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Rocky is a large Breakdown crane.



Ransomes and Rapier 45-ton steam crane


When Rocky first came to SodorEdward and Gordon thought he couldn't be useful because could not move by himself. However, he proved himself reliable after Edward's load of pipes spilt onto the tracks and Gordon accidently rammed into him, and Harvey wasn't able to clear the mess by himself. So, Rocky lifted all the pipes off the track and lifted Gordon back onto the rails. Since then, all the engines have had their respect for Rocky. He resides at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

In Adventures on Rails, prior to his arrival on Sodor, Rocky worked at many construction sites in England. Later, in 1992 arrived on Sodor after a heavy overhaul and after many of Sodor's cranes were old and in need of repair. He was given a warm welcome by everyone except Gordon, who thought he wasn't useful because he could not move by himself. However, he had to eat his own words after he got into an accident, and Rocky, with Edward's help proved himself to be useful. Gordon has since then, respected him. After that, he worked mostly with David on the restoration of the Kirk Ronan Branch Line. Now, he usually works on construction sites and helps out in the case of an accident.


Rocky likes to lift heavy objects such as engines, coaches, and trucks. He is a friendly crane and helps the engines when there is an accident.


Rocky is painted a dull red colour with yellow hazard stripes.


Adventures on Rails

Rocky was meant to appear in Disappearing Diesels, but was replaced by Reg.


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