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Salty's Secret is the fifth episode of the fourteenth season.

Salty's Secret
Season 14, Episode 5
Air date 26 October 2013
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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There was a new diesel on the Island of Sodor.

His name was Salty, a BR Class 07, who had worked at many dockside places before.

After an introduction at Wellsworth, he went on to the China Clay Works.

As he passed Brendam, he marvelled the sight of the sea.

"Here comes the new engine," said Bill.

"We'll have some fun," added Ben.

"Allo me harties. Its Salty, here, fresh from the sea."

"Well, you won't be seeing any sea here," laughed Bill.

"Now get to work," added Ben.

Salty was sad he wasn't going to be able to work near the sea, but he knew the Fat Controller's order was important.

"Ah well, at least there be trucks."

Mavis came in an hour later.

"What are you doing here, Mavis?" asked Ben.

"I've special permission to help out here with this big order," she replied.

"Allo, Mavis."

"Hullo, Salty. Pleased to meet you."

Bill and Ben were secretly jealous of Salty.

He coped so easily with the troublesome trucks!

"The tailor spins.

And the captain yawns."

"Just try singing songs to them," Salty suggested.

"Here we go,

here we go,

here we go," sang Bill.

"No we don't,

no we don't,

no we don't don't, don't," Ben finished.

Try as they might, they just couldn't get the trucks to move the way Salty did!

The Fat Controller came to check how the work was going.

He was glad to see Salty getting along.

"Why are you so upset?" asked Mavis one night.

"Ahh, just missing the sea."

Mavis understood.

A few weeks later, the order was finished.

"Good job. Mavis, you will return to Ffarquhar."

"Yes, Sir."

"And Salty, I have a new task for you."

"Is it more quarry, Sir?"

"Why, no. I'm sending you to Brendam Docks!"

"Oh, thank you, Sir."

Now Salty works happily at Brendam Docks, and has made friends with Edward, David, and BoCo. And only the trucks now his secret.

"And the tailor spins . . .

and the captain yawns."


  • Bill and Ben
  • Salty
  • Mavis
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Edward (non-speaking role)
  • David (non-speaking role)
  • BoCo (non-speaking role)


  • Wellsworth
  • Brendam Docks
  • China Clay Works.


  • This episode marks Salty's first official appearance.