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Sir Richard Robert Norramby, also known as Sir Robert Norramby, is the Earl of Sodor (in the television series), and the Duke of Sodor (in the Railway Series). He owns Stephen, Millie, and Ulfstead Castle, and is Duke's current grace. He is a friend of Sir Topham Hatt's. Sir Robert Norramby is a railway buff and a gentleman explorer, who owns an estate on the island of Sodor. With his white beard and longish hair he may seem a little eccentric, but he is an old friend of Sir Topham Hatt and has come home to the island after many years travelling the world. Sir Robert often says "I love a good surprise!".


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 1 - Streamlined Engines (cameo) and The Christmas Tree
  • Season 2 - Paul and Rusty
  • Season 3 - Connor the Mr. Clean
  • Season 4 - The Missing Tool, Duke's New Grace, Famous Engines, Cows and Whistles, and James and Flynn
  • Season 5 - Creepy Cutting

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor


The Adventures on Sodor


Lukeillie's Series