Shunting Trucks is the third episode of the seventh season

Shunting Trucks
Season 7, Episode 3
Air date April 16, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Skarloey Returns


N- It was a busy day for the Skarloey Railway. Sir Handel had just gotten a fresh coat of blue paint. He needed some repairs too. The Thin Controller arrived at the Sheds.

TTC- Hullo

Skarloey- Hullo

N- replied Skarloey

TTC- Today will be a busy day, some special visitors have aranged a special train, so they can see every part of this line. They must be back at Crovan's Gate at 21.15 hours. Their boat leaves at 23 hours. I have not yet chosen an engine. But Sir...

Sir Handel- Please sir? Can I do it. I'll get the visitors everywhere in record time.

TTC- In time for Henry? He cannot wait. He has other work to do. I was going to choose you Peter Sam.

Sir Handel- For his Giesl, huh?

TTC- You told me yesterday that you rattled.

Sir Handel- That was just a... joke.

TTC- You have to shunt trucks in the yard. Peter Sam, go get polished. And now Skarloey you...

N- Sir Handel thought of just the way to pull the train. There were two wash downs availible. One in a siding were Sir Handel was suppose to fill the Coal Bunker, and one at the Sheds. Sir Handel decided to minuplate Peter Sam to the Wash Down near the Coal Bunker.

Sir Handel- Peter Sam, are you sure you want to wash at the Sheds, I mean if you did it in the sidings, you'd be closer to the station.

N- Peter Sam agreed and Sir Handel snickered. His Driver came back and he went to start work

Sir Handel's Fireman- Nice cocoa we had today, huh?

N- Meanwhile Peter Sam was going slowly. But then Sir Handel came.


N- Too late Peter Sam fell into a pit of coal. The Thin Controller soon arrived.

TTC- Well Peter Sam you can't take the special visitors. Rheneas has to go to the Quarry, Skarloey just left, Rusty is in for repairs. Duncan will Rock n roll. Well, Sir Handel, you're polished so you... will take the visitors.

N- Soon, Sir Handel had shown the visitors the sights and he felt perfect, he paint glistened and he headed back to Crovan's Gate, until... Black smoke billowed from his funnel.

Sir Handel- Oof!

N- His Driver examined him.

SH's driver- Your tubes are dirty and clogged, we can't go on.

TTC- I see, OK! Well Peter Sam we need your help

N- said the Thin Controller as he was lowered to the rails. Henry waited impatiently for Sir Handel and Peter Sam, he laughed and left when they came.

TTC- See.

N- Sir Handel said nothing. The message had gotten to him.


  1. Skarloey
  2. Sir Handel
  3. Peter Sam
  4. The Thin Controller
  5. Rheneas (non-speaking role)
  6. Henry (non-speaking role)
  7. Gordon (cameo)
  8. James (cameo)
  9. Rusty (mentioned)
  10. Duncan (mentioned)
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