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Rock 'n' Rolling Again
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date November 2, 2017
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Rock 'n' Rolling Again​ is the fifteenth episode of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Many engines on the Island of Sodor like their jobs. They are the most happiest when they get something special and take great pride in them. Sometimes the engines get upset when they don’t get it, but they know there will always be an opportunity for another special and are able to let it go. However, there are some engines who don't always take this well, and no engine does this more than Duncan, for whenever he doesn't get something he wants, he let's everyone know he's cross and won't stop until something is done. Most of the narrow gauge engines just ignore him and tell him to get over it, but Duncan doesn't always listen and winds up in trouble. Afterwards, he claims he's sorry and he won't do it again, but Mr. Percival and the engines are not always convinced. They do know however that Duncan has a calm and controlling side somewhere in his boiler, but they just wish he would show it more often.

One morning, Rusty was shunting at the depot. He was just moving some coaches into the sheds when he looked and saw Duncan puffing towards him. Rusty noticed Duncan looked upset.

"Hmmm, I wonder what's wrong," Rusty thought to himself, and he rolled up to Duncan.

"Hello Duncan," chuffed Rusty. "How are you doing today?"

"Och, I was doing just fine until Mr. Percival changed something for me," grumbled Duncan.

"Oh? And what was that, Duncan?" asked Rusty.

"Well," began Duncan, "he had promised me all week that I was going to get a new coat of paint for all my hard work and he said yesterday that I was getting painted today, but he just told me a little while ago that he needs my help at the Blue Mountain Quarry instead!"

"Oh dear, that is a shame," remarked Rusty. "Well, if you think about it Duncan, it's probably better that you get repainted after your job at the quarry so that your new coat of paint won't get dirty."

"Och aye, you're right there Rusty," agreed Duncan, "but I'm mad because Mr. Percival made it sound like I'm not going to get repainted after all. It's disgraceful! A hardworking engine like me deserves a new coat of paint no matter what happens."

"Cheer up, Duncan," soothed Rusty. "I'm sure Mr. Percival is still planning on giving you new paint. It'll just take some time to arrange, that's all."

"Huh," grumbled Duncan. "Take some time really means it won't happen any time soon."

"Well, you never know Duncan," chuffed Peter Sam, as he puffed in. "If you complete your job for today, Mr. Percival will probably give you a new coat tomorrow. That's not so bad, is it?"

"Well it wouldn't be if Mr. Percival hadn't said 'your repaint will have to wait a few days, Duncan,'" huffed Duncan.

"Oh, I see," said Peter Sam. "Well, once you're busy at the quarry, you'll forget about the repaint and then you'll feel better."

"Pah!" snorted Duncan. "Being repainted is something that I never forget. I can tell you that, Peter Sam. Now if you both will excuse me, I need to get to my new job." And Duncan huffed away.

As he was leaving, Rusty and Peter Sam noticed that Duncan was jerking and rocking around. They looked at each other with concern.

"Did you see that, Rusty?" asked Peter Sam.

"I certainly did," replied Rusty nervously. "He's doing that thing again."

"Indeed," agreed Peter Sam. "That thing he does when he is really mad."

"That thing when he shakes around like a boiling pot," added Rusty. "That could only mean one thing: he's…he's…"

"Rock 'n' rolling!!!" they cried. They both knew what that was.

"Oh dear, he really must be mad," remarked Peter Sam. "I haven't seen him do that in years."

"I know," puffed Rusty. "I thought he was done with that. I guess this whole repaint situation really got to him."

"It must have," agreed Peter Sam. "I knew Duncan loves getting repainted, but he had to wait to get them before and he took all of them well…most of the time. I guess this really meant something to him."

"I guess so," said Rusty. "I just hope this doesn’t get to his smokebox and cause trouble."

"Me too," agreed Peter Sam, but they both secretly had their doubts.

Meanwhile, Duncan had rocked and rolled all the way to the Blue Mountain Quarry, and he was still grumbling.

Skarloey and Rheneas were there waiting for him. "Ah, hello Duncan," chuffed Skarloey. "Nice to you see you could make it."

"Huh, pleasure's all mine, Skarloey," muttered Duncan sarcastically.

Skarloey frowned. "Oh cheer up, Duncan. I know working here's not exactly the work you enjoy, but the sooner you get started, the sooner it will be over."

"All you have to do," added Rheneas, "is shunt and load trucks and take them down to the wharf for shipping. That should be easy enough for you. Besides, you'll have us to help you."

"Great, that sounds wonderful," huffed Duncan.

The two engines felt insulted. "Okay, Duncan," said Skarloey sternly. "I don't know what's going on with you today, but we're not going to tolerate that behavior here at the quarry, understand?"

"Yes, yes, I know," grumbled Duncan. "I'll stop. Can we get to work now, please?" And then Duncan puffed away to shunt.

Skarloey and Rheneas were watching him rock 'n' rolling, then they looked at each other. "Um, is Duncan doing what I think he's doing?" whispered Rheneas to Skarloey.

"I'm afraid he is," whispered Skarloey. "I think that explains his foul attitude."

"Seems like it," agreed Rheneas. "He hasn't done that in years. I wonder what's the problem."

"Well, whatever it is," puffed Skarloey, "let's try and help him get over it so he won't be grumbling all day."

"Good idea, Skarloey," replied Rheneas. "I just hope we can help him out, because a grumpy 'rock 'n' rolling' Duncan is the last thing this quarry needs."

"Indeed," agreed Skarloey. "That would never do."

"Och, are you two going to help me or am I going to have to do the work alone?" grumbled Duncan, who was shunting trucks near Owen.

Skarloey and Rheneas squirmed at each other, and reluctantly went to work.

Throughout the day, Duncan wouldn't stop grumbling and rock 'n' rolling. Even when Skarloey and Rheneas tried to cheer him up, Duncan would just ignore them and cause trouble.

He roughly shunted some trucks onto Owen's platform, almost pushing them right off the edge.

"Whoa! Careful Duncan!" exclaimed Owen. "You almost made it rain trucks and rocks!"

"Sorry," grunted Duncan, and he huffed away.

"Oh, well that wasn't very nice," huffed Owen, but Duncan didn't care.

As he was carrying some trucks of rocks, Duncan's rock 'n' rolling was shaking the trucks and causing the rocks to fall out, right on top of Luke who was below him.

"Ow! Hey Duncan, watch what you're doing up there! Your rocks are denting my boiler!" called Luke, but Duncan didn't listen.

A little later, Paxton arrived to collect some rocks to take to the docks.

"Alright Owen," he called. "Ready when you are!" And Owen loaded his trucks.

"Here you go, Paxton. All ready to go," said Owen.

"Thank you," called Paxton, and he started to leave. Then all of a sudden, Duncan cut hastily right in front of him. Paxton quickly put on his brakes.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed. "Careful there, Duncan! You almost caused an accident!" But Duncan wasn't listening. He just kept puffing away.

"Hmph," remarked Paxton. "That was pretty rude. What's gotten into him, Skarloey?"

"Oh who knows, Paxton," replied Skarloey. "It's Duncan. You sometimes can't tell what's bothering him. We're just trying to make him feel better."

"Hmmm, well good luck with that," said Paxton. "Judging from his behavior, trying to cheer Duncan up right now seems like it'll be harder than making Diesel laugh."

Skarloey chuckled. "You have a point there, Paxton. You certainly have a point."

Meanwhile, Duncan had finally rocked 'n' rolled his way down to the wharf and delivered his first load of rocks. He was still feeling very bad tempered as well.

Sir Handel puffed up. "Hello Duncan," chuffed Sir Handel. "How are doing today? Are you feeling good?"

"Huh, I would be if Mr. Percival hadn't lied to me earlier today," replied Duncan. "Now, I'm stuck delivering all this rock today. It's disgraceful, you know?"

"Umm, yes Duncan?" replied Sir Handel, who was a little confused about what Duncan was talking about. "But um, what are you talking about?"

"Och never mind," grumbled Duncan. "I got too much work to do and can't stay and chat. Good bye." And he left his trucks and headed back to the quarry, rock 'n' rolling again.

Sir Handel noticed this, and was worried. "Oh dear, that can't be good," he thought.

A little later, Sir Handel met Peter Sam and Rusty along the line. He told them about Duncan.

"He mentioned something about Mr. Percival lying to him," he explained, "and seemed upset about having to take rocks all day and he was…rock 'n' rolling too."

Rusty and Peter Sam groaned. "Oh dear, sounds like he's still cross about this morning," Peter Sam chuffed to Rusty.

"Yes, certainly sounds like it," agreed Rusty.

Sir Handel was still puzzled. "What is Duncan cross about anyway?" he asked. "Is it really that bad?"

"Well not really, Sir Handel," replied Rusty, "but from what Duncan said, it was something he was really looking forward to."

"He said that Mr. Percival had been planning a repaint for him all week, and this morning, Duncan said he changed his mind and put him on quarry duties instead," added Peter Sam.

"Oh I see," said Sir Handel. "Well Duncan does love getting repainted, so I can understand that, but being mad about not getting it and rock 'n' rolling instead is a bit of an overreaction."

"Indeed," agreed Rusty. "A big overreaction if you ask me."

Just then, Elizabeth, the vintage quarry truck, came up.

"Hello all," she said sweetly. "It's nice to see all of you." Then she noticed the engines' unhappy faces. "Why the long faces?"

"Oh it's nothing, Elizabeth," replied Peter Sam. "It's just Duncan, that's all."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Oh dear, I could imagine what this is about. What is he up to today?"

"Well, he's mad that he didn't get a repaint that Mr. Percival had promised him and now he's rock 'n' rolling about it," explained Rusty.

Elizabeth frowned. "Rock 'n' rolling? Ha, ha, ha! Oh you young engines and your jokes. Even I know Duncan can't make music. I know he technically could when he took that pipe organ that one time, but…"

"It's not music though," interrupted Rusty. "It's this awkward type of movement he does with his body when he's mad."

"He swings and sways and swivels around," explained Peter Sam. "He shakes all over the place and often makes his journeys very rough and bumpy."

Elizabeth thought about this for a moment. "Hmmm, I never heard of that before, but yes it does sound awkward, not to mention bad for him."

"Oh it is, Elizabeth," replied Rusty. "Both for his personality and his body."

"Well has anyone tried to calm him down or at least cheer him up?" asked Elizabeth.

"We tried to earlier," replied Peter Sam, "but he was way too cross to listen. I just hope he's not causing any trouble at the Blue Mountain Quarry."

Just then at that point, Luke chuffed up, looking dirty and cross.

"Luke?!" exclaimed Peter Sam. "What happened to you? You're all dirty, dented, and messy."

"Oh it's because of that Duncan," grumbled Luke. "He's been a huge nuisance at the quarry all day. He almost caused trucks to fall from Owen, he almost made Paxton crash, and he's been dropping rocks on me too, and now look at me. I don't even get this dirty when he isn’t working there."

The other engines and Elizabeth looked at each other.

"I think someone definitely needs to talk some sense into Duncan now," said Sir Handel.

"Well good luck with that," replied Luke. "Skarloey and Rheneas have been trying to do that all day, but Duncan is refusing to listen. If they're unable to do it, I'm not sure any of you would be able to either."

"Well, some of us might," chipped in Elizabeth. "I've dealt with my fare share of troublesome youngsters in the past and I'm sure I could teach Duncan a thing or two."

"Well if you think you can, Elizabeth, then be our guest," puffed Rusty, "because I don’t know who else could."

"But do be careful when you talk to him," advised Peter Sam. "He'll probably argue with you to the point where he will try and get away from you."

"Oh stuff and nonsense," said Elizabeth. "I'm not threatened by Duncan. He's just a little engine that needs a little talking to, that's all." Then Elizabeth drove away.

"So she says," muttered Rusty, and the others agreed.

Meanwhile, Duncan was rock 'n' rolling his way back to the wharf with another load of rocks, still grumbling.

"Ooh, that Mr. Percival," he muttered. "The next time I see him, I am going to give him a piece of my…"

Just then, he heard a car horn. He looked over to see Elizabeth was coming up beside him.

"Hello Duncan," she called. "Nice to see you again. Having a good day, are you?"

"I would be if I had gotten what Mr. Percival had promised me," replied Duncan. "Now it's just awful and I'd rather not talk about it, thank you Elizabeth." And Duncan overtook Elizabeth, but Elizabeth didn't stop.

"Oh come now, Duncan," she said. "Don't be so negative. I heard about your little misfortune and yes it's upsetting, but getting mad and…rock 'n' rolling, or whatever this is, is not going to make things better."

"I don't care," hissed Duncan. "Mr. Percival promised me I would be getting something and he wound up not giving it to me. So until he does something, I'll do whatever I want. So there, good bye." And this time, Duncan changed tracks to get away from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was beginning to get cross, and she continued to follow Duncan. "Now Duncan, I'm sure even you know that is not a good idea," she said. "Getting mad like this is just going to make things worse and you'll get yourself into trouble, especially since I'm also sure that this rock 'n' rolling nonsense is bad for your body."

"Pah!" snorted Duncan. "I've done this for years and never damaged myself."

"But I'm sure it got you trouble before, am I right?" asked Elizabeth.

Duncan was getting even more cross. "That's none of your business, Elizabeth. Besides, I know what I'm doing, so go away and leave me alone." And he started to go even faster.

Elizabeth was getting even more cross now, and she tried to catch up to Duncan again. However, she was so busy trying to make Duncan seethe sense that she hadn't noticed how close she was to Duncan, and that the road was becoming narrow.

"Honestly, Duncan, you are being ridiculous," she scolded. "So Mr. Percival didn't give you the repaint you wanted, but your bound to get another one sooner or later. So just calm down and stop fretting over this."

Now Duncan was crosser than ever. "For the last time, until Mr. Percival does something, I'll do what I want, and I'm certainly not going to take advice from anyone else, especially from ones who call me ridiculous." And then Duncan rocked 'n' rolled so hard, he hit Elizabeth, causing her to swerve to the other side of the road.

"That'll teach ya," hissed Duncan, but then there was trouble. Because Duncan rocked so hard and hit Elizabeth, his springs came loose and he was now tilted.

"Och!" he cried. "What's happened?" But worst still, Elizabeth was trying to gain control and when she did, she looked up and saw Madge was coming straight towards her.

"Look out Elizabeth!" cried Madge.

Elizabeth quickly swerved back to her side of the road, but she swerved too hard and crashed into Duncan's train. Both her driver and Duncan's driver quickly put on the brakes.

Luckily no one was hurt, but Elizabeth was off the road, Duncan's trucks were off the rails, rocks laid everywhere, and Duncan was crooked and cross.

"What was that for?" he snapped to Elizabeth.

"Excuse me! You bumped into me and nearly caused an accident between Madge and me!" hissed Elizabeth. "It was either that or this. Besides, I didn’t mean to crash into your train, but if you hadn't bumped me and controlled yourself, this wouldn't have happened. Now what do you think Mr. Percival is going to have to say about this?"

Duncan stopped and thought for a moment. "Oh, I'm not sure," he said, but he soon found out.

A little while later, Rusty came with the breakdown train and Madge came back to help. With Rusty was Mr. Percival, and he was cross.

"Duncan, I've heard all about your behavior today, and I am not impressed in the least," he scolded. "Your temper has been causing nothing but trouble all day and now, it has gotten the better of you. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry sir," replied Duncan. "I didn't mean to cause this accident. I was just mad that's all."

"Well, I'm not surprised to hear that," said Mr. Percival. "Duncan, almost every time you get into an accident, it's because of your temper, and I must say, this is highly unacceptable, especially since you were doing your rock 'n' rolling nonsense again. I thought you knew better than to do that." Mr. Percival sighed. "What am I going to do with you, Duncan?"

Duncan looked very ashamed. "Don't bother with giving me a new coat of paint, sir?" he suggested.

Mr. Percival looked at Duncan. "Maybe." Then Percival got an idea. "Interesting you brought that up Duncan. I know I had promised you a repaint before that change from this morning and I was going to set it at a later date, but now I don't think it's going to happen."

"I honestly don't blame you sir," replied Duncan sadly. "I-I don't think I deserved it."

"Perhaps," said Mr. Percival slowly, "but…" Duncan looked up. "…you still could earn it, if you promise to work hard for the next week and not get cross about anything."

Duncan paused for a moment. "Yes sir, I can definitely try that."

"Well that 'try' better mean that you 'will', Duncan," corrected Mr. Percival. "Also, on top of that, you better promise me that you will be nice to everyone this week as well and for the love of Pete, don't rock 'n' roll!!!"

Duncan squirmed, and blushed bright red. "Uh ha, yes sir. I will also work on that as well," he replied meekly.

"Good," conceded Mr. Percival. "Now I'm counting on you Duncan. If I hear anything about you being rude to others, getting cross, or you tried rock 'n' rolling again, then you can forget about that repaint."

"I understand, sir," replied Duncan. "I promise I won't let you down."

"That's what I want to hear," said Mr. Percival. "Now I think you owe someone an apology, don't you?"

"Yes sir," replied Duncan. "Elizabeth, I'm sorry I hit you and caused that accident. It was foolish of me to do that and I didn’t mean to cause you to crash."

"That's alright, Duncan," soothed Elizabeth. "I know you were mad and I was just trying to help. Also, I'm sorry for calling you ridiculous. I was getting mad myself and I let it get to me as well. You are really useful engine, Duncan, but you really need to learn to let things go and move on from them, even if it's just a repaint."

"Elizabeth is right you know, Duncan," added Rusty. "You often have a problem when it comes to moving on from something and you really do need to learn to let things go once in a while."

Duncan sighed. "Yes, I know. I have a problem with that. It's just who I am most of the time, but I promise, that is going to change this week."

Everyone smiled. "Sounds like a good idea to me, Duncan," chuffed Rusty.

"Most definitely, a splendid idea," agreed Elizabeth.

"And if you want," added Madge, "we can help you with that."

Duncan smiled. "I would like that very much," he puffed, and everyone smiled.

A few days later, when he was repaired, Duncan did his best to control his temper and be nice to everyone. It was slightly hard for him at first, because everyone was still a little wary of his behavior, but once they saw Duncan was no longer rock 'n' rolling or complaining, they understood that he was trying to be better and they even helped him out as well.

As the week went on, Duncan was becoming more and more controlling and he didn't get mad once, nor did he try rock 'n' rolling. There were a few times where he got frustrated, but he remembered about letting things go, and learned to get over it. Everyone was impressed.

"Keep it up, Duncan!" encouraged Madge. "The week's almost over and I'm counting on you!"

"Yes indeed," agreed Elizabeth. "Keep it up, Duncan. You're doing well!" This made Duncan smile.

At the Blue Mountain Quarry, everyone was accepting Duncan's new behavior as well.

"Here you go, Owen," said Duncan, as he pushed some trucks onto Owen's platform.

"Thank you, Duncan," replied Owen. "I appreciate the careful shunting this time."

"You're welcome," smiled Duncan.

Luke and Paxton were even pleased as well.

"Well done, Duncan," said Paxton.

"Yes, well done in deed," agreed Luke. "Much better than dropping stones on me, I'll admit that." He and Paxton laughed, and although he didn't show it to them, Duncan couldn’t help but laugh too a little bit.

At last, it was the end of the week, and Duncan headed for the Steamworks. When he arrived, there waiting for him outside the building was Mr. Percival with Victor.

"Well Duncan," said Mr. Percival. "It's the end of the week and I've heard all about your behavior and work from the other engines and I have made a final decision."

Duncan squirmed and hoped it would be something pleasant.

"I have decided…," proclaimed Mr. Percival, "to give you that new coat of paint you rightfully deserve."

Duncan beamed happily. "You mean it, sir?"

"Of course I do, Duncan," smiled Mr. Percival. "After everything I've heard from the other engines and from what I've seen, I can tell you do know how to control your temper and learn to let issues go. So allow me to hand you over to Victor here and I'm looking forward to seeing you back at the sheds later this evening in a smart new coat."

"Yes sir, a-and thank you, sir," said Duncan. "I can't thank you enough."

Mr. Percival chuckled. "You're quite welcome, Duncan," he said, and he left.

"Alright Duncan, my friend," said Victor. "Let's get you repainted. You certainly seem like you need one. I can barely tell what your paintwork is anymore."

Duncan chuckled. "Well that's what happens when you've been working hard for a week," he puffed.

"Oh, I can believe it," agreed Victor. "Now come on inside and we'll get you that fresh new coat you've been asking for."

With that, Duncan and Victor headed into the Steamworks and Duncan was soon being repainted.

At the end of the day, Duncan finally had the new coat of paint he had been asking for, and he felt splendid.

"Ah yes," he puffed. "Good as new and bright and yellow once again. Thank you, Victor."

"My pleasure, my friend," replied Victor. "Happy to be at your service any time."

Duncan smiled, then he whistled good bye and headed back to the depot.

When Duncan arrived, he was surprised. There waiting for him were all the engines, along with Madge and Elizabeth.

"Welcome back, Duncan," said Mr. Percival. "Glad to see you looking freshly painted and brand new. I've gathered everyone here so that we can thank you for your hard work this week and most of all, for being nice and self-controlling."

"Indeed," agreed Skarloey. "Very self-controlling. I was beginning to think that you were a different engine, Duncan."

Everyone chuckled, even Duncan smiled a little bit.

"You really did work hard this week and made everything go like clockwork," added Peter Sam.

"And didn't make such a big fuss about any problems," added Luke.

"And most of all, you didn't rock 'n' roll either," chipped in Rheneas. Everyone let out a big sigh of relief at the sound of that. Duncan looked away, feeling modest.

"Well anyway," said Mr. Percival. "The main point is, we are happy with your work this week, Duncan, and we hope this 'new' Duncan can stay with us for as long as possible. Can you make that happen?"

Duncan paused for a moment, and a cheeky smile came across his face. "I could," he said slowly, "but on one condition."

Mr. Percival frowned. "Oh? And what would that be?"

"Can I have a new coat of paint at the end of each week, sir?" asked Duncan.

Mr. Percival grunted. "Um, no Duncan. I'm sure even you know that."

Then Duncan burst out laughing. "I do, sir. I was just playing around!" Then everyone else laughed too, even Mr. Percival.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that," chuckled Mr. Percival. "You can still get repaints, but as long as there will be no more rock 'n' rolling too. Can I trust you with that?"

"Oh most definitely sir," puffed Duncan. "After all the trouble that's caused me, my rock 'n' rolling days are over, at least for a very long while anyway." Duncan gave a cheeky smile after that.

Then everyone couldn't help but laugh again, and even Mr. Percival had to laugh at this too, for they know that Duncan was just teasing and that his days of rock 'n' rolling and bad attitude are over, at least they hope so anyway!




  • A reference to the sixth season television series episode, Faulty Whistles, is made.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks the first of a few things:
    • Elizabeth's first appearance since the television series special, The Great Discovery, and her first speaking role since the eleventh season television series episode, Toby's Triumph.
    • Madge's first speaking role since The Great Discovery and her only speaking role in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
    • Colin's first appearance since the twelfth season television series episode, The Party Surprise.
  • This is also the first episode of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in which James does not appear.
  • When Peter Sam is explaining rock 'n' roll to Elizabeth, he quotes the same line he said to Skarloey in the fourth season television series episode, Home at Last.
  • Elizabeth's accident with Duncan is similar to George's accident with Sir Handel in the fourth season television series episode, Steam Roller.