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Snow Rescue is the fourteenth story of the second volume.

Snow Rescue
Season X, Episode 40
Air date 5 July 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was Winter on the Island of Sodor. New Years day had just passed and it was still very cold. Lots of snow had fallen the night before but despite that, the engines kept busy.

At Ffarquhar, Thomas and Toby were in the sheds. Percy had already gone off to the Harbour and Mavis had gone to the Quarry.

"There won't be a lot of work at the Quarry due to this fall of snow," said Toby.

"Well, at least I've still got passengers," said Thomas.

Just then, Terence the Tractor pulled in. He was wearing his snowplough.

"Hullo Terence," said Thomas. "Have you been clearing roads?"

"Yes, since the crack of dawn."

"How many roads did you clear?" asked Toby.

"Too many to count that's for sure," replied Terence. "And there's still more roads to clear."

"What roads do you usually clear?" asked Thomas.

"A lot of the roads that run close to this branch line along with some that are deep into the valley and I have also gone to other places on the Island."

"Well, it's good we can always rely on you."

"Just doing my job. After all, I am probably the best at clearing snow whether by road or rail."

"Hmm, I don't know," murmured Toby. "Donald and Douglas are also really good at clearing the line of snow."

"Come to think of it, I've only seen them a few times," replied Terence.

"They are twin engines from Scotland," explained Toby. "They can work anywhere except this line due to weight limit. Still, they're versatile and have an apt for clearing snow which they learned from when they were in Scotland."

"Together, they're a grand pair," agreed Thomas.

Then, Thomas's Driver arrived.

"All right. Looks like it is time for my train," said Thomas. "I'd best get going."

Thomas puffed away.

Toby and Terence were left alone.

Toby noticed Terence staring off.

"What's the matter?" asked Toby.

"I was just thinking about Donald and Douglas, and how they are good at clearing snow."

"Just to be clear, all of you are great. It's kind of hard to make a comparison since you are a tractor and they are steam engines."

"I understand."

Then, Terence's Driver came up.

"A lorry is stuck in the snow. We must go and pull it out."

"Well, I've got work to do," said Terence.

"Sounds good," said Toby.

Terence made his way to the lorry.

"None of the engines can reach this place since there aren't any rails here," thought Terence to himself.

Then he saw Bertie.

"Hullo Terence. Where are you off to?"

"To the valley to rescue a lorry," replied Terence.

"I see. You've been clearing the roads too."

"I have."

"Well, good job."


Terence crawled away. Soon he found the lorry.

"I soon have you out!" called Terence.

Strong chains were fastened between the two. Terence pulled and pulled his hardest and at last, freed the lorry from the snow drift.

"Thank you!" said the lorry driver.

"Glad to help!" replied Terence.

After that, Terence felt much more cheerful. He began to clear more roads. He cleared snow all the way down to the Junction.

He reached the station and was glad of a rest.

Suddenly, he heard deep-toned whistles. Two engines pulled into the station. They were coupled back-to-back with a van between their tenders and snowploughs in front.

"That must be Donald and Douglas," thought Terence.

"All the lines clear in record time!" said Donald.

"Aye. Good thing tae," agreed Douglas.

Then they noticed Terence.

"Hey Terence. Have nae seen ye in a while," said Donald.

"Hey Donald and Douglas. It has been a while."

"We've been pretty busy this mornin' keepin' the lines clear," continued Donald. "I take it ye've been doing the same."

"Yeah. Plenty of roads to clear."

"I didna suppose ye've had any engines to pull oot of snow," chuckled Douglas.

"Not yet!" chuckled Terence. "I did have to rescue a lorry though."

"Sounds brawly," said Donald.

Just then, the signal dropped.

"We best get going tae the Big Station," said Douglas. "See ye around."

"Until later," replied Terence. "Well, they are pleasant to talk to," he said after they had gone. "Any more roads to clear?" he asked his Driver.

"Not right now," he replied. "Back to the farm for us."

Terence trundled away.

Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas puffed into the Big Station.

"Glad to see you," said Duck, who was waiting at the platform.

"Been clearing snow since verry early," said Donald.

"My Driver's juist going tae get something to drink," said Douglas. "Shouldnae be long. Then, we'll clear the line for ye."

"Thanks," said Duck.

"By the way, we saw Terence at the Junction," said Donald.

"You did? Good. Been a while since I've seen him. I remember him from when I covered for Thomas. You know, he clears snow too."

"Indeed," said Donald. "And he does a grand job tae."

Then, Douglas's Driver returned.

"Best be on oor way now," said Douglas. "Shouldnae want tae hold up yere train."

"All right then. Take care!" called Duck.

Donald and Douglas whistled in reply and were soon clearing tracks.

At the other end of the line, Dodger had just brought a long line of coal trucks to the station.

"This lot is for the Big Station," explained Dodger.

"Got it," said Molly. "I'll soon be on my way."

"Shouldn't be too bad. The line is clear of snow."

"Thank goodness."

Molly set off. She had just puffed out of Henry's Tunnel when suddenly, a pile of snow fell onto the tracks behind her.

Some of her trucks were stuck.

"Oh no. Dodger will be coming down the line any minute."

The Guard ran back to warn the Signalman but Dodger was already on his way.

Dodger was running well when he reached Henry's Tunnel.

"We'll be at the Works in no time," he puffed.

He was approaching the tunnel when he saw the Guard holding his red flag.

"Stop!" he yelled.

"I wonder what's the matter," said Dodger.

He found out soon enough. Just outside the tunnel, he saw the pile of snow.

"Help!" he cried.

He crashed into the snow. Coal flew all over him, and he was truly stuck in the snow.

"Are you all right!" called Molly.

"I think so," replied Dodger.

"I'll go get help!"

Molly raced away to the Works station where her Driver telephoned for help.

The Fat Controller soon found out what had happened.

"I'll send Donald and Douglas immediately," he said.

The Caledonian Twins were back at the Big Station when they got the news.

"We're on oor way!" they said.

At the Junction, Thomas was waiting when Terence arrived. Then, Donald and Douglas puffed in.

"Can't stop for long," said Donald. "We have tae rescue Dodger. He's stuck in the snow."

"Where?" asked Terence.

"Near Henry's Tunnel," said Douglas.

"That's far away," said Thomas. "Especially by road."

Terence had to agree.

Then the signal dropped and the Twins puffed away.

"It's a shame you couldn't help," said Thomas.

"That's all right. I'm still available here if you need it," replied Terence.

Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas made their way to Henry's Tunnel.

"Thank goodness you're here," said Molly.

"Dinna fash yersel. We'll soon have tae line cleared in no time," said Donald.

Everyone set to work. Workmen cleared the snow away. The Twins helped get the trucks back onto the track and soon Molly was on her way again. Then, they helped Dodger back onto the tracks.

"Thank you," said Dodger.

"Juist doing oor job," said Douglas.

They helped Dodger to the Works. Then, they headed back home.

A few days later, they met Terence at the Junction again.

"I heard rescuing Dodger went well," said Terence.

"Och aye," said Donald.

"Ye ken though," said Douglas, "all of us are useful when it comes to snow."

"Then again, there's a lot more we do than clear now," added Terence.

The three of them agreed. Then, they went their separate ways. They still talk whenever they can and they enjoy being able to do multiple jobs around the Island of Sodor.




  • This story was inspired from the 2001 annual story Donald and Douglas.