭̪̞̙̬̯̟̞͙̫̳͉͖̱̬͕̖̘̼̼͙̼̹̹̖̮̟̤͖̫͎̭̀̒̐̾̇͋̈́͗͋̇̂̅͛͒͗̾͑̐̄̄̏̈̂̓̑̊̓̈́͂̈́̓͒͋̍̓̓̋͌̏̑̉̌͒̉̉͆͌̀̂̈́̈́͛͐̇̍̎̾̽̎̐͊̅͒́̏́̏̚̕͘̚͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅH̡̛̛̗͍̰̬͚̤̮͍͇̥͍̭̱̰͈͎̲̪̼̜͍̹̩̩̟̯̩͔̮͉̠̤͍̱͔̗̤͔̱̘̲͔̥̥̼͕̺̭̭͓̣̜̖̞̜̣̬̜̅̈̔̉̈́̄͑̊͌̾̋̉́̒̿̌̿̇͌́͋̅̈̄̑̏́̒̅̿̽̏́̏̃̉̊̇̉̉̎͗͗̇̂̀̎̃́͑̌̋̍̂͋͐̉͐̂̌͐͗͑͒̄̂̀̑͑̔͂͐̓͌̅̿́̌̒̔̈́̌̾͘͘̕̚̚̕̕͜͠Ȩ̢̨̡̛̛̜̱̟͔̜̟̪͕̟̯̪̗̰͈͙̠̩̮̲̹̭͔̱͕̗̬͓̥̞͙͙̯̺̳̠̟̦͚̻̱̻̲̪̟̱̺̩̻͔̹̣̥̯̞̤͖̠̠̦̞̦̪͓̬̥͈͓̈̆̏͆̏̈́̓̄͆̾̉͂̎̿̊̅̈́̔̋̊̓̋̉̐̀̽̈́̓͐͒͑͐̈́̍̇̏̉̓͌̀͌̊̔̀͂̂̏̏̆̿͊͛̈́͆̈́̓̒̎̌̊͘̚͘͜͜͠͝͠͝͠ͅ ̨̧̢̨̨̨̧̜̣̜̫̞̰͔̗͉͉͕̙̠̳͍̲̣͖̬̤̞̩̘͓̩͕̥̣͇͚̗̲̳͉̬̺̙̮͚̟͎̤̝͓̖̼͖̞̩̭̲͔̘̼̲̱̠̫͓͔̿͗̋̆͋͌̊͛̔̔͑̅̾̾̐̑̔̆̄́̍̿̅̍̀͂̉͑̎̒̂́͐̋̅̋̽͛́̔̇̊̈́̎̈́̒̍́͑̈̎̇̈́̈́̈́͘̚͘͝͠͠͝͝ͅB̨̨̡̢̢̡̨̛̭̣̟̱̣̥̠̮̹̪͉͖̫̦͔̱̤͕̺̥͉͓͍̳̲͓͓̗͓̲̖̩͍͖̖̲͓̹̯͍̙̗͖̜̠͎̘͚͈̜̖͇̜̣̥͈̲͙͚̮͎̜̞͙̼̀̂̓̎̓̉̒̅̽́̀̋́̀̿͊͗́̉̇̈́͌̉̉̏́̏͛̒̍͐̇̓̆̊̽̓͋̆͊̉̄̈̏̊̅̉̾͛̓́͐͆̍̆̂̾́̎̆̔̌̀͒̄͘̕̚̚͘̚͜ͅĻ̨̨̢̛̛͙͕̙̳̱͇̠̞̼̣̣̭͉̣̤͚̟̺̹̯̞͉̱̩̠̝͍͎͎͈͙̜̺̰̤̳̟͔̻̜̱̗̣̬̹̥̫̥͓͚̞̠̱͙͗̍̂͗̑̾̍̓̀̑͊̍̽̌̔̍̇͋͆̋̿̆̀̄̓̃̐̃̅̅͒̑̑͛͑̀͗͊̑̊̾͂̎̿̀̎̊̈́̈́͐̈̽͗̏̆͂̅̈͛̒̂̑͊̌̽̍̓̇̅̓̃͑̕͘͘͜͜͜͜͝͠͠Ư̢̧̧̧̡̡͉̹̥̯͈̼̰̖̣͙͓̙͓̳͚̠̜̠̜̩̗̺͍̥̺͍͎̩͇͙̥͍̥͉͇͙̦͈͓̝͙͙̜͕̬̥͍̳̟̺͚̤͕̘̙̪̩͔̩̜̞͈̩̲̺͕̪̪̪̘̙͙͈̘͈͓̼̯̆͆̉̿́̓̈́͆́͗͐̔̐̀̑͐̈́̈́̆͐̄̿́́̎͗͛̈́͊̔̀̎̽̆͐̒̂̀̑͐́͆̍͒́̄̈́̈́̈́̾̏̀̋̈͋̓͛̊̆̆̀̇͗͊́͋̎͌̒̐́̌͌̊̌͂̂́̋̿̈́̆̃͛̀͘͘̚̕͘͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅȨ̧̡̛̟͇̞̬̱̘̗̮̘̤͇̰̝̰̭̱̮͉͉̱͚̦̙͇̗͓͔̹͕̦̮̞̤̟͔̣͚̩̰͍̻͍̺̰̗̟̠̻͔̹̝̣̘̘̩̣̪̖̣͚̤͙̖̫̣͇͚̥͎̭̗̬̳̦͈̣͉̳̣̭̞̲̂͑̉͒̏̈́̔͐̄̈́̏̊̄̽̀͂͋̀͑̋͌̿́̾̀̽̊̈́͌͌̑̀̓̈́̓́̒͛̉̀̓͆̓̆̈́̾̌̂̾̑͊͑̀̈̇͂̊͊̆͗͋̍̊̽͘̚̕̚̚̕̕͜͜͜͠͠͠͠ͅͅ ̧̢̢̨̡̨̡̛̹̳͙͇͇̲͇̜͖̳̺͈̙̼͕͉̠̝̗͈͎͉̺̜̖͕̤͎̘̮̦̘̗̭͔͉̪͍̬̩͓̖̻̯̰͖̜̖̞̪̪̼̼͇͍͎̟̟̰̺̬̯̮̘͓͎̪͈̮̠͈̙͚͍̣̻̱̙̺̰͈̞͍̪̬̞̮̌̂̑͗̈̌̅̉̄̀̅͌̔̓͛̒͛̈͑͗̌̈̑̆̋̈́͋̅̽̒̇̊́͊̃̾̈͒̀̎͛̀̎̊́̾̀͐̓͗͌̆̓̑̈͐̈́̕̕̕̕͘͜͜͜͝͝Ḙ̡̡̢̧̢̛̰͖̼͉̮̣̫̝̰̯̟̟̗̲̙̹̟̹̠̣͈͔̮̞̘̩̱̰̝͇̞̩̟͙͖̱̰̳͈͉͓̦̫̤̥͓̝͙̜͇͍̜̣̼͉̬͚̜̹̳͙̙̹̘̖̤͕̦̬̲͈͓̳̣̅̓̽̾̈́͒̒̔̈́̏̈́̽̈̂́͆̒̃̿́̿̄̅̆̎̾̊͋̒̽̾̆̈́̀̎̒̔̎̓͒̽̎̓͛͛̇̍͌̍͒̋̆͘͘̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅͅŅ̨̢̨̛̛̛͎̜͇̼͓͙̪̱̯̯͍̪̝͚͚̦͈͔̠͖͕̻̥̩̜͓͍̝̟̮̬͇͇̳̮͕̻͎̻͓̗͎͔͙̺̙̞̱̮͙̳̯͇̤̗̭̟̦̗̹̩̟̜̟͖͓̦̀̓̆̏̀̅̿̐̆̊̆̀̐̈̒̈́͆͒͌̅͗̇̋́̊̑̅͑̂̈́͐͑͆͌̽̑̎̅̏͂̿͆̑̅̍̈́̊̐̾̽͒̽͑̔́̃͛̄̾̊͛̂̓̈͐̀̽̏̾͐́̀̊̈͌̚͘͘̕͘̚̕͘͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅG̢̨̧̨̡̢̛̛̰͚͇̪̬͇̬̰͖͕͓͍̩̘̮̜̬̫̦̝͙͎̠̘͕̭̙̥͉̯̯̮͎̞̬͈̟̠͎̩̮̦̪̰̠̮̞̲̭̥͈̮͔̱̹͎̩̭̝̽̏͆̿̋̌̇̐͆͗̃̎̾̉̈͐̈́͛͗̋̑̀͐̓͊̽͐̒̔̎͐͌̓̿̄̃͋̈́͑́̑̓̎͒̈́͌̈́̀͋̏͋̆̒͒̀́́̽̀̿́̃͛͛͂̓̈́̍̓͌̈͆̚͘̕͘͘̕͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅĮ̡̧̧̡̡̡̧̨̧̢̧̰̠̘̟̥͔̮̘͍̦̤̦̖͔̠͉̲̭̳̹̜̳͉̣̦̼̭̣̱͉̰͇̪͓͕̰̣̣͇͚̜͚̺̦̯̺͖̠͒̈͗̉̌̇͂͑̉̈́̄̀͐̅̂̏̽̓̓̈́̅̊͑͒̓̏̈̒͊̓͂̏̀̐̀̋̂̐͐̒̓́̓̄̓̅̈́̂̓̍̈́̕̕̚̕͜͝͝͠͠͠ͅͅṈ̡̧̧̢̛̛̛͚͎̥͚̬͓̞̱̱̥̦͈̩̘̩̻͓͉̬͚͕̜̙̬̘͇̲̱̩͙̲͎̗̤͇͉̙̮̭̮̲͍̟̜̮̮̖̭͉͍̝̠̬̘̖̉͗͒̐̽̂͊̐͒̎̊͐͐̔̄̐͋̈́̉̄̏̓͛̔̆̿̄̓̈̓̅̿͗̉̉̓͂̉̿͗́̏̈̄̑̃͋͆̃̾̾͛̽̓̒̓̐̓̅̀̃̔̀͂̇͛͘̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͠͝͝ͅE̡̧̧̧̧̬̫͙̞̺̫̯̪̤͉͚̟̦̤̤͉̟̺̜̝̟͇̗̻̫̻͈̠̙̳͔͍͕̰̤̼̘̟̩̮̱͎̦͉͔͕̜̲̹̞̮̫͍̽́̐̏̓̓̔̅̇̍͒̌͐̽̈́̾̈́̍̌̂͑͐̍̀̏͂̑̽̄̈̈͐̆̄̀̈́͊͐̈́͒̍̔̄͒͐̓͋̈͑͌̔̉͐̑̃̌̈́̑̃͛͊͛̈͊̚͘͜͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅ.̧̧̠̦̞͉̺̠͔̙̺̯̺̭̼̘̩̝̱̣̹̺͔̹͍̼̥͕̟͖͉̫̺̰͇̺̤̦͙̻̥̘̙͚͇̬̫̮̻͔͉̺͎̥͓̗̰̭͐͗̒́̐̄̄͆̀͒͊̿́̌͗̄͛̓̾̿̃͒͂̄́̉͊̀̌̊͊̾̌̄͑̓̈́̊̍́̽͑̈́͑̒̂̽̈́̇̕̕̕̚̚͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅ”

Streams of tears were coming from Edward’s eyes. “Edward?! What’s wrong?” Alyssa questioned, she was fairly concerned for her newfound friend.

Albert, whom was in a siding, laughed menacingly. “That Edward fellow is such a pity.” He laughed. “What a shame that his past is getting to him.”

Meanwhile, the fight was nearly evenly matched. “We need more troops!” Announced Sebastian, as the middle line was losing strength to Randy and his group. “You really are despicable, Randall.” He hissed at the large, bronze diesel.

Suddenly, with a loud roar of his engine, Randy began to push Sebastian and his troops, his line pushed them back until they all derailed, barring Sebastian. “I mustn’t stay here!” Shouted the tender engine as he backed away. Randy and his team of engines took chase. As they followed the general of The ‘Spirit Trains’, they were catching up. “Albert! Where are the others?!” He called to his cousin.

“What others?” Albert questioned. “You’re using all of them!”

Alyssa roared in celebration. “Yeah, go Randy!” She cheered.

Edward, who had finally woken up from his nightmare, saw Randy. “Randall?!” He said in shock.

The train stopped. “We’ll save you, guys!” Called Emily.

Neville, who was at the back of the train, uncoupled and rammed into Albert, derailing him. “You’ll pay for this, you ugly duckling!” Jeered the immobile engine.

Edward and Alyssa both cheered as they were lowered to the rails. “I think I saw your tenders near the entrance.” Murdoch added.

“Here’s that strange engine you saw, Neville!” Edward chuckled, inferring to Alyssa.

Alyssa laughed a bit. “Yeah... sorry.”

Randy coupled up to Edward and pushed Alyssa. “We need to go back and help Diesel and Gordon’s groups!”

Edward was taken aback. “Diesel and Gordon are working together? Randall! How did you do it?!” He questioned in pure shock.

Albert was enraged. “Do you think you’ll get away with this?! Sebastian may be seem daft, but he’s a smart one, and-“

“Enough, Albert!” Boomed the voice over the speakers. “All remaining engines, back up! NOW!”

With that, the engines going against Gordon and Diesel’s groups backed up as they ran past Randy’s group as well. “I guess not, wimps.” Randy laughed.

Everyone, celebrating their victory as they left Huntingworth Ironworks, were heading back towards Sodor, until they heard a horn. “I hope you all had an adventure!” Boomed a familiar voice. Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Shortstack pulled up in Bertie. “I’ve been having to do all your guys’ work!”

After Mr. Shortstack quickly welded Edward and Alyssa’s tenders back onto the engines, Sir Topham had a few stern words for the two. “Edward, I expected better of you! Abandoning your job on the railway, and endangering yourself, you had me worried sick! And Alyssa, I’m not your owner, but I don’t appreciate engines coming onto my railway unannounced and taking one of my most responsible engines off on a joyride.” He said sternly.

However, Mr. Shortstack strolled over. “Remember, Sir Topham, cha ching.” He whispered to the other person who owned engines, this immediately made Sir Topham Hatt stop.

Sir Topham Hatt sighed. “Well, then, everyone, let’s go home!” He announced as armored vehicles and police cars pulled up.

But, plans didn’t go as smooth as expected. A diesel quickly pushed Albert, who was once again atop a flatbed, outside. Weapons were immediately aimed at the two members of The ‘Spirit Trains’. “Wait, don’t go! You still need to learn about your friend’s secret! Isn’t that right, Edward?!” He called maniacally to the blue engine.

Edward suddenly froze. “Uh...” He started, but he was at a loss for words.

Albert laughed. “Edward was Number 1 at these Ironworks...”

“That’s all rubbish!” Thomas shouted. “Edward could never do something so cruel!”

Neil agreed. “Aye! Ah’ve known Edward for over 100 years, and ah’m sure he’d never do a thing like that!”

“You, Albert, sicken me.” Hissed Gordon. “You’re disgraceful!”

“Disgusting!” Added James.

“Despicable!” Finished Henry.

“Not to mention you’re a terrorist!” Daisy continued.

Edward, however, remained silent. Randy and Mr. Shortstack looked at each other in concern, and Alyssa had a question. “Is this... all true?” She whispered to Randy.

Randy sighed. “I’m afraid so.”

Alyssa gasped, only for her to be shushed by Mr. Shortstack and Randy. “How long have you two known this?!” She interrogated.

“About 40 years.” Mr. Shortstack replied.

“I found out a few weeks back.” Continued Randy.

Alyssa scoffed. “Am I the only one who didn’t know Edward before this?!” She hissed quietly.

“Melvin didn’t.” Mr. Shortstack laughed.

“This is serious, guys!” Alyssa scolded. “Edward’s reputation is at stake!”

Meanwhile, the other engines, alongside Sir Topham Hatt and Bertie, were defending Edward. “Eddie has been my mentor!” Charlie yelled in rage.

“He’s one of my hardest working engines!” Boomed Sir Topham.

“He saved my live!” Diesel shouted.

However, before any more conflict could happen, an officer intervened. “We need you lot all out of here.” He instructed to the Sudrians, and he then turned to Albert and the diesel. “And you two will go back into the Ironworks immediately, otherwise me and the others will not be afraid to shoot.” The diesel immediately rushed backwards as Albert was in tow. He then turned to Mr. Shortstack. “Thanks for calling us, Mr. S.”

Mr. Shortstack just smiled. “The pleasure’s all mine, Roy. Now, I bet we’re all ready to leave. Isn’t that right, lads?” He called to the engines, who all agreed.

Heading back, the engines were having conversations with each other, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Shortstack had left with Bertie, thus they were on the road. “Is everything okay, Edward?” Questioned BoCo.

The old engine suddenly blinked out of a trace. “Uh... yes. Yes, everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure? You and Alyssa were there for weeks, I understand if you’re not alright.”

“I mean...” Began Edward. “you know what? Never mind. It’s fine.” He sighed, although BoCo still stared in suspicion, but just ignored it. He always has kept his emotions inside so well, I’ve never seen him like this. Thought the big diesel, giving up. However, he would wish he wouldn’t of later that night...

Suddenly, Randy stopped. “Stop for a minute, guys! I have to talk to those diesels.” He called as he uncoupled from Oliver, and went to the yard where Eddie and Willy lived.

“Hey, we have some bad news.” Called Eddie. “That general escaped, me and Willy tried stopping him, but it was no use.”

“He was too fast.” Agreed Willy.

“Oh well.” Randy said. “You guys tried, what else could you two do?”

The group continued on, Edward was terrified. Sebastian... escaped? He thought in fear. Eddie and Willy honked their horns, wishing luck.

As the engines crossed the Vicarstown Bridge, Toby, Hank, Stafford, and Flynn all cheered as Randy lead the group back to Sodor. “I didn’t think you would be able to do it, Randy!” Cheered Toby.

“Toby was worrying the entire time you were gone.” Flynn laughed, Toby scoffed.

Randy smiled. “Well, you have to thank your friends, they did most of the work.”

Bertie, who had arrived first, honked his horn. “I think Sir Topham wants to say some things!” He announced.

And he was right, Sir Topham Hatt disembarked the bus. “Thank you, Bertie. Now, engines, I was infuriated at first, but after you all have defeated The ‘Spirit Trains’ by working together, despite our feuds.” He said, notably looking at Gordon and Diesel. “I am proud of all of you engines, and Alyssa, Randy, you two are always welcome to visit Sodor, and I believe your owner agrees.”

“I sure do.” Laughed Mr. Shortstack as he exited Bertie as well. “I see Edward has some good friends, you all have kept him sane and happy, and I respect that. Me and him go way back, and I only want the best for my old friend.”

Despite looks of sadness, Edward smirked. “Thank you, Mr. S, they truly are great friends.”

“It’s Tiberius to you, Edward!”

Alyssa and Randy looked at each other, they were shocked. “Nobody gets to call Mr. S by his first name.” Alyssa whispered.

“Now, engines.” Continued Sir Topham Hatt. “We still have a railway to run, and we have to go! I expect all of you to get the work done!”

“Yes, sir!” Called the engines as they all left Vicarstown Yards, to the point only the two men, Alyssa, Randy, and Edward remained.

Sir Topham Hatt was confused. “Edward? Don’t you have trains?” He questioned.

However, Edward just stared blankly. Before Sir Topham Hatt could continue, however, Mr. Shortstack pulled his aside. “This is going to be a bit tough for him right now.” He whispered. “Alyssa and Randy can take Edward’s jobs today, he’ll want to rest.”


“I’ll tell you later, sir.”

As Mr. Shortstack escorted Sir Topham Hatt away, Alyssa and Randy both gave looks of concern as they left. Edward backed himself away into a siding, he looked and sighed. “Poor Edward...” Alyssa whispered.

Randy agreed. “Granted, I don’t know Edward well, but I’ve never seen him like this.”

Edward groaned. “Just please leave..” He sighed. I knew this would happen some day, seems like it’s now.

For the rest of the day, Edward sat there. Alone. Depressed. In pain. Not even Rosie, who had been shunting in Vicarstown Yards all day, could get a word out of him.

Meanwhile, Thomas was heading to Vicarstown with a train of milk. “Hey, driver?” He asked his driver.

“Yes, Thomas?” He replied.

“If Edward’s still at Vicarstown, can I go talk to him?”

Thomas’ crew looked to one another and shrugged. “I don’t have a problem with that.” His fireman said. “We’ll talk with the guard.”

As the tank engine waited at a red signal for a Mainland diesel to pass by with her train, he eyed the yard, looking for Edward. Rosie, however, suddenly pulled up. “Hi, Rosie. Where’s Edward?” He asked.

Rosie sighed. “He’s in a siding on the other side of the yard, I think something happened, though.”

“Hm?” Thomas asked. “What’s the matter?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Well, I’ve known Edward for over a hundred years now, I can probably put a smile on his face, right?”

“I’m not sure.”

But, Thomas was confident as he pulled up to the other side of Vicarstown Yard. “Edward, hi!” He cheerfully called. “What’s up.”

Edward tried to ignore his friend, not in the mood to have a friendly conversation. “Edward? everything alright?” He interrogated.

“I’m fine.” Edward retorted.

“But, Edward-“


Before Thomas and Edward could continue their discussion, however, Molly came up. “Edward, Thomas, you two are welcome to stay with us at the sheds here tonight. Tidmouth’s a long way from here.” She said with a smile.

Thomas grinned. “Thanks, Molly.” He said. “I’ll spend the night there, what do you think, Edward?”

“I’m fine in the siding. Thank you for the offer, though, Molly. Good night.” He whispered, Thomas, Rosie, and Molly looked at each other in concern. Something’s going on. Thomas thought, but he wasn’t sure what.

A bit later, Thomas joined the engines at Vicarstown at Vicarstown Sheds; Bear, Hank, Rosie, Molly, Murdoch, and Harvey. “Thank you so much, guys.” Thomas smiled.

Harvey chuckled. “You’re very welcome, Thomas. The pleasure is ours’.”

But, despite discussions starting off tranquil and friendly, nobody could sleep. The seven engines couldn’t help but talk about Edward. “Do you think he’s alright?” Questioned Bear.

“He was shunting some trucks of fuel. So, he seems to be doing a bit of work.” Molly replied.

The engines were all glad to be hearing that, barring Rosie. “Wait!” Cried the shunting engine. “He didn’t have those two coal trucks, did he?”

Molly was confused. “Yes, why?”

Immediately, Rosie went into a state of panic. “Oh no! If Edward burns that bad coal, all that fuel could explode!” Everyone gasped in fear.

“Then what are we waiting for?!” Boomed Hank. “We must stop him!”

As the cavalcade of engines charged to the other side of the huge yard, they suddenly saw something that struck them all with fear. One of the old, abandoned sheds was ablaze. “EDWARD!” Cried Thomas as he charged towards the shed.

“Thomas, stop!” Called Bear. But, the tank engine was already rushing into the large, dilapidated shed.

While Bear tried to chase Thomas, the entrance collapsed before he could enter as well. “No!”

Thomas was going on what used to be the Vicarstown Shed’s turntable. “Hurry up, driver! Let’s get Edward and go!” He instructed, until Thomas eventually found Edward, sitting still with his eyes closed, emotionless. “...Edward?”


Darkness, nothing unusual in Edward’s mind. Not again... Thought the old engine. It was one of his normal night terrors. As he moved forward, he heard screams and sirens. No! I won’t deal with this anymore, brother! Over a century of this stuff, and I won’t let you keep my life a nightmare any longer! You think I’m not sorry?! Your life is over, and so will mine soon, so are you happy yet!? Just leave me alone! Suddenly, a faceless black tender engine rolled up to Edward, Number Two. His whistle blared as he charged towards his brother.


“Edward! Edward, please, wake up!” Thomas yelled as Edward awoke with a jolt.

“Thomas?! W-What’s going on?!”

“Thomas saved you.” Called a familiar voice, Sir Topham Hatt walked up to Edward, as the latter looked over to the shed, Belle and Flynn, along with various fire trucks, were fighting the fire. “You know, Edward, you could’ve died.” Instructed Sir Topham sternly.

Edward looked at Thomas, who had gotten a bit burnt. Just... just like Number Two... Edward thought. “I-I’m sorry...” he said as he tried to run away, but Thomas, whom was still coupled to Edward, stood his ground.

Thomas had a look of rage with hot tears streaming down his face. “NO! All you do is run away from your problems all the time! Just tell me... was Albert telling the truth?”

Edward sighed, tears began strolling down as well. “It was...”

“Does that feel good to finally say?” Called a voice. Henry. Him, along with the other Tidmouth engines, and Toby, who decided to tag along, had arrived to Vicarstown.

Thomas and Edward were shocked. “How did you six get here?!” Thomas asked.

“We thought we would check on you two.” James replied. “Mr. Shortstack told us everything.”

Percy laughed. “Also, I just got back from the Steamworks, so I wanted a long run.” The engines all chucked at the saddle tank’s remark.

Even Edward grinned, he was actually happy. “Did Tiberius come?” He asked.

Without any words, Edward knew his question was answered when Mr. Shortstack walked up to Edward with Alyssa and Randy behind him. “Of course we did!” He laughed.

Edward beamed with a few tears in his eyes. “You... you guys are great. All of you.”

Gordon smiled. “How about we all go back to the sheds?” He suggested.

While Edward wanted to go, he just froze. “What’s the matter, Edward?” Asked Toby.

Edward wasn’t sure. “I don’t know. I mean, I do, but I don’t know why I’m in such a state.”

“Should we just pretend this never happened?” Asked James.

“NO.” Edward boomed, shocking everyone. “You can’t just forget this, I am responsible for the loss of my brother’s life, and nobody can just ignore that. You all don’t understand that, and I hope you all never will...”

Sir Topham Hatt tried to give a kind look, but he couldn’t. “Look, Edward...”

“CAN IT, TUBBY!” Edward lashed out, the engines were taken aback at Edward’s sudden insult of his own controller. “Oh my goodness, sir, I’m so sorry-“

“No,” Began Sir Topham Hatt. “you’re right, I don’t get it. I just wish you would learn not to hide all your insecurities, it’s ripping you open from the inside to the point you tried to end your own life. I don’t want that, Edward, you have survived wars, hardships, threats of retirement, and even more. That’s why I respect you, you’ve always seemed so mentally strong and intelligent.” He then laughed. “To be fair, Helen’s been telling me to lose weight too.”

“I know how you feel, Edward, that’s why me and your controller have discussed an arrangement.” Cut in Mr. Shortstack. “I was asked to clear up Huntingworth, so I thought an engine who worked there could help a lot. Would you mind working for me?” He asked.

Edward grinned. “Just like old times?” He laughed.

Mr. Shortstack nodded.

“But, who will run my branch line? BoCo and Derek can’t do it on their own!”

Randy laughed. “That’s where me and Melvin come in.”

Edward, however, was confused. “What?”

“We’re gonna do a bit of a trade.” Explained Sir Topham Hatt. “If you’d like to work with Mr. Shortstack, the North Western Railway gets Randy and Melvin. What do you think?”

Edward looked at his friends, Henry smiled. He knew what that meant. Do what you want for a change, don’t think about anybody else. “I would be happy to.” He said, much to the shock of Thomas. “This really will help me out with my issues, and Tiberius, I thank you for giving me this offer.”

Randy and Melvin both cheered. “Hear, that Melvin?!” Called the former. “We get to do real work again.”

“Hooray!” Cheered Melvin.

As the engines celebrated, the engines of Tidmouth talked as they returned to their sheds. “We’ll miss you at the sheds.” Sighed Gordon.

This made Edward laugh. “I never thought I’d hear that from you!” He exclaimed, him and Gordon both exchanged a laugh.

While most of the group was talking happily, Thomas was silent. Percy noticed this, and went to check on his friend. “Is everything alright?” He whispered.

Thomas sighed. “I don’t know, I want to be happy for Edward, but I... I can’t.”

Percy understood. “I know what you’re saying, but Edward doesn’t ever get to do anything for himself. He’s selfless.” He quietly replied.

“I guess so...” Thomas sighed.

At Wellsworth, the tank engines had to refill on coal and water, and Edward wanted to tell the diesels in the shed that he was leaving. After a sad goodbye to the three, Gordon went up. “Uh, Diesel?” He asked.

BoCo glared at Gordon. “What do you want? Are you going to antagonize Diesel like you always do?!” He barked, Derek quietly muttered in agreement.

Gordon just froze. “I... I...” He started.

“You’re here to say you’re sorry?” Diesel asked.

Suddenly, Gordon’s solemn look turned to a smile. “Yes. You really have changed, even Duck likes you. I’ve been far too invested into the past, and it’s time that I say this. Diesel, you’re alright.” The other engines all stared in shock at Gordon and Diesel.

Diesel had a giant smile. “Does that mean we have to the be friendly to each other now?” Chuckled the diesel shunter.

Gordon laughed. “Don’t count on it.” The two former foes both laughed, their feud was finally over. Edward and BoCo both looked at each other with a smile, the two would finally stop arguing.

The various members of The 'Spirit Trains’ were all being scrapped, except two. “They don’t know where the headmistress is,” Explained Henry, who had heard Mr. Shortstack talking to the police. “and Sebastian went missing.” Edward froze for a moment, but then put on a confident face. It’s not over, then. Thought the old engine.

Finally, the seven engines arrived at Tidmouth. It was so late, they all almost immediately went to sleep, even Edward. But, Emily still had one question. “Edward! Edward, wake up!” She said, waking up the old engine.

“Emily!” Edward gasped. “What the matter?”

“I have a question.”


“Were your nightmares about Number Two?”

Edward thought. “Yes, at least, an engine who seemed like him. Number Two has haunted me for over a century now. When I saved Diesel from the Ironworks, however, the nightmares became much more frequent. He always belittled and instigated me, and I had experienced enough. That’s why I tried to end my life, to end my suffering.” Emily stared in shock.

“That... explains so much...” Sighed the Single.

“Is that all?” Edward asked, tired. “I leave tomorrow at noon.”

“Yes.” Replied Emily. “We’ll miss you, you know.”

“I know, but I have to do this, I hope you understand.”

“I do.”

The two engines wished each other a good night, and then returned to sleep. But, little did they know, Thomas had been listening in, depressed.

The next day, the news of Edward moving was announced, the blue engine was showing Randy and Melvin around Wellsworth Yard. “Well, lads, you’ll stay here. Randy, there’s a fourth berth at Wellsworth Sheds for you, and Melvin can stay in one of the goods sheds. Keep this branch line under control, okay?”

“Yes sir!” Replied Melvin.

Diesel, who was shunting nearby, smiled. Good for Edward, He thought. it’s about time the old timer does something for himself.

Meanwhile, Toby was at Tidmouth Sheds with Henry. “So, let me get this straight, you’re staying here until Edward returns?” Asked the latter.

Toby laughed. “If it’s fine with you, then yes, Edward told me to keep his berth warm for him.” The two smiled.

“That’s more than fine. Welcome to Tidmouth, Toby.”

Eventually, Edward arrived at Vicarstown, Alyssa was there as well. “Hey, old timer, you made it!” Randy laughed as Edward coupled up to the back of the large goods train Alyssa was pulling.

Alyssa took offense to this. “Hey, be nice! Edward and Mr. S are friends!”

Randy just chuckled. “Always a feisty one-“

This caused Alyssa to shout various obscenities in French, leaving Edward in absolute shock. “What did she say?” Asked Melvin.

Edward pondered, wondering what to say. “ don’t want to know.”

At 11:59, Mr. Shortstack boarded Alyssa. “Randy, Melvin, stay behaved! I don’t want Sir Topham Hatt to give me trouble because of you two.” He warned.

Immediately, the diesel and brake van replied. “Of course, sir!” They boomed in unison.

Mr. Shortstack tipped his hat to the engines who were watching Edward leave Sodor, along with Sir Topham Hatt and his wife. As the guard’s whistle sounded, Sir Topham Hatt took off his hat with respect, the nearby railway staff quickly did the same as well. While Alyssa quickly started, Edward took a moment, then gave a cheeky smile to his fellow engines and former owner. “This old timer’s going on an adventure!” He exclaimed as he bumped the train, making it go much faster than before. With the two blue tender engines leaving Vicarstown and over the large bridge, all the engines left, along with Sir Topham Hatt being in tears and in his wife’s embrace.

Thomas was the last engine to leave, he didn’t know what he would do. My friend... mentor... father figure... he’s... gone.

Edward and Alyssa continued onto Huntingworth. Even though Sebastian had escaped, Edward remained confident, although he knew it wasn’t over yet.



  • This special was originally two episodes, Sodor’s Final Frontier and The End of Edward. But, when the former was getting too long, the two were combined to make a special.
  • The original plan made by TheLocoLover back in August had Edward, with the help of Cranky, sneaking onto a ship. He would go abroad to throw Sebastian off, but following the announcement of Thomas’ newest season “Big World! Big Adventures” and it’s backlash, the concept was changed.
  • At one point, TheLocoLover’s nearly finished draft didn’t save, thus he had to rewrite a number of parts.