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Ryan befriends S.C.Ruffey and the two become best friends but is S.C.Ruffey really Ryan's friend or is he planning something evil.


One day, Ryan was looking for something to do. He asked the other engines if he could do something with them but they said no. Sir Topham Hatt didn't had anything for Ryan. He left and hoped that later he could do something with someone else. As he was passing Knapford Yards, he heard a voice. It asked him to come closer. Ryan followed the voice and it lead him to the one and only, S.C.Ruffey. Ryan didn't know who S.C.Ruffey was but he decided to talk to him. The truck told him to get him out of the yard and if he did he would become Ryan's best friend. Ryan did what the truck asked him and S.C.Ruffey told him about what they could do together. They went around the Island and Ryan told S.C.Ruffey his stories. That night, Ryan hid S.C.Ruffey somewhere where no one could see him. As Ryan left, S.C.Ruffey laughed and told himself how easy his evil plan would work. The next morning, Ryan woke up and was ready to leave until he saw Oliver pass by. Ryan saw Oliver wasn't doing anything and told him about S.C.Ruffey. Oliver remembered the truck and told Ryan about how evil he was. Ryan was surprised about this but Oliver told him to don't let S.C.Ruffey take control of him. Ryan picked up S.C.Ruffey and they went around the Island to look for something to do. Ryan was telling S.C.Ruffey about his friends but S.C.Ruffey was bored and thought he should do his evil plan now. He told Ryan to go faster when they reached Gordon's Hill. Ryan did this and once he was at the top, S.C.Ruffey pushed Ryan as fast as he could. Ryan was out of control. His driver tried to use the breaks but it was to late. Ryan crashed down Gordon's Hill. S.C.Ruffey laughed at what he had done. He thought he had killed Ryan but he then heard Ryan's voice. S.C.Ruffey was very surprised Ryan was stilled alive after he had almost made Ryan get hit in the face. Ryan's driver came out and called Sir Topham Hatt. S.C.Ruffey tried to leave but he couldn't because he was a truck and was derailed. Sir Topham Hatt arrived and was very angry at S.C.Ruffey and told him he would find the perfect punishment for him. Ryan was lifted back into the rails and was taken to the Sodor Steamworks. At the steamworks, Ryan was being fixed. He was glad he had survived the accident and promised to never let a troublesome truck take control of him. Meanwhile, S.C.Ruffey is at Whiff's Waste Dump where he is a truck used to put trash on.