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Season 1, Episode 5
Air date January 29, 2022
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Refreshments is the fifth episode of season one of The Sudrians.


Peter Sam is bringing the Refreshment Lady to Lakeside to make refreshments, but the bridge is out. Now Peter Sam has to try and find another way. However, while trying to find the way, he finds an old route which just might work.


One day, Peter Sam was puffing down the line to Lakeside to drop off the Refreshments Lady. When…

Peter Sam: “Oh no!”

Refreshments Lady: “What is it?”

Peter Sam: “The bridge! It’s broken!”

And he was right, The bridge leading to Lakeside was down.

Refreshments Lady: “But can’t you puff around?”

Peter Sam: “I don’t have enough coal to, I guess we have to go back home.”

As Peter Sam trundled down the line, He noticed an old overgrown line.

Peter Sam: “I wonder where that leads.”

So he puffed down the old line, towards a boarded up mine.

Peter Sam: “Well, a little adventure can’t hurt.”

So he puffed towards the mine, and bashed through the boards. But then there was trouble, the noise caused a rock slide to occur, and it blocked the entrance!

Refreshments Lady: “I say! What was that?”

Peter Sam: “The entrance collapsed! Now the only way to go is forward.”

Refreshments Lady: “What are we even doing here?”

Peter Sam: “I just wanted an adventure.”

And with that, Peter Sam puffed onwards. Soon, he hit a pair of buffers.

Peter Sam: “Now we’ll never get out.”

Without thinking, Peter Sam bashed the buffers. And then he heard a squeaking sound, and the buffers started to move!

Peter Sam: “Those aren’t buffers, it’s just a coach!”

So he puffed onwards, pushing the coach along.

Peter Sam: “At last, light!”

But he found out soon enough, it wasn’t that easy.

Peter Sam: “Oh no! The exit is blocked!”

Refreshments Lady: “I can move the rocks, but it will take a while.”

Meanwhile at the wharf, Mr Percival was worrying where Peter Sam was, when…

Worker: “Peter Sam is at Lakeside sir, and he says he has a coach.”

Mr. Percival: “That is excellent news! I have just the job for that coach.”

The coach was turned into a portable refreshments coach. And the Refreshments Lady was to run it.




  • The original story idea was forgotten, causing the creator to write down short summaries.
  • The new idea is partly inspired by Duncan.