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Stadler Euro 4000 Class







Skye is a young and bubbly diesel who works at the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, pulling both passengers and goods.


Sudrian Stories

Skye was built specifically for the North Western Railway, it can be assumed that she was built in Sweden and was shipped to Sodor, just like the real Stradler Euro locomotives. While taking trial runs on the Arlesburgh-Harwick Branch Line, Skye got into an accident where she accidentally bumped into Daisy, thus resulting in the railcar having a fit, refusing to work with her. Because of this, Victor allowed her to help around the Steamworks, shunting trucks of engine parts and gathering trains.

However, a bit after her arrival, Skye met BoCo, and the two became quick friends. Victor told the latter that he was scared of Skye's fate, wondering if Sir Topham Hatt would keep her, coming up with the idea that she may go to the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, BoCo thought it was a spectacular idea. Thus, she helped BoCo and Fergus while the branch line was being rebuilt, and when the former had an accident, she helped search for him. When the branch line was finished, Skye was designated to help Fergus and Neil as a mixed traffic engine.


Skye is still young and is keen to learn. Often having to look up to the older engines for advice or support, Skye still isn't afraid to pull her own weight, but sometimes bites more than she can chew. A bit fiesty at times, Skye isn't afraid to do dirty work, and at times would even prefer to work with trucks over coaches. While her bubbly and cheery attitude often spreads optimism across the line, some engines, such as Gordon, find it annoying. But, no matter the criticism, Skye will almost always annoy it, unless it's something that really irritates her. All in all, though, Skye is a kind diesel who just wants to learn.


Skye is based off of Stradler Rail's Euro Class, a diesel locomotive that has been constucted since 2006, in both Bo-Bo and Co-Co varieties, Skye has the latter wheel arrangement, called the Class 4000. The class can be found across the world, with examples in Spain, Australia, Portugal, Israel, France, Belgium, Germany, and Africa. Members of the class are still bought today.


Skye is painted in a crimson color with yellow emergency panels, she also has the number 'D4' on her sides in white.