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James tricks Philip to visit an abandoned mine so he can get lost, but Thomas and Percy decide to help save Philip.


Philip is a diesel boxcab who works on Sodor. He has friends like Thomas and Percy, but there are some engines who are not happy with him. One of those engines is James. He doesn't like Philip that much. He believes that Philip is the one who gets him in trouble, so he decided to come up with something to get rid of him forever. The next day, James saw Philip and told him he had to deliver trucks and he told him where. Philip didn't understand but he still decided to go. Philip went past Thomas, who was not sure what Philip was doing. Philip finally came and went inside. The trucks were making it hard for Philip to move. Philip tried his best to make it but he broke down. The next day, Thomas and Percy discovered that Philip had not come back, so they went to find him. Thomas remembered that he had last seen Philip and where he was going. The two friends came to rescue Philip. They went in and found Philip who was broken down. They got Philip out and brought him back. Sir Topham Hatt was happy Philip was safe. Philip told everyone that James was the one who had send him to get lost. James was later found out and was punished by Sir Topham Hatt. James now knew that he could never get rid of Philip. Philip was happy he had friends that liked him.



  • The events of Philip to the Rescue mentioned.