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Responsibilities is the twentieth story of volume three.

Season X, Episode 70
Air date 19 September 2021
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)


Directed by MainLineEngines
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Percy was at Tidmouth sheds being repaired.

"I can only imagine what Thomas is suffering without me or Toby to help him out," he said to James.

"Do you think so?" asked James.

"Of course," said Percy. "The poor engine needs our help all the time."

"Right," said James and he puffed away.

James backed onto his coaches at the platform just as Gordon was puffing in with his coaches.

"I am looking forward to a good rest," said Gordon.

"You'll have fun talking to Percy then," chuckled James.

"Is he still being repaired?"

"He is, and he keeps talking about how Thomas is supposedly suffering over on the Branch Line."

"From what I heard Thomas is doing fine," said Gordon. "Ah well, sometimes it's best to just let him vent."

Gordon puffed into the sheds.

"Ah, good. Someone else to talk to," said Percy.

"Hullo Percy. I see you have a brand new lamp."

"Hullo Gordon. I am glad you noticed my new lamp. It makes look very smart indeed."

"Of course."

"I should have my new buffers this afternoon so I might even be out tomorrow for a test run."

"Good to hear that."

"Yeah, and soon I'll be back on the Branch Line and helping out. I can only imagine Thomas needs my help more than ever."

"I can see you're eager to get back to work," said Gordon. "However, you have been talking an awful lot about Thomas when it is you that is here being repaired."

"Okay, okay. I will admit that I got a bit distracted and had an accident," said Percy.

"That means you have to take care and be responsible too."

"I can be responsible and take care of myself!" protested Percy.

"I'm sure you can," replied Gordon.

With that, Percy was a lot quieter for the rest of the evening.

The following morning, Percy's fire had been lit and he was getting ready to head out. Gordon was also about to leave. Gordon puffed onto the turntable and then backed onto his coaches. The turntable was aligned with Gordon's platform now.

Meanwhile, Percy's Driver, Fireman, and an Inspector were looking over Percy and making sure everything was in order. They stepped aside, made some notes, and talked amongst each other.

Suddenly, Percy began felt his wheels begin to move.

"Finally, time to go," he thought.

Very slowly, he puffed onto the turntable and out towards the station.

Percy didn't realise that he had no Driver and his crew didn't hear Percy. When they did, Percy was past the coaling stage and nearing the station where Gordon was waiting. Quickly, all three men ran after him.

All of Gordon's passengers were on board and he was now waiting for the Guard's whistle. Then Gordon noticed Percy slowly approaching.

"He must be going to the yard," he thought to himself.

But Percy came nearer and nearer.

"What are you doing!" shouted Gordon.

Then Percy realised that he had no Driver.

"Oh no! I can't stop!" he cried.

Finally, Percy's Driver scrambled into his cab, shut off steam, and applied the brakes. Percy closed his eyes. He felt a bump and when he opened his eyes, he saw he was right in front of Gordon.

"You silly little engine!" scolded Gordon. "What did I say about taking care and being responsible?"

"I'm very sorry Gordon," apologised Percy, "but this really wasn't my fault," he explained sadly.

"Still, you have to take care of yourself. You could've caused a bigger accident."

Percy backed slowly away and Gordon was able to start.

However, Percy was very worried.

"He's sure to pay me out for bumping into him," he thought.

Percy was very careful as he puffed around the yard. He wanted to avoid Gordon until it was time for him to go home.

Meanwhile, Gordon reached Vicarstown and went to fill up with coal. However, he was still thinking about Percy and didn't realise he was getting closer to the buffers into it was too late. He bumped straight into the buffers.

Molly was nearby.

"Hullo Gordon," called Molly. "What happened to you? You are usually careful on the sidings."

"Hullo Molly. I wasn't concentrating and I didn't notice the buffers."

"I see. Is everything all right?" asked Molly.

"This morning, Percy somehow started off without his Driver and bumped into me whilst I was at the platform," explained Gordon.

"Oh dear. Was everyone all right?"

"Yeah. Luckily, everyone was on board and the bump wasn't too hard because Percy wasn't going that fast. However, Percy has been a bit too boastful recently and I got mad at him for not taking care which is why he was at the Big Station in the first place," explained Gordon. "Looking back, I think I was a bit harsh. It really wasn't his fault." "Besides,", he continued, "we get into accidents every now and then. Like me just now," he chuckled.

"That is true," agreed Molly. "You should probably just clear things up with Percy. I'm sure he'll understand."

"Yeah. I'll do that tonight. I just hope he doesn't think I'm planning to pay him out or anything."

With that, Molly puffed away and Gordon filled up with coal.

Back at the Big Station, Percy was still worrying.

"You haven't seen Gordon recently, have you," Percy asked Duck.

"Nope. He's away right now," said Duck.

"Thank goodness. That gives me time," sighed Percy.

Finally, it was evening and the engines were back at the sheds. By now, Percy had relaxed and was talking with the others.

"This is my last night here. For a while anyways," said Percy.

"Och, we'll miss ye then," said Donald.

"Sure. Till he gets into another accident!" laughed Douglas.

"Very funny Donald and Douglas," said Percy sarcastically.

"Ye always welcome!" laughed the Caledonian Twins.

Then Gordon puffed in and Percy fell silent.

"Yeah, you're always welcome here but just take care," said Gordon.

"Oh, of course I will," stammered Percy. "Er, anyways, I better get to sleep. I have work tomorrow."

Percy closed his eyes. The engines were surprised except Gordon.

The next morning, Gordon was still in the shed as Percy was about to leave.

"I have to go now," said Percy.

"I'll see you around then," said Gordon. "Before you go though, I just want to let you know that I do really want you to take care."

"I will take care and I'll be responsible," promised Percy.

"I'm glad to hear that," smiled Gordon.

"And we'll see each other at times," continued Percy.

"Of course."

With that, Percy puffed away feeling very relieved and he vowed to take care and be more responsible in future.




  • This story is loosely based off the 1988 annual story of the same name by Christopher Awdry.
  • Percy's accident is the same one from Thomas in Charge. As a result, this story takes place after Taking Toby to the Works.
  • The original title for this story was Bumped.