Skarloey's Ride is the tenth episode of the sixth season

Skarloey's Ride
Season 6, Episode 10
Air date March 8, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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N- Skarloey was unhappily loaded onto a flat-truck at the Wharf where Edward could take him to Crovan's Gate SteamWorks.

Edward- Don't be sad, I get repaired every summer.

N- Eward puffed so hard his side-rod broke.

Edward's Driver (Charlie)- James will come a pick you up, but we must get Skarloey to the Works. Luckily Butch the new Tow Truck was nearby.

Butch- I'll be 'appy to take 'im.

Skarloey- Thanks Butch.

Edward- Yes, thanks Butch, I can't run without a side-rod.

Butch- It is nice seeing you up close. I've seen you on TV. That documentry was good.

Skarloey- Thanks, hopefully one day your Driver can visit the Talylln Railway

Butch- Ah yes, he's plannin' to... Oh ouch, NO!

Butch's Driver- Flat tire.

Butch- Sorry

Butch's Driver- Don't worry we'll get you.

N- Just then Trevor came down. He saw the trouble

Jem Cole- Hmm, I think, that we can take him to Douglas.

Trevor- He is just up the line after all

N- They did.

Douglas' Och! I've jobs to do,but Donal' ain't busy he can do that. He' ya go Donal'

Donald- Thank Douggie, remember aboot the wee ballest trrucks.

Douglas- Yes

N- Soon they arrived

Donald- Wee here

Victor- Very well, I'll soon fix him

Kevin- We fix engines big and small

(drops side rods)

Victor- I know

Kevin- Sorry


  • Edward
  • Donald
  • Douglas
  • Skarloey
  • Victor
  • Butch
  • Kevin
  • Trevor
  • Jem Cole
  • James (mentioned)

Edward and Butch's Drivers also spoke

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