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Salty finds out about Bulstrode who has been turned into a play area, so Salty decides to help him become useful again.


Salty is a really useful engine and a good friend. He works hard and tries his best everyday. He likes to tell stories to everyone but sometimes they bother the engines. One day, Salty was asked to take some trucks to the other side of the island. He went to where he had to go and made his delivery. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a voice. Salty couldn't see anyone and just thought he was imaging his own stories. The voice called him many times and Salty finally found where the voice was coming from. Behind some crates, was an old boat who looked very unhappy. Salty asked him what had happened to him and why was he left on a beach. The boat intruduced himself as Bulstrode and told Salty his story of what happened to him. Salty was very upset and decided to help his new friend be useful again. Bulstrode said the he would never be useful again but Salty had already left. Salty went back to the docks and told Cranky and everyone who was at the docks. Nobody believed him and Salty was still determined to help Bulstrode. Salty went around the island looking for someone who could help him. He then met Ryan who suggested to tell Sir Topham Hatt, who was the only one who could do something about Bulstrode. Salty agreed and went to tell Sir Topham Hatt. At first, Sir Topham Hatt was confused and then Salty took him to see Bulstrode and now Sir Topham Hatt knew. He then ordered for Bulstrode to be repaired. Salty was happy he had helped his new friend. Bulstrode now often visits the docks and he and Salty are now close friends, most of the time.



  • The events of Special Attraction are mentioned.