Shane Dooiney



Based on:

Moel Siabod from the Snowdon Mountain Railway





Shane Dooiney is the fifth mountain engine on the Culdee Fell Railway. He is named after a Sudrian mountain of the same name, Shane Dooiney.


Shane Dooiney was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1900. He arrived on Sodor, along with Godred, Ernest, Wilfred, and Culdee in time for the railway's Inspection in March 1900.

When the newly built Alaric arrived in May 1962, he was freed up to be sent away to Switzerland for a major overhaul. He was the last engine to make the journey from Sodor to Switzerland; from then on, all subsequent overhauls took place at Crovan's Gate.


Shane Dooiney is a quiet and reserved engine, some engines called him "The mountaineer, the myth, the legend". Eric didn't even believe he existed until he heard him talk. Shane has a very distinct German accent, and he really sticks out. But, when necessary, Shane is willing to be brave and will always help a friend in need. Mr. Walter Richards often leaves him with some of the early jobs, notably the daily works train, this is mostly since he is an early bird, and Shane often goes to sleep early and wakes up early, it's possible that this is since he's quite shy.


Shane Dooiney is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's Moel Siabod


Shane Dooiney is painted purple with orange lining. The number "5" is painted on the sides and back of his cab in yellow and he has red nameplates, with his name in gold on the sides of his tanks.


He is set to appear in the second season of Sudrian Stories.

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