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Rosie tells James her story of why she was painted red.


Rosie is an engine who works hard on the North Western Railway. She first meet Thomas and the two have been friends ever since. From the moment she arrived on Sodor, she was pink but many years later she was repainted red. This caused problems for James when he first saw Rosie painted red; he smashed the sheds and he could have lost his red paint forever. After that happened, James was still angry at Rosie for being red. The other engines reminded him that anyone can be painted red. James wanted Rosie to be painted pink again but there was no way that could easily happen. Then James knew something, why did Rosie decided to be red? There had to be a specic reason and James needed to know what. If he could find out, maybe he could come up with something to make Rosie pink again. James came up to Thomas and asked why Rosie was red. Thomas had no idea and only told him to ask Rosie himself. James went looking for Rosie and finally found her. He tried to ask her while not trying to spoil anything. Rosie decided to tell James about the time she was painted red. It all started when she and Thomas were working together. They were having a hard time doing all the work. After a while, they decided to rest and Thomas noticed that Rosie's paint was erasing. Rosie then realized that it has been years since she was last painted. Thomas wanted Rosie to get repainted but Rosie thought it didn't matter. She spend the next days fine until more of her paint was erasing. She now needed to be repainted. She came to Victor and Kevin, but by the time she came, she had lost almost all her paint. Kevin got so scared that he knocked down all the pink paint into the ground. Victor was sure there was more pink paint but there wasn't. Rosie told him to use the paint from the ground but it was too dirty. With no pink paint available, Rosie would have had to stay paintless until new paint was available. She didn't want to work until she came up with an idea. She wanted to be painted something else. She had no choice but to be painted red. Once she was repainted, she wanted more and she was given a number and had NWR painted on her. She had a hard time getting used to it. Everyone thought she was someone else but as time went by, she was getting better and everyone now knew who she was. Sometime later, when she was being repaired, Victor offered to have her be pink again but she now liked the red that she didn't want to be pink again. James was very surprised to hear this. He left and thought about everything Rosie had gone through while she was trying to get used to her new paint. Now James didn't want her to be pink. She could be the way she is and anyone could be painted red.



  • This episode explains why Rosie was repainted red in Season 21 of Thomas & Friends.
  • References to The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor, Rosie is Red, and Philip Gets Lost are made in this episode.