Sidney is a forgetful, blue diesel shunter.



BR Class 08


British Railways


Crewe Works




Sidney was one of the Diesels who laughed at Percy's joke when the tank engine first arrived at the Sodor Dieselworks. He only appeared very briefly on a hoist with no wheels. It is currently unknown what happened to him during the fire at the Dieselworks, as he was unable to move from his hoist.

He was still there in the seventeenth season and was often referred to as a Christmas decoration by the Diesels, literally being used as one by Diesel 10 as well. Percy asked how long Sidney had been left up on the hoist and found out from Norman that it had been two years. Percy gave Sidney a new set of wheels as a Christmas present, and Sidney is now a really useful engine again.

In the eighteenth season, he, along with Diesel, Den, and Dart hid from Paxton, who found them again at the end of the day at the Dieselworks.

Stories of Sodor

In Stories of Sodor, Sidney is a diesel owned by the Works at Crovan's Gate. Before he was owned by the Works, he worked on the mainland. He had a terrible crash with another diesel, Norman, and was really damaged. The Works bought him cheaply and repaired him. 


Sidney is based on a BR Class 08.


Sidney is painted blue with yellow lining and a warning panel under his face. His traction rods are painted red.


Sidney is a bit of a forgetful engine. He starts his day at one location and ends up at another, not remembering how he got there. When it was his turn for repairs at the Dieselworks, he was hoisted up and had his undercarriage removed. Being patient, Sidney was happy to wait, and wait, and wait. He sat there happy to pass the time with any engine that happened to be visiting. Two years later, he still had no wheels, so Percy helped him get a new set of wheels and now he is back on track.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Sidney inhabits the Sodor Search & Rescue Centre at Night along with Murdoch.


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The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor


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