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Runaway Pacific
Season The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1, Episode 4
Air date 14th October 2020
Written by Whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon
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Gordon and Alex

Runaway Pacific is the fourth episode of the first series of The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and his Friends


After a long night in the sheds Tornado went to the yard to collect a goods train.

“Hello, Tornado” said Stanley who hadn’t heard about Tornado’s wrongdoings yet.

“Hello Stanley, I suppose this is my goods train?” asked Tornado glumly

“Why would a famous express engine like you be pulling trucks?” asked Stanley

“It’s Sir Topham Hatt’s orders,” replied Tornado “I am to do all of Murdoch’s jobs whilst he does mine,”

“Oh,” said Stanley “in that case it is.”

Soon Tornado was coupled up to the goods train and started off. But the trucks weren’t happy.

“Who’s this new engine?” they said, “We want Murdoch!”

“Or Henry!”

“Or Donald!”

“Or Douglas”

“Be quiet you” said Tornado. Presently they reached Gordon’s hill and the trucks began planning their tricks

“He doesn’t know how to handle us.” They whispered, “Once we reach the top we can push him down and make him crash.”

Tornado could hear them chatting but couldn’t make out their conversation. Then he slowed at the peak of the hill. The screeching of his brakes signalled to the trucks to begin their plan.

“Go on! Go on!” they cried and they pushed Tornado down the hill. Brakes screeching, Tornado fought against the trucks with all his might. Then he saw what was ahead. It was Bear with his stopping service!

“I’ve got to stop! I’ve got to stop!” he yelled. Bear overheard his shouting and put on more speed. Then there was more trouble! With a cough and a splutter Bear ground to a halt. Tornado shut his eyes and waited for the crash. He felt the wind against his face. His Driver and Fireman jumped clear. Suddenly, Tornado felt himself stop. He opened one eye. Then the other. He hadn’t crashed. He had stopped the buffers of Bear’s last coach less than an inch from his own. Then the Fat Controller arrived.

“I’m sorry sir, about the trucks sir.” Said Tornado

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Said the Fat Controller, “You prevented a nasty accident after that you deserve to pull coaches again. Now you better take Bear’s train.”

“But sir, what about my trucks?”

“I’m sure someone else can take it. And I better tell Murdoch that his brief run as an express engine is over although he may be able to do it in the future.”