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Slow and Steady
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date March 16th, 2021
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Slow and Steady is the eighteenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Early one morning, Thomas was puffing along his line pulling Jack, Alfie, and Buster the steam roller. He was taking them to his branch line where the roads were getting worn out and need of repair. The machines were going to help with resurfacing them and paving new roads, and were keen to do so too.

"Oh boy, this will be something," chuffed Jack. "We don't usually mend roads, but it's something different and will be interesting."

"Indeed it will," agreed Alfie, "and I think no one's more excited about doing this than Buster. Isn't that right, old chap?"

"Oh yes, definitely," chuffed Buster. "Fixing roads and laying down tarmac is what I do best. I can't wait to get started."

"Well that's good to hear, Buster," puffed Thomas, "because I think I heard you all be fixing all the roads along my branch line and that's quite a bit of road to handle. So if you're feeling prepared, then that's good, but I think you may need help doing that at some point."

"Don't worry, Thomas," chuffed Buster. "Nothing's too much for me. Besides, even if it's a lot, all I care about is taking things slow and steady. That's very important with making new roads and if you rush it, then trouble will happen."

"Good point, Buster," puffed Jack. "The slower you go, the smoother the roads are, so that's a very true statement you made."

"Yep," added Alfie, "and I guess since you're a steam roller, it's kind of good that you all don't go very fast either and you have to take things slow, right Buster? And no offense, by the way."

"Oh none taken," chuckled Buster, "and you're right. It is a good thing we steam rollers can't go fast and we're made to go slow too. That's why we're very good at flattening surfaces as well."

"Well, alright then," chuffed Thomas. "If you feel certain you can do it, then good for you, Buster." And he continued on his way.

Soon they arrived just outside Ffarquhar station, where the work was beginning. Ms. Jenny was already there with the workmen and Percy, who had brought tar to help with the roads.

"Hello Thomas," whistled Percy. "Good to see you. We've been wondering where you were."

"Well I had to collect some helpers for this project, Percy," chuckled Thomas, "and here they are. Oh, and hello Ms. Jenny."

"Hello Thomas," said Ms. Jenny. "Ah good, there you all are. Glad you could make it. Now let's get you three unloaded and let's get started."

"Yes Ms. Jenny," said the three machines.

Soon, Jack, Alfie, and Buster were unloaded and Ms. Jenny began giving them their duties.

“Alright everyone,” she announced. “So as you all know, we’ll be fixing the road along the branchline, which means we’ll be very busy today and Buster, you’ll be the most busy with flattening and smoothing out tarmac.” Buster beamed proudly. “However, I realized that will be too much work for you and you need some help. So I asked Sir Topham Hatt if he had anyone that can help you and luckily, he found someone.”

“Oh good, that sounds even better, Ms. Jenny,” chuffed Buster. “The more help, the merrier. Who is it, by the way?”

“He’s another steam roller just like you,” replied Ms. Jenny, “and I believe his name is George. Now I should warn you and everyone else that he can be a bit temperamental and impatient, based on what Sir Topham told me, so please try to cooperate with him and avoid any conflict as well.” The machines looked puzzledly at each other. “Otherwise, do your best today. Max and Monty will also be bringing rocks down from the quarry throughout the day to mix with the tar needed for the roads. So once they get here with the first batch and the tarmac is prepared, you all can get started. Good luck to you all and I’ll check back later on your progress. I must go and check on other projects, so good-bye for now and see you this afternoon.”

“Good-bye, Ms. Jenny,” called the machines, then with that, Ms. Jenny left and drove away.

Buster was excited. “Oh boy, another steam roller just me is going to help. This is going to be fun.”

Jack and Alfie squirmed at each other. “Uh Buster,” chuffed Jack, “based on what Ms. Jenny said, it doesn’t exactly sound like it’ll be fun working with George.”

“Yeah, it sounds like it’ll be more difficult if anything,” added Alfie. “This George really doesn’t sound like he’ll be all that pleasant and will be difficult.”

“Oh well, maybe George is just shy,” suggested Buster. “He probably just needs some warming up to. Besides, he can’t be as difficult as you all are making him out to be, can he?” He asked Thomas and Percy.

Thomas and Percy frowned at each other. “Mmm, well we would like to say no,” chuffed Thomas, “but unfortunately...”

“George is a pretty rotten roller,” Percy blurted out. “He is very temperamental, very impatient, and hates railways.”

Buster was surprised. “Oh, really?”

“Yes,” sighed Thomas. “He is also pretty reckless too and has caused quite a few accidents in the past due to his temper and behavior. So yes, you all should be careful around George today.”

The machines were surprised. “Wait a second,” chuffed Jack puzzledly. “Are we sure we’re talking about another vehicle and not Max and Monty? Because that description fits them as well.”

“Hey!” Came a few voices. It was Max and Monty. They arrived from the quarry with the rocks.

“What’s that about us?” Asked Monty. “We didn’t even do anything yet!”

“Yeah, so what’s the big idea about making fun of us?” Added Max.

“Relax, you two,” chuffed Alfie. “We’re not talking about either of you. We’re talking about a temperamental steam roller named George who’s going to be helping us.”

Max and Monty stared, then smirked. “Oh yeah, George,” chuckled Max. “Yeah we’ve heard of him.”

“Yeah, he’s quite the road raider from what we’ve heard,” added Monty. “He tried to race a small engine, only to run into his train; he paved a road over a crossing and I think Thomas can tell you what happened next.” Thomas glared.

“And he also caused someone to send a truck go flying in the air and totaled it,” finished Max. “So yeah, we’re all in for a ‘fun’ day with him when he gets here.”

The machines squirmed a little, then they heard the sounds of huffing and puffing in the distance. They looked and saw Toby grumblingly huffing up with none other than George himself on a low loader.

“Come on, come on! Hurry up there, you old wooden box on wheels!” George huffed to Toby. “All this riding on rotten rails is making sick and you’ve been bouncing me around enough! It’s like no one listens to me when I say railways...”

“...are no good, turn them into roads?” Toby finished knowingly. “Oh trust me, George. Everyone hears you loud and clear when say that, but they really don’t care about it anymore. So just drop it and lighten up for a change.” George just scoffed.

At last, Toby came to a stop right next to the machines. They all looked at George with uncertainty. Buster, however, was a little more welcoming.

“Oh boy, you must be George! It’s nice to meet you,” he chuffed cheerfully. “My name is Buster and you’ll be helping me with repairing the roads!”

George was less than amused. “Ooh whoop-de-doo, sounds great. Too bad I could’ve handled this myself. I’ve laid plenty of roads in the past and never needed help. So don’t be surprised if I end up doing all the work myself, buddy.” Buster was surprised.

“George, don’t even think about doing that,” hissed Thomas. “You know full well that this is too much work for you and you need help.”

“Yeah, and don’t even think about causing trouble either,” added Percy firmly. “We all know how you get and the construction crew here are relying on you to help them.”

“Also,” added Toby. “If you remember what Sir Topham Hatt told Ms. Jenny, if you cause any trouble, you’ll be sent to Farmer McColl’s farm to help saw wood for his barn roof. Now I don’t think you want to do that, do you?”

George glared at the steam engines, but he saw Thomas and Percy’s stern looks and Jack, Alfie, Max and Monty’s looks too and knew he was outnumbered. So he conceded.

“Oh alright, fine. You steam kettles win,” he huffed. “I’ll be good today. Just get me off this flatbed and on the roads already!” The engines smirked at each other.

While the workmen were mixing the rock and tar to prepare for the roads, George was getting warmed up too and while doing so, Buster came up to talk to him.

“I can’t wait to get started with laying down roads,” he chuffed. “It’s one of my favorite jobs. All that road just waiting for us to pave. Ooh, this will be fun and working together will be even more fun. Two steam rollers are better than one you know and...”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure it will be,” huffed George. “Just don’t dwell on this too much and worry about staying out of my way, okay there, Buster? I tend to be a very fast steam roller and I can get this job done in no time.”

Buster frowned. “Oh, okay George, but uh, are you sure working fast is a good idea? The way I see it, paving roads means being extra careful and going slowly so you can make sure the roads are nice and smooth. Working fast will most likely lead to bumps and dips in the road.”

George scoffed. “Pah! That’s what inexperienced steam rollers say. I happen to be the master of the road and I know how to lay down roads. The faster you work, the quicker the job gets done and the more attention you’ll receive. Take it from me, Buster: faster is better and you’ll soon figure that out once we get started and learn from the master.”

“Ha! Master of what? Master of the muddle?” Teased Max, as he and Monty rolled up. “Because from what we heard, you’re a pro of getting into accidents, George, and you’re quite the reckless machine.”

“Yeah, and besides, there’s no such thing as fast steam rollers,” added Monty. “You guys move so slow, a snail could beat you any day.” Then he and Max laughed. Buster sighed, but George growled.

“Well you know you two,” chuffed Jack, when he came up, “Buster showed how fast he is by beating both of you in that one race you had with him, remember?”

“Hey, hey, hey, Buster only got lucky because we ran into that ditch!” Huffed Monty.

“Yeah, hadn’t it been for that, we would’ve beaten him easily,” added Max. “Besides, even if we have two steam rollers doing this job, it won’t get done any faster and it’ll take days to finish this job with these two snails helping out. So just do all of us a favor, you two, and try not to stall too much when you’re laying down roads, okay? We still got work to do you know, so there.” Then he and Monty drove off to the quarry to collect more rocks.

Now George was crosser than ever. Jack and Buster could tell.

“Don’t listen to them, George,” said Buster. “They’re always teasing me about being slow and it doesn’t bother me.”

“Yes, just worry about yourself and don’t let them get to you,” added Jack. “Sooner or later, they’ll realize...”

“That we’re fast and reliable workers?” Huffed George. “Yes, that’s my plan. If those two think we steam rollers are slow and useless, then we’ll show them. Nobody calls me that and gets away with it. So come on, Buster. Let’s show them.” Then with that, George set off to work. Buster and Jack looked at each other, sensing that this was not good.

Soon, the machines were at work and fixing the roads. In addition to George helping them, Ms. Jenny had also assigned the machines to work in groups and had them working in sections. That way more work could get done and the project could be done faster. So in this case, Alfie was assigned to help Buster and Jack was assigned to work with George as well, while Max and Monty would continue bringing rocks for the workmen to mix with the tar to make tarmac. Then once the tarmac was ready, Jack and Alfie would lay it down carefully on the old road and George and Buster would flatten it to make the road smoother.

Alfie and Buster worked fine with each other, but Jack was having less luck with George, who was being very impatient and rude.

"Come on! Hurry up there, little guy!" barked George. "I haven't got all day, you know. We got roads to pave!"

"Calm down, you," huffed Jack. "There's no rush and the workmen need to make sure the tarmac is ready to be laid down. Besides, I can't work too fast, or else I'll lay down too much for you to flatten and the road won't be smooth."

"Well then get as much tarmac as you can into your bucket and just drop it on the road. I'll push it and flatten it," said George hastily. "If I'm going to prove those dumpers that I'm a fast steam roller, then I need to work faster too. Now let's go!"

Jack was getting very annoyed. "George, just…" Then Max and Monty came by.

"Ha! Hear that, Max?" chuffed Monty. "Road raider here wants to work faster, even though he still can't accept the fact that he can't."

"Yeah, and plus," added Max, "it's best he goes slow, or else he might run into another train or tarmac another level crossing by accident. Ha!" Then the twins laughed, but George grew red in face with fury.

"Oh, oh! Better get out of here before he explodes," chuckled Monty, "or makes another truck explode." Then he and Max drove away laughing rudely.

George was very cross now. Jack could tell, and was secretly worried. "Now George, just take it easy," he said slowly. "They're only doing that to get you mad and…"

"Just unload that tarmac as fast as you can and let's get this over with!" snarled George. "I'll show those two, and let them know they're messing with the wrong guy here. Nobody insults me and gets away with it! So come on, Jack. Let's show them!"

Jack was worried, but reluctantly conceded, and started working faster. Buster and Alfie, who were some distance behind them, saw the whole thing and they were nervous too.

"I don't like the looks of that," chuffed Alfie. "I have a bad feeling there's going to be trouble sooner or later, and that George is probably going to cause it."

"I hate to say it," sighed Buster, "but I think you're right, Alfie. That steam roller is bound to cause something and it won't be good."

Unfortunately, they were right. George grew so impatient, that he was making Jack dump loads of tarmac on the road and plowed over it very quickly, without even trying to make the road smooth. Buster and Alfie noticed this as they working and knew this wasn't going to be good.

Soon, the team came to a road bridge where the road turned down and ran beside the railway. George was feeling pretty pleased with himself at this point.

"Ha! We're making progress!" he chortled. "I told those dumpers I could work fast and here we are now! We're halfway finish and making good time. Nice job stepping it up back there, Jacky!"

Jack, however, thought otherwise. "Only because you forced me to!" he huffed. "Also, in case you haven't noticed, the road isn't looking very good because of your rushing. Just look at it: it's all bumpy, there's gaps, there's dips, and not smooth at all! If anything, it looks worse than before we paved it. Even Alfie and Buster's work looked better than us from what I saw."

"Pah!" scoffed George. "They're taking too much time and will be done with their work by tomorrow. I mean look at them back there. They're just getting to the bridge and we're already down here working on the road beside the railway. We're making way more progress than them. Plus everything has been going well and nothing bad has happened. So maybe I'm not as reckless as they say I am." But George spoke too soon.

Then they heard the sound of banging and bumping going on and it was coming from up near the bridge. It was Max and Monty driving along the freshly made bumpy road that George had paved. They bumped and bounced and jolted all over the road.

"Oof! Ah! Eeh! Ooh!" exclaimed Max. "What is going on with this…ow! Ooh! Eeh! Road? It's all rough and bumpy!"

"I--ow--don't know!" called Monty. "I think that--oof--steam roller has something to do this--ah! And when I see him--aahg--I'll teach him a lesson."

Then there was trouble. As the twins past Buster and Alfie and crossed over the bridge, they tried to turn the curb, but the road was so bumpy and unstable, they swerved all over the road and couldn't control themselves. Then to make matters worse, Max swerved so hard to stay on the road, he accidentally hit Monty and pushed him off the road and he tipped over and spilt gravel all over the rails. Max quickly came to a complete stop.

"Ow!" exclaimed Monty.

"Oops, sorry Monty!" called Max. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," huffed Monty. "I'm just glad that's all that happened." Then they heard a whistle.

"Uh, I don't think it's over just yet," called Alfie from the bridge, who saw who was coming.

It was Percy and he came rushing down the line with a goods train, unaware of what was on the line ahead.

"Stop Percy! Stop!" wailed Alfie.

"There's gravel on your tracks ahead!" called Buster. "Put on your brakes now!"

But Percy couldn't hear what they were saying in time. "What are you two trying to say?" he called.

"Look out!!" cried Alfie and Buster together.

"Huh?" Then from around the corner, Percy saw the mess on the line. "Whoa!" He braked as hard as he could, but it was too late. Percy ran into the gravel, came off the rails, and stopped. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the area was a mess and all work had stopped. Everyone was cross.

"Monty!" huffed Percy. "What did you and Max do this time?!"

"Me?!" hissed Monty. "It was Max who pushed me and tipped me over! Blame him."

"Hey, hey, it was an accident!" snorted Max. "I hit Monty because the road was all bumpy and messed up. Someone did a poor job of laying down new road here, and the one you should be blaming is him." He looked directly at George. Everyone else did too, and glared at the steam roller intently.

George just grunted. "Huh! You two came rushing in here, you know, so technically, this is your fault. So it looks like I'm not the only reckless one around here."

Max and Monty grew red in the red face, but before they could say anything, a familiar-looking Land Rover drove up and then Ms. Jenny herself got out, and looked very cross.

Max and Monty were worried. "M-Ms. Jenny, we can explain," said Max nervously.

"Yes," added Monty. "Max d-d-didn't mean to do this and…"

"Don't worry, I'm not mad at you two," said Ms. Jenny, "but I am very displeased with someone here." She looked directly at the green steam roller when she said that. "Sir Topham Hatt warned me about you, George, and I guess I should've taken you more seriously. I thought you would be a useful asset to my construction team, but I was wrong. I heard numerous complaints from many people about the roads being worse than before and very bumpy and they said it was all from you. What do you have to say for yourself?"

George wasn't the least bit threatened. "In my defense, ma'am, your dumpers over here were calling me and Buster over there slow and useless. I was trying to make a point to them that we're not and do this easy task nice and quickly. So they're to blame for this too. Had they kept their mouths shut, this wouldn't have happened." Everyone gave a huge sigh of exasperation.

Ms. Jenny was very annoyed. "George, I may not know you well, but surely you cannot be serious about that? You're blaming others but not yourself for this mess? You should know better than that."

"Indeed he should," came a stern sounding voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. Now George was feeling nervous. "George, as someone who has caused multiple accidents before because of their temper, you should know by now that your temper is the problem, but clearly, you still have trouble accepting that and I for one am not impressed."

"Uh, sorry sir," sighed George meekly. "It's just that…that…that…"

"No. I do not want to hear any more of your excuses, George," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I see that you need some time to think about what you have done. Toby!"

Then at that moment, Toby came puffing up with a low loader. "Yes sir?" he asked knowingly.

"Please take George here to Farmer McColl's," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm sure he and Trevor will be most delighted to have him helping with sawing wood for his new barn roof."

"Right away, sir," replied Toby.

George gasped. "Aww, but sir…"

"End of discussion!" thundered Sir Topham Hatt. "You were warned, George, but you ignored it, so now you're paying the price. Good day to you, and Ms. Jenny, I'm sorry for all the inconvenience today."

"That's alright, Sir Topham," replied Ms. Jenny. "At least it's not all the road that needs resurfacing, but we still got work to do and it won't be quite that easy with one steam roller now, but we'll get it done as best as we can."

"Very well," sighed Sir Topham. "I must be off now, so good luck to you and your team." He gave George one last glare, then drove away.

Everyone else gave George a very displeasing look, even Buster was quite furious with him too. George saw him and all their looks and secretly deep down in his boiler, felt very ashamed.

Soon, Toby had brought George to Farmer McColl's Farm and he was set up with sawing gear and was sawing wood along with Trevor the Traction Engine. He was still feeling very cross and guilty about everything.

Trevor could tell he was annoyed. "Oh cheer up, George," he chuffed. "Sawing wood isn't that bad. It's really quite soothing and easy and takes your mind off some other jobs that might be difficult. So just relax and enjoy yourself."

"Huh, after the day I've had, that's a little hard to do," huffed George. "Being teased for being slow, reckless, and useless then getting blamed for an accident is a little hard to forget about."

"Hmm," puffed Trevor. "Well, from what I heard from Toby here, you kind of let that happen, George, so the way I see it, you got no one to blame but yourself."

"Pah!" scoffed George.

Toby and Trevor frowned. "Oh honestly George," huffed Toby. "When will you learn? You need to control your temper and not let others get to you. Haven't you realized you get yourself into these messes whenever someone taunts you? You should know that by now."

"Oh great, now you're sounding just like Sir Topham Hatt," grumbled George.

"Well then he and Sir Topham are right in this case," chuffed Trevor. "George, getting mad and throwing a temper tantrum over something someone says is really immature and childish, and someone like you ought to know that since you've been punished multiple for that, and deep down inside, I think you really do know that, don't you?"

George was silent for a moment, not wanting to answer, but then he sighed. "Alright fine, yes you're right," he grumbled. "I just hate the fact that people keep making fun of me for being slow. It makes me feel useless and want to prove we're not that slow. I mean, come on Trevor, you've been teased about being slow too, haven't you?"

"Yes, quite a few times," replied Trevor, "but at this point, it really doesn't bother me anymore. I just let it go and continue on with my work. Plus, going slow is a good thing sometimes anyway."

"Hmm, that's something that Buster said too," muttered George.

"Well then Buster and I are right about that as well," puffed Trevor. "Believe it or not, George, being slow and steady is the best way to get work done, and even though I don't lay down roads like you steam rollers do, I could imagine it's most important with that, with making sure the roads are nice and smooth and all, right?"

"Mmm, yes it is," sighed George. "I just wanted to prove that I could lay down roads faster. Going slow and steady just sounds boring and takes forever and people will think you're useless. This job in particular is boring and useless and I wish the workmen would hurry up with sawing this wood. I mean, it can't be that hard to saw it."

Toby rolled his eyes, but Trevor got an idea. "Hmm, tell you what, George," he suggested. "As the workmen are sawing that wood, take a look at it after they saw it and tell me what you see."

"What?" grunted George. "What are you talking about?"

"Just do it and you'll see," said Trevor.

So George reluctantly did. To him, it was quite boring at first as the workmen were taking their time, but as George watched, he noticed how nice and smooth each of the wood planks were after they sawed them. George was slightly impressed, then he was beginning to realize Trevor's point.

Trevor could tell. "Well George, what did you notice?"

"Uh, well, um…I noticed that…those wood planks look very smooth after they've been sawed, I guess," George chuffed.

"Mm-hmm," said Trevor, "and do you know why?"

"Because…," began George slowly, "the workmen were sawing that wood…slow and steady?"

"That's right!" exclaimed Trevor. "You got it, George. All those wood planks are nice and smooth, all because the workmen took their time with them and didn't rush through their job. They were patient, careful and made sure that wood is good enough to go on Farmer McColl's barn, and you helped with that too." George smiled slightly.

"So after seeing this, George," asked Toby, "don't you think you were wrong about your actions today and should have listened to Buster about taking things slow and steady?"

George felt a little ashamed. "Yes, I do," he sighed, "and I shouldn't have let those dump trucks get to me either. That Buster was right about so many things and I should have listened to him. I wish I could make it up to him and apologize, but if I'm meant to saw wood as punishment, then I can understand why I can't."

"Well, you know," smiled Toby, "Sir Topham Hatt did mainly want you to do this not just as punishment, but until you learned your lesson, and it sounds like you did. So I think you could tell Buster that after all, as well as fix all those roads too. Do you want to do that?"

George had a very keen face on, but before he could answer, Thomas came puffing up. "Hello everyone. I just came to tell you all that Jack and Alfie have almost cleared up all those bumpy roads, but now with only Buster to lay down new roads, Ms. Jenny thinks this project will go on until tomorrow and she really wants to get the project done today if it's possible."

Toby and Trevor looked at George, who had a confident look on his face. The two others smiled. "Don't worry, Thomas," chuffed Trevor. "I think George here has learned his lesson and can help them out."

Thomas wasn't sure. "Really? After what he caused today? I'm not so sure about that."

"It's alright," puffed Toby. "We know what we're doing, and George knows too. Right George?"

"Yes, I do, I think," asserted George. "I'm almost certain anyway, but yes, I'm ready for action."

Thomas was surprised. "But aren't you need to help Trevor with the wood?"

"Oh I can handle it at this point," chuffed Trevor. "George has helped quite a bit and sounds like the construction team needs him more than me. So good luck, George, and just remember what we taught you."

"Right, I will," said George.

Thomas was still puzzled about what was going on, but he conceded with their decision.

Soon George was back on a low loader and Toby was taking him back to the pack. George had a feeling he was not going to get such a big welcome from the others, but he was determined to prove himself and do a good job.

Meanwhile, Jack and Alfie had just finished scraping up all the bumpy roads, and were feeling exhausted.

"Phew, that was surprisingly hard to do," huffed Alfie.

"Yes," agreed Jack. "Who would've thought that tearing up roads would be so difficult? Well, at least it was easier than getting pushed around and bullied by some reckless steam roller."

"I can certainly believe that," muttered Alfie, "and now, no thanks to him, this project has been pushed back quite a bit and we'll be done by tomorrow, if we're lucky. I sure hope you're feeling ready and willing to finish this on your own, Buster."

Buster sighed. "Well, it'll be a lot more work, but I'm prepared for it. I just wish I had one more helper to fix the roads with me, and one who doesn't wreck anything."

"Ahem," came a voice. It was Toby. "I think I have someone here who can help you all with that." Then everyone saw George, and glared.

"Uh, Toby," said Alfie. "Isn't he supposed to be sawing wood as punishment?"

"And staying out of our way?" added Jack. "We don't particularly want him here if he's just going to be bullying us some more."

"Don't you all worry," soothed Toby. "George here has learned his lesson and is ready to turn over a new leave, right George?"

"Uh, y-yeah I am," stammered George. "Look guys, I…uh, am sorry for my behavior today and I want to help you guys out with fixing all the trouble I caused today. Also, I promise I'll take it slow and steady this time too, and if it's alright with you, Buster, I would be happy to help you out."

The machines were quite surprised to hear George say that. Buster, however, forgot to be cross and was quite delighted. "I would be most honored if you helped me, George. The more help, the merrier I always say." George grinned slightly.

Soon, the machines were back at work again and this time, George was very cooperative and patient. He didn't push Jack or Alfie around, he took his time with flattening the tarmac, and was very helpful indeed. Jack, Alfie, and Buster were quite impressed. Even Max and Monty were very surprised as well.

"Are we sure that's even the same steam roller?" Max whispered to Monty.

"I have no idea," muttered Monty. "I might still be dizzy from the accident, but if George has really lightened up, then wow: that's amazing." Max agreed.

Thanks to George's help, the road construction was getting done in no time. It was going much better than before, and the road was looking much smoother everywhere and better than before. It was a lot of work for the machines to do to finish it up in one day, but they were determined to get it done.

At last, night came, and the construction was finally complete. Everyone was feeling exhausted, but accomplished and glad the work was over.

"Phew, I didn't think we would get it done today, but somehow, we did," chuffed Jack.

"And it was thanks to George for that too," chuffed Buster. "Without him to help us out, we would've been done with this by tomorrow for sure. So thank you very much for helping us, George."

"Ah you're welcome," chuffed George. "It's the least I could do after my behavior today."

"So, you know, speaking of which," puffed Max, "what exactly happened that made you change your attitude?"

"Yeah, like why are you suddenly so nice and cooperative and not a reckless machine?" added Monty.

"Shhh, you two!" hissed Alfie.

"No, no, it's okay," chuffed George. "I could tell you exactly what happened that changed my mind, but to sum it all up, I learned today that being slow has its benefits. In this case, going slow and steady with laying down new roads is a good thing after all. The roads look much smoother and better and taking time with flattening them was a good idea as well. So that being said, again I'm sorry for my behavior today. Jack, for rushing you; Max and Monty, for causing you that accident; and most of all, Buster, for ignoring your advice. You were right all along and I should've listened to you in the first place."

"It's alright, George," soothed Buster. "I'm not the one to hold a grudge against someone, so you're fine. I'm also glad to hear that you finally learned that too, and you're right: slow and steady is good thing after all and even if some people, or vehicles…" He shot a glance over at the dump trucks. "…make fun of you for being slow, the best thing to do is ignore them and carry on with your own work."

"That's very true and I should've known that in the first place as well," agreed George. "I'll admit I have a real problem with that and definitely something I need to work on in the future. Oh, and remind me to tell Sir Topham Hatt that when I see him again."

"That won't be necessary," came a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt himself. He had arrived with Ms. Jenny onboard Thomas. "Well George, Ms. Jenny and I just had a look around and we must admit: compared to this afternoon, the roads look splendid. They're nice and smooth and not a bump or dip anywhere. We're certainly glad you learned your lesson and stepped up and helped the construction team with finishing the job. So well done."

"Yes, indeed," agreed Ms. Jenny. "You made a mother proud, George, and so did the rest of you. Great work today everyone. Oh, and I must say I'm really glad to see you lightened up a lot too, George. I knew there was good, cooperative side to you deep down in your roller somewhere and I'm glad you brought it out this evening. It would be nice if you did that more."

"I quite agree," added Sir Topham Hatt. "I know you tend to have a temper George, but I think you know I would appreciate it if you controlled your temper better and cooperated more as well, don't you?"

George blushed. "Yes sir, I know," he stammered. "I promise I'll work on that in the future, as well as being less reckless too."

"Very good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now after today's events, I think you all deserve a good night's rest. So well done everyone once again and good night."

"Good sir," replied the vehicles.

"And I'll see the rest of you back at the yards," said Ms. Jenny. "So yes, good night and see you later, and thank you again, George."

"You're welcome, Ms. Jenny," called George proudly.

"Good night everyone," called Thomas. "See you all tomorrow, and good work today." Then once Ms. Jenny were back onboard, Thomas puffed away with them.

Just then, Toby came puffing in once again with the low loader. "Good evening everyone," he whistled. "Well George, what do you say? After everything today, want a ride back to your shed?"

George smirked. "You know, normally I would say 'no' since 'railways are no good'…," Everyone frowned at this. "…but since I know that's just going to lead to trouble if I keep saying it, I'll put that aside and say…yes, I ride home would be great. Thanks Toby."

"You're welcome George," chuffed Toby.

Soon George was back on the flatbed and ready to go. "Well everyone," he chuffed. "It was really nice working with you all today, honestly, but I'm beat and ready for some sleep. So I'll see you guys later. Oh, and Buster, if you ever need help with paving roads or just flattening things, feel free to let Ms. Jenny know and I'll be happy to help."

"Will do, George," chuffed Buster. "I'll keep that in mind, and should you need any more helpful advice, feel free to find me and I'll be happy to help as well."

"You got it, buddy," smiled George. "Well Toby, I'm ready when you are. Oh, and can we go by the farm and see Trevor one more time? I need to thank him for a few things."

"Of course, George," chuffed Toby. "We can certainly do that."

"Great," said George. "Well good night everyone, and see you next time."

"Good night, George," called the others, then with that, Toby set off with George.

"You know something," puffed Jack to the others, "George isn't that bad after all."

"I agree," said Alfie. "He might have a temper, but he can certainly put that aside and be really useful anyway."

"Eh, I don't know," chuffed Max. "I still say he's a bit reckless and a road raider, even if he did better tonight."

"Yeah, same here," agreed Monty. "Good guy, but I'm not convinced. He's still probably going to wreak havoc everywhere and cause trouble."

Jack, Alfie, and Buster sniggered. "Oh? And you two have never done that?" teased Jack.

"Not even once?" added Alfie cheekily.

"No!" scoffed Max. "At least not me anyway, but Monty…eh, yeah, it's pretty regular with him."

"What? That's not true!" hissed Monty. "You're way more reckless than me!"

"Am not!" "Are too!" "Am not!!" "Are too!!"

"Alright tell you what," said Max. "Whoever can get back to the yard first without crashing is the less reckless one."

"Fine, you're on," said Monty. "On the count of three: one…two…three!"

Then the two dump trucks took off, but no sooner had they taken off that they hadn't noticed a tight curb in the road until it was too late.

"Whoa!!!" they exclaimed and tried to stop, but then flew off the road and landed in a ditch. Both were very surprised.

Buster chuffed up. "Hmm, well like I always say, guys: you got to take things slow and steady in order to do a good job, and if George can learn that, then so can you two." Then he, Jack, and Alfie laughed.

Max and Monty, who both felt embarrassed and very silly, remained respectfully silent.




  • References to the television series episodes, Steam Roller, Bye George!, and The Tortoise and the Hare, are made in this episode.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this marks the first of a few things for George:
    • His first appearance since the 2008 special, The Great Discovery.
    • The first time he was referred to by name since the 2005 special, Calling All Engines!.
    • His first speaking role since the fifth season episode, Bye George!
  • This episode marks George and Buster's only appearances in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • This and True or False? are the only episodes in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in which Edward and Gordon do not appear/cameo/are mentioned in the same episode.
    • However, in this case, Gordon wasn't referred to by name, but was indirecty mentioned by Max when the latter was describing the events of Bye George!.