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SR West Country class




Oliver V.S. Bulleid


SR Eastleigh or Brighton Works

Year built:

Between 1945 and 1951

Rebecca is a large tender engine who originates from the Mainland.


Rebecca is a big yellow tender engine who came from the Mainland to stay at Tidmouth Sheds and work on the Fat Controller’s railway. When she first arrived on the island, she was fascinated by how fast all the engines worked, so she decided to be as fast as them. However, this resulted in finishing her jobs too early and getting in the way of the other engines, such as Salty, Porter, Diesel, and the Flying Scotsman. She learned her lesson after this and made sure to not rush through all her jobs and do them in an orderly fashion.

Later, Rebecca was fascinated by the unique qualities of some engines that made them useful, such as Belle for her water cannons, Marion for her steam shovel, and Harvey for his crane. She wanted a unique quality too, but when she tried asking for them at the Steamworks, Victor said he couldn’t do that for her. Rebecca was disappointed, but Marion and Thomas reminded her that her sweet, kind, and supportive personality towards others is what makes her useful, which was enough to make Rebecca happy.


Rebecca is not afraid to stand up for herself and isn't intimidated by the older engines. She is also kind to everyone she meets and often compliments them on their features.


Rebecca is based on the Southern Railway "West Country" class.


Rebecca is painted yellow and navy with white lining. Her wheel rims are painted white, her front end is painted red and she has red and orange stripes painted along her sides. Rebecca also carries two blue nameplates with white writing, and the letters N.W.R. written on her tender. In Sodor Stories Rebecca was originally Isobella since they are both banana yellow and have the number 22 this was inspired by one of BIGWIKISTUDIOS’ friends on TikTok called clawmasteronmercari theories.


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