Signals is the first episode of the seventh season.

Season 7, Episode 1
Air date April 1, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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N- It was a beautiful morning on the Island of Sodor. The engines were resting in the sheds. Percy gave a ghostly whistle



N- rumbled Gordon

Gordon- You! You. You. You woke me up

Percy- Dang it.

N- Percy moved on to James. James was sniffing, and exclaning if something didn't seem right.

Percy- Pip pip pip peeeeeep. Wake up

James- Shut up, you little Percy. I have to sleep.

N- Percy looked at the clock, then at James

Percy- It's ten already, you should be awake.

N- James sneezed

James- A proper red shiny splendid, beautifil engine like myself should sleep all day, and get rubbed down everyday. But you Percy, are a green engine, therefore you aren't splendid

N- Percy chated to Toby until the crews arrived

(Series one busy station theme plays)

N- The engines on the Island of Sodor all woke up to a busy day. Henry grumpily shunted his coaches into position. Donald helped Duck with shunting. Soon trains were ready to depart. Henry, Gordon, Edward, Douglas waited impatiently for the signal. Other engines were impatient too.

Percy- Bother that stupid signal.

N- The engines were getting really delayed. The whole North Western Railway had come to a stand-still.

Saturn- Why were signals invented in the first place?

N- At last with a clunk, the signals went down, and they were on their way. Later Percy wanted to talk to James who had just been hosed down, yet his eyes were STILL close. Percy asked-

Percy- May, may I talk to you?

N- James sighed, he opened an eye, then his other stared into Percy, yawned and said

James- Alright...

Percy- You see today I was delayed with the Mail Train, because of a signal

James- Oh! My dear dear Percy, another signal accident, signals must hate you

N- Percy kept silent until tea time when the Fat Controller (cheerfully) walked into Tidmouth Sheds

TFC- Hullo all.

N- The engines were nervous and silent.

TFC- As you know the signals were not working, so April Fools

N- And he walked away. One minute later everyone was laughing at the Fat Controller's April Fools prank.


  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Saturn
  • The Fat Controller
  • Edward (non-speaking role)
  • Henry (non-speaking role)
  • Toby (non-speaking role)
  • Duck (non-speaking role)
  • Donald and Douglas (non-speaking role)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • 'Arry (cameo)
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