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Second Rate Engines
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date January 29th, 2020
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Second Rate Engines is the tenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Gordon the big blue engine is very proud of himself. He likes to be known as the only engine to take the express and to be one of the fastest engines on the Island of Sodor. All the engines know he does, but they also know too that Gordon tends to be very competitive with other engines, and there's no engine Gordon is more competitive with than Spencer. Every time Spencer comes to the island, he and Gordon race each other to prove who's the fastest and each time, one or the other wins and they race again. The engines think they're being rather silly for constantly doing this, but they still root for Gordon for they know he's a better engine than Spencer, but also wish he would learn to ignore Spencer as well.

Early one morning, the engines were waking up at Tidmouth Sheds. Their drivers and firemen had arrived and were getting their fires ready and making sure the engines were prepared for the day.

Gordon was slow to wake up as usual. "You know," he yawned boastfully, "it's rather hard being an express engine. You work so hard in one day to keep it on time, keep the passengers happy, and keep the attention from everyone, then before you know it, you're doing it immediately the next day. Honestly, an engine like me deserves more rest and respect for everything I do."

The other engines didn't take much notice. "Oh cheer up, Gordon," puffed Thomas. "You're just tired and being silly. You'll feel better once you're awake. Besides, it's the start of a beautiful day." Then they all heard a familiar whistle. "Huh, well at least it was beautiful, anyway," huffed Thomas.

Then coming towards beside the sheds was Spencer. "Good morning, Sodor," he chuffed proudly. "Lovely morning, isn't it?"

The engines groaned. "Would be if you weren't here," grunted James.

"Oh a little tired this morning? I see," said Spencer. "Can't see why since you all don't work nearly as hard as I do and yet, I'm wide awake and ready for the day." He chuckled slyly, as the engines glared.

"What are you doing here, Spencer?" Thomas hissed.

"Well, glad you asked, little Thomas," said Spencer. "There is a big railway show happening on the Mainland today and some of the most famous engines in the world will be attending. No, it's not like the railway show we all competed in a few years ago. This one is where engines will be on display and many people will come to take pictures and interview the engines as well. Some of which include: the Duchess of Hamilton, the Green Arrow, the Iron Duke, and the Flying Scotsman, just to name a few."

The engines were impressed. They all heard about these engines and thought this was exciting. Even Gordon was interested, though he wasn't surprised to hear his brother was in it.

"Have you come to tell us that we'll in the show too?" asked Percy excitedly.

Spencer laughed. "Good heavens, no. Why would anyone want to take pictures of you all? You're not as famous as any of those engines and they're far more special than you." This made the engines cross.

"Well if it's happening on the Mainland, why did you come here to tell us all this?" huffed James. "Were you rejected from participating in the show too?" The others giggled.

Spencer grunted. "No, but I was getting to that, thank you James," he scoffed. "While we all can't be in the show, Sir Robert Norramby is hosting a little event at Ulfstead Castle tomorrow and he's inviting two of the engines from the show to come and be interviewed by visitors. I'm not sure who they will be yet, but he's said it'll be a surprise."

The engines were excited again. "Well, thanks for letting us know about the show, Spencer," chuffed Emily. "Are we invited to come?"

"Mmm, well yes you are, Emily," puffed Spencer, "but you all are still not in the show, you know, so don't think you'll be in any pictures, which is a shame since I think one of the engines might be a certain brother to one of you." He looked cheekily at Gordon.

Gordon just rolled his eyes. "Well as long as he's getting pictures and you're not, Spencer, that's fine with me. I'm sure the visitors will be more interested in an engine that's far more famous than you anyway."

"Ooh, a little jealous, are we?" mocked Spencer. "Funny coming from a second rated engine like you."

Gordon snorted. "Second rated? You know I'm related to the Flying Scotsman and he was the first to go 100 miles per hour."

"Yes, but then my brother, Mallard, beat your brother's record by going 125 miles per hour," retorted Spencer. "So hence, you and your brother are slower than us and are second rate. The sooner you realize that, the sooner we can finally stop arguing. Now if you all will excuse me, I need to go and collect the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. They have a few special jobs for me and they're inviting a few of their friends to the show as well and I'll be collecting them. So ta-ta, everyone." Then he puffed smugly away.

After he left, all the engines were cross with Spencer. “Why must he always come to the island and be rude to us?” Huffed Emily. “No other engine is nearly as horrid as him, so what is his problem?”

“I quite agree, Emily,” said Henry. “It’s like he’s got nothing better to do. I swear, sometimes, Spencer does this so much, it makes him a rather dis...dis...”

“Disgraceful,” said Gordon.

“Disgusting,” put in James.

“And despicable engine,” finished Henry.

“Well on top of that,” added Thomas. “He always goes after Gordon too and about their speed. Is there something we’re missing about you two and is there a bigger reason why you two always challenge each other to races?” He asked Gordon.

“Huh, well you all may not know this,” muttered Gordon, “but the reason why Spencer and I get so competitive is because we’re cousins.” The engines were surprised. “Yes, we and our brothers, the Flying Scotsman for me and Mallard for him, were built by the same person and at the same place, and although my brother was the first to reach 100 miles per hour, Mallard did his record by reaching 125 miles per hour, like we said. So we keep trying to live up to our respective brothers’ legacy and prove that one of us is the better one in the family and the other is second rated.”

“Oh, so that’s why you two are always challenging each other,” exclaimed Thomas. “Well, now that kind of makes sense.”

“Um, quick little question,” pondered Percy. “What exactly does second rate mean?”

“It means,” said James, “that something is viewed as not as good or better as something else and that something is deemed more important than the other thing.”

“Oh,” said Percy. “So in this case, Gordon and Spencer are always trying to prove who’s second rate by trying to be faster than the other?”

“That’s right, Percy,” said Thomas.

“Hmm, well in my point of view,” said Percy, “I think Spencer is far more second rated and you are more...uh, first rated than him, Gordon.” The other engines agreed, and even Gordon had to smile a little bit.

“Thank you, Percy,” Gordon puffed. “I certainly do appreciate the remark. Also, whatever my boastful cousin says, he just can’t accept the fact that my brother and I are better than him and his brother.”

“Uh, Gordon,” chuffed Thomas. “I think you may want to be careful about what you say, because that could get you into trouble.”

“Thomas is right, you know,” added Henry. “Boasting like that will most likely come back to get you. The best you can do is try to ignore Spencer and just carry on with your work.”

“Huh,” huffed Gordon. “Believe me I’ve tried it, but now, it’s hard to ignore. Besides, I’ve handled Spencer’s teasing before, so anything he says won’t bother me this time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and collect the express.” Then Gordon puffed away, leaving to the engines to wonder if he knew what he was doing.

Later at Knapford, Gordon was waiting patiently for his coaches to be coupled up and the passengers to get on board. As he was waiting, he was thinking about what he would say to Spencer the next time they met.

Then Edward puffed up alongside. “Good morning, Gordon,” he puffed. “How are you doing?”

“Oh just fine, that’s all, Edward,” sighed Gordon.

Edward pondered. “Are you sure about that? You seem like there’s something on your mind. Is everything alright?"

“Huh, well more or less,” muttered Gordon, then they saw Spencer puff by on another platform, looking and laughing at Gordon, making him cross.

“Oh, I understand,” said Edward. “You and Spencer are at it again, aren’t you?”

“Yes, and he started it,” grumbled Gordon. “I don’t know if Thomas or anyone told you, but now he’s calling me second rate, just because his brother beat my brother’s record of 100 miles per hour.”

Edward thought for a moment. “Gordon, don’t you think you two have been arguing and competing enough? Honestly, every time you see each other, nothing good happens. I seriously think you need to let it go and be on good terms with each other for once, especially since you two are related and are family.”

Gordon squirmed. “Well I will if he does,” he scoffed, “but in the meantime, he can believe what he wants and if he doesn’t want to accept the fact that my brother and I are better engines than him and his brother, than that’s his problem.” Then Gordon’s guard blew the whistle and Gordon huffed away. Edward grumbled.

Then Thomas puffed up. “Hello Edward,” he said, then he saw Gordon leaving. “Oh, I guess Gordon told you what happened this morning with Spencer?”

“Yes he did,” replied Edward, “and I can tell from his attitude, Gordon is going to have a rough day. But you know, Thomas? At the same time, since I know how rude Spencer can be to him, I secretly feel sorry for Gordon. I kind of wish there was something we could do to cheer him up, or at least show him that letting Spencer get to him is never a good idea.”

“Hmm, that would be nice if we could do that for him, Edward,” agreed Thomas, “but for now, I think we may want to leave it alone. Gordon hasn’t gotten into trouble yet, so I think he’s fine.”

Edward frowned. “Well, I’m not sure if he is to tell you the truth, Thomas, but I guess, you’re right. We can leave it alone and get back to work and hope Gordon doesn’t get into trouble.”

“Right you are, Edward,” agreed Thomas, then the two engines went back to work.

Throughout the day as he was working, Gordon tried hard to not think about Spencer and ignore what he said to him. However, it turned out that Gordon saw Spencer multiple times during the day and every time they saw each other, Spencer would make some rude remark to Gordon and tease him for being a second rated engine. The more he did this, the more Gordon was getting cross, and a little hurt too. He was very fed up.

Towards the end of the day, before his last train home, Gordon was waiting at Vicarstown station for his passengers to get on board. He was still cross with Spencer and was thinking about how to pay him out for everything he said to him. Just then he heard several whistles and looked over and saw the Flying Scotsman, Connor, and Caitlin puff in. They all looked very cheerful.

"Wow, that was quite a turn out," chuffed Connor. "I've never seen so many people and engines at one event."

"I know," puffed Caitlin. "I don't think we've taken so many people to one event before. There must have been hundreds of people at that railway show, and I think quite a few of them were there just to see you, Flying Scotsman."

The Flying Scotsman chuckled. "Well after being on many tours around the world and getting interview several times, I'm rather used to it. Continuously getting recognized by many people always feels so rewarding." Then he looked over and saw Gordon listening. "Oh hello Gordon, nice to see you. About to finish up your work for the day?"

"Yes, I am," replied Gordon grudgingly. "I take the railway show is over now?"

"Yes it is," said the Flying Scotsman, "and it was really quite something. Many famous engines, like me, were there and people from far and wide came to see us. You would've enjoyed it if you were there, little brother."

"Hmph, well I got my own problems here on Sodor, thank you," replied Gordon. "So I didn't have time to waste going to that railway show and be interviewed by people who probably don't even know me."

The three engines were confused. "What's the matter with you, Gordon?" asked Connor. "Are you jealous about not going to the show?"

"That's not even half of it," said Gordon. "The issue is with a certain other engine who finds nothing better to do than constantly mock me."

The Flying Scotsman stared for a moment. "Oh dear, are you and Spencer having another episode?"

"Yes," scoffed Gordon. "First he brags about the show, then he has the decency to call me, and you for that matter, second rate all because his brother Mallard beat your record of 100 miles per hour and he's claiming they're the better engines in this family, which I know is not true."

The Flying Scotsman rolled his eyes. "Well I must admit that is pretty harsh for Spencer to say, but to tell you the truth Gordon, I think you two have been going on about this business for too long and you need to let it go. It's brought you nothing but trouble and it'll continue to get worse if you keep it up."

"Well, brother," huffed Gordon. "You're not around Spencer enough to hear what he says about us. I'm sure even you would get cross with what he says and you would want to pay him out too and show him that he and Mallard are the second rate engines and we're first rated." The Flying Scotsman squirmed.

"Um, just a little suggestion," Connor cut in. "How about you take your mind off of Spencer for a while and think about something else?"

"Yes, like how about racing one of us? Hmm?"" suggested Caitlin. "We streamline engines tend to faster than engines of your class. Want to prove it right now?"

"Thanks for the offer you two, but no offense, this is a family matter and I'm not interested," said Gordon. "So what do you say, Scott? What should we do about him?" But before the Flying Scotsman could reply, Spencer showed up on another platform.

"Well, well, well, look who's here," he chuffed. "If it isn't my second rated cousins. Chatting about the show, I take it? Well I've just come back from the show myself with the Duke and Duchess and their friends and they had a wonderful time there. Too bad you missed it, Gordon. You would've have liked it, except for the fact no one would take pictures of you. You know, because of how unimportant you are compared to me, your brother and my brother."

Gordon's face was turning red. "That's enough, Spencer," he hissed firmly.

"Whoa, whoa, no need to get jealous," mocked Spencer. "I'm just simply pointing out the facts that's all. Face it, Gordon. You will always be second rate compared to me. No matter how much you might try to be faster, you never will succeed and like I told you earlier: it's best that you accept that fact and then we can finally be done with this quarrel between us. Oh and by the way, if you do, then I will have won again. Tootles." Then Spencer puffed away and laughing deviously.

Now Gordon was red in the face and very cross. The three other engines were worried.

"Easy there, Gordon," said Connor nervously. "He's just saying that to bother you. No need to get so worked up about it."

"Yes, I think you need to calm down before something happens," added Caitlin. "Why not just take a deep breath and…"

"No!" thundered Gordon. "I've had it with him! He claims that I'm second rate? Well it's finally time to prove him wrong! So this time, it's personal!!!" Then once he was ready to go and the guard blew his whistle, Gordon raced off after Spencer in a flash.

"Oh dear," sighed Connor. "That's not going to be good."

"Should we go after him?" asked Caitlin.

"No, that won't be necessary," said the Flying Scotsman. "I think I might know how to finally end the never-ending quarrel between those two once and for all." Connor and Caitlin were puzzled. They were curious what he had in mind.

Meanwhile, Spencer was puffing cheerfully to the Duke and Duchess' summerhouse with them and their guests. Then he heard a rumbling sound and it was getting louder and louder. Suddenly, Gordon rocketed right past him, leaving him in a cloud of dust. Spencer was very surprised.

"I'll show you who's second rate!" Gordon shouted as he raced on.

Spencer shrugged. "Very well. If that's how he wants to play, then so be it." Then he raced after Gordon too.

The two engines were soon engaged in a heated race between each other. Their pistons were pumping, their boilers were bubbling, and their wheels were pounding the rails. Gordon was determined to beat Spencer this time. Spencer could tell and he tried to catch up to Gordon.

"Face it, Gordon," called Spencer. "You're not going to win this one. Sooner or later, you know I'm going to beat you, like I always do."

Gordon fumed. "Not this time, you. I've had it with all your ignorance and constant berating. Now it's time to put you in your place, which is in second place and therefore, makes you second rate." Then Gordon went even faster. He was going faster than he even had before. Even Spencer was surprised.

After a while, Gordon soon lost track of Spencer and couldn't see him. He felt pleased. "Ha! I told him I was better! Oh, I can't wait to see the look on his face when…" Then suddenly there was a bang and Gordon had a sharp pain in his boiler. "Argh!!!" he groaned. His driver quickly shut off steam and applied the brakes then carefully he made Gordon come to a complete stop. Gordon felt very weak.

Then Spencer came racing past again. "Ha! Second place and second rate, Gordon! Just like always!" And he continued on, leaving Gordon cross again.

"Well, now you've done it," said his driver. "You burst your safety valve. All that speeding and racing was too much for you and you went too far. Now I'll have to call for help." Gordon was upset.

Soon Edward and Henry arrived to help. Henry took charge of the express, while Edward coupled up to Gordon to take him to the Steamworks. Sir Topham Hatt was with them and he was not happy.

"Dear oh dear, Gordon," he grumbled. "Why must you always compete against Spencer? You should know better than to let him bother you, especially since it almost always gets you into trouble, like here in this case. Lucky for you no one was hurt and it was just your safety valve, but you still caused confusion and delay regardless. Now I hope getting repaired overnight will be enough time for you to think about how you'll make yourself better tomorrow."

"Yes sir," sighed Gordon sadly.

"Edward, please take him to the Steamworks," said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Yes sir," replied Edward. He wasn't too happy with Gordon too, but when he saw how sad he was, he felt sorry for him. "Come on, old friend. Let's get you to Victor. I'm sure you'll feel better after he gets you a new safety valve." Gordon didn't say anything, he was too ashamed to speak. Edward could tell, so he decided not to say another word and pushed Gordon to the Steamworks.

That night, after bringing Gordon to the Steamworks, Edward arrived back at Knapford station, feeling sorry for Gordon. Thomas was there too.

"Good evening, Edward," he puffed. "What's the matter? Is it Gordon again?"

"I'm afraid so," sighed Edward. "I think Spencer really got to him today and he went too far. I could tell when I brought him to the Steamworks. He seemed very upset and hurt about what Spencer told him."

Thomas thought for a moment. "I heard about that, and you know, although Gordon should have known better, I feel sorry for him too. Spencer really does need to leave him alone and I think it might be time to put Spencer in his place."

"Ahem," came a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. The engines were startled.

"Oh uh, good evening sir," said the engines.

"Yes good evening," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now I heard what you were saying and I think you both know trying to put Spencer in his place is not in your control, right?"

"Yes sir," said the engines.

"But at the same time, sir," said Thomas. "Don't you think Spencer needs a little talking to about his behavior towards Gordon?"

Sir Topham Hatt smiled. "I was getting to that," he said. "I just got off the phone with Sir Robert Norramby and he told me he has found two engines from the railway show to come to his event. Also, one of the engines requested himself and another engine to come and according to what Sir Robert, he and that engine will finally settled the quarrels between Gordon and Spencer."

Thomas and Edward were excited. "Is that engine certain it will work, sir?" asked Thomas.

"From what Sir Robert told me, it should," replied Sir Topham Hatt, "but it's best not to worry about it. In the meantime, you two should go to your sheds and get some sleep."

"Yes sir," replied the engines, and they puffed away.

The next day, many of the engines gathered at Ulfstead Castle for Sir Robert's event. They were all curious to find out who the engines would be. Gordon was repaired and there too, but he was still upset about yesterday.

"Oh cheer up, Gordon," said Sir Robert positively. "This is a special occasion and we want to make a good impression with a visitors, don't we? So come on, let's put a smile on that face, shall we?" Gordon gave a meek smile. "Ummm, well good enough for now. Excuse me," said Sir Robert and he walked away.

The other engines could tell Gordon was still upset. "Come on Gordon," said Thomas. "Be happy. The visitors will be here soon and I'm sure they will be pleased to meet you."

"That's right," added Stephen. "Plus, I don't think they would like seeing you with such a frowny face. Not a good first impression, you know. A smile is always a welcoming sign. I've learned that from taking many of visitors around the castle."

"And also," added James. "Look on the bright side. At least there's no sign of…" Then they heard a whistle. "Huh, Spencer."

At that point, Spencer came up behind the crowd and came next to Gordon. "Well this is quite a turnout I must say. Oh and look, there's my old pal and second rate cousin, Gordon. How are you doing today?"

Gordon sneered. "Just fine," he replied grudgingly through gnarled teeth.

"Oh well, that's nice to hear," mocked Spencer. "Especially since you just got your safety valve repaired…again. What is this, the third time now you've had an issue with it? Ah, what a shame. Too bad first rate engines like me never have to worry about that, unlike you silly second rate engines." This made Gordon cross, and even the other engines were cross too.

"Spencer, why don't you just stop talking for once?" hissed James. "Honestly, nothing good ever comes out of your smokebox and I think after what you did to Gordon yesterday, you need to give it a rest."

"Yes," agreed Emily. "You bully and pick on him way too many times and it's not fair to him, especially since you two are related."

"I agree," added Edward. "Gordon is a much nicer engine than you'll ever be. True, he kind of lets others get to him a lot, but at least he doesn't pick on other engines as much as you do." Everyone else agreed.

Spencer just scoffed. "You all take things too literally," he puffed snootily. "I know what's good for me and I know what I'm capable of. Now if you all and Gordon will finally realize that you're just a bunch of silly, second rate engines, then…"

But before Spencer could finish, everyone heard a pair of unfamiliar whistles. Then coming up the hillside and through the castle entrance were the special engines. They were the Flying Scotsman and Mallard. Everyone was impressed. Gordon and Spencer were speechless, and worried.

"Uh oh," they said quietly to themselves.

Stephen was puzzled. "Your brothers, I take it?" he whispered.

"Yes," replied the big engines meekly.

"Welcome, welcome, gentlemen," Sir Robert proudly announced. "I'm so happy you two could make it. My name is Sir Robert Norramby and I would like to welcome you to my estate. We've been expecting you and we can't wait to get to know you."

"Thank you, sir," said the Flying Scotsman, "but first if you don't mind, Mallard and I would like to have a little word with our brothers regarding recent events." He and Mallard looked right at Gordon and Spencer.

"Oh yes, of course, I do remember you saying something about that last night," said Sir Robert. "Very well then." And he let the two engines speak.

Mallard went first. "Hello Spencer," he said.

"Uh...uh, hello Mallard," stammered Spencer nervously. "H-how have you been? Was the railway show nice?"

"Oh yes, quite nice really," said Mallard, "but it would have been perfect if I hadn't heard any complaints about you harassing your cousin all day." Spencer squirmed. "What's this I heard about you calling him and the Flying Scotsman second rate? Have you lost all sense of decency?"

"Well, uh, you see, um, something happened and…" Spencer tried to explain but he couldn't come up with anything.

"Oh stuff it, you!" snapped Mallard. "You have absolutely no need to call them that. Need I remind you that the Flying Scotsman here is the first engine to reach 100 miles per hour and I was the second. So technically, if anything I'm second rate compared to him. I might have reached 125 miles per hour, but the Flying Scotsman still holds the record first, so that means, you and I are second." Spencer's face turned red with embarrassment, as Gordon smirked.

"Uh, uh, uh, Gordon," said the Flying Scotsman, who saw Gordon. "You're not getting off easy either."

Gordon was surprised. "What? But what did I do? Spencer's the one who's been picking on me, so why am I…"

"Because this is your fault too," interrupted the Flying Scotsman. "Gordon, as your brother, I'm always there to help and support you, but frankly when it comes to your banters with Spencer, you're on your own. You should know better than to let him get to you and just like I said yesterday, it brings you nothing but trouble when you listen to him. So for the last time, just ignore him." Gordon felt ashamed. "Also, let's get one thing straight between all of us," added Scotsman. "If there are any second rate engines in this family, I'm afraid to tell you, it's both you and Spencer, Gordon." The engines gasped.

"Yes," agreed Mallard. "Listen you two, Scott and I have been around for many years. People know us everywhere because we've set so many records and traveled to so many places. You two were made after us and no offense, you have not accomplished nearly as many things as we have, so that's why like Scott said, if there are to be any second rate engines in this family, you two would be the ones." Gordon and Spencer were speechless, but secretly they had to admit they were right.

"Last of all," finished Scotsman. "You two need to stop trying to prove who is the better cousin. For goodness sake, you two are related and it seems like all you do and argue and banter. Mallard and I are cousins too, you know, and we don't care who the better one is. We know we are both good at what we do and we support each other no matter what, and you both should the same. Right Mallard?"

"You're absolutely right, Scott," agreed Mallard. "So what do you say, you two? Is all this competing nonsense between you both finally over and are you finally going to get along?"

Everyone looked at Gordon and Spencer. Both of them were quiet for a moment, then they sighed and spoke. "Yes we will," they replied meekly.

"Good," said Mallard. "Now that we've gotten that taken care of, shall we put on a show, Scott?"

"Sounds like a grand idea to me," agreed Scotsman. "Hello everyone. It's a pleasure to be here." Then they moved forward towards the castle. Everyone started cheering.

"Right this way, gentlemen," Stephen puffed, as he led them into the castle. "Whoa, mind you puff, mind your puff."

Soon, Mallard and the Flying Scotsman were situated inside the castle and everyone was taking photos and all the engines were asking them questions. However, all except Gordon and Spencer, who stayed outside at the castle platform.

"You know, Gordon," sighed Spencer. "I have to admit, although getting called second rate was a little hard to take, everything our brothers said to us were true."

"You're right," agreed Gordon. "We've been arguing and competing too many times and it really has gotten us into trouble, and you know what? I'm ready to finally give that up and start off on a new track, so to speak."

"Same here," said Spencer, "and allow me to help us get started on that track. Gordon, my dear cousin, I'm truly, very sorry for all those times when I made fun of you for being slower than me. We are both equally fast engines and there's really no need to constantly keep trying to prove who's the fastest. Also, calling you second rate was completely out of line and I take it all back. There are no second rate engines in this family, not even one."

Gordon smiled. "Thank you Spencer, and I couldn't agree more. We come from a family of first rate engines and that's something we should both be proud of."

"Right you are, Gordon," smiled Spencer, "and from now on, let's put all the racing and competing in the past and work together to make the future better for both of us and get along better." "I couldn't agree more," said Gordon.

"Ahem," came a voice. It was Connor. He and Caitlin had just brought more visitors to the show. "Are you sure you have given up racing all together? You don't have courage to race possibly one more time, but this time against us?" Gordon and Spencer looked thoughtfully at each other.

"What do you say, you two?" asked Caitlin cheekily. "Your brothers might be faster than you, but are you faster than us? We streamliners tend to be faster than engines of your class. Want to try to prove us otherwise?"

Gordon and Spencer looked and smirked at each other. "You know what Caitlin?" puffed Spencer. "I think we have one more race left in us. Right Gordon?"

"I think so, cousin," agreed Gordon. "What do you two say? Here to Vicarstown?"

"You're on!" agreed Connor and Caitlin excitedly.

Later, after the show, the engines lined up preparing to race. Stephen was ready to start the race.

"Alright, lady and gentlemen," he announced. "Now I want a good clean race and make it one for everyone to remember. First pair to Vicarstown are the winners. No cheating, no horse-playing, no chicken fights, and no arguing by the way. Now racers at the position." The four engines were ready. "On your marks. Get ready…set……GO!!!" Then the engines took off from the castle grounds.

"Looks like we're going to beat them, Caitlin!" called Connor.

"Ha! Think again!" called Gordon. "Come on Spencer, let's show them!"

After they left, the engines were pleased to see that Gordon and Spencer were on good terms finally.

"Well Edward," puffed Thomas. "Looks like there won't be any more arguments between those two."

"Yes, you're right Thomas," agreed Edward, "and let's hope it'll stay that way. Do you two think it will?" he asked Mallard and the Flying Scotsman.

The two big engines looked at each other. "Mmm, well for a while anyway," said Scotsman. "We know those two well and we can tell you right now, chances of them arguing again are likely." Thomas and Edward frowned.

"But you know what you can do to keep that from happening again?" added Mallard. "Just let us know and we will gladly put them in their place. It what we big brothers do for our little brothers." And everyone couldn't help but laugh, but Scotsman and Mallard just smiled and winked at each other, feeling happy that Gordon and Spencer were on good terms again, at least for a while like they said!




  • A few references to the television series special, The Great Race, are made in this episode.
  • Spencer mentions Gordon having problems with his safety valve three times. These are references to the first season television series episode, Edward, Gordon and Henry, the special The Great Race, and the third one being in this episode.
  • This marks the first time since the fourth season television series episode, Bowled Out, where Gordon, Henry, and James say their famous “dis-” words together.
  • This also marks Caitlin’s first speaking role in The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • This episode marks the only things for a few characters in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor:
    • Connor and Caitlin's only speaking roles.
    • Mallard and the Flying Scotsman's only appearances.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode takes place after the events of the twenty-first season episode, A Shed for Edward, as Edward was not present at Tidmouth Sheds during the opening.
  • The Railway Show engines that are featured or mentioned in this episode were all featured and mentioned in the Railway Series book, Thomas and the Great Railway Show, as well.