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Millie is sent to pull over 50 trucks but has a difficult time trying to pull them and doesn't want any help.


Millie loves to try new things, just like the time she swaped jobs with Luke. One day, she was sent to collect over 50 trucks. At first she found that as a mistake, as there was no way she could pull that much. She went to the Blue Mountain Quarry to collect the trucks and was very surprised to see all the trucks that she had to collect. Luke came and told her if she wanted help. Millie thought she didn't need help because she was the one who was sent to collect all the trucks, so she said no. Luke was worried for Millie and he asked her again. Millie still claimed she didn't need help, so Luke left. Millie struggled so much with taking the trucks. She wasn't able to make the trucks move. Finally, Millie gave up, the trucks were too much for her to pull and she was very tired. Luke came back and saw Millie looking sad. Luke decides to help her pull all the trucks. Millie was happy that Luke helped. They both worked together pulling half the trucks in one trip and then came back to pull the other half. At last, Millie had finished her job. Millie thanked Luke and promised to ask for help when she needed help.



  • The events of The Switch and Blue Mountain Mystery are mentioned.
  • No standard gauge engines appear.
  • This is the first episode in which Millie is called Little Millie by Luke.