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The Philip Army are a group of 67 diesel boxcabs that like to cause confusion and delay.


Thomas and Friends

Philip had a dream about them while he was trying to find out why he was number 68, but was interrupted by Toby.

Attack of the Philips

Sometime before the events of Attack of the Philips, the Philips used to work with Philip in their old railway before Philip moved to Sodor.

The Philips decided to come to Sodor to visit Philip. However, Philip wasn't interested on causing trouble, so he didn't join them. The Philips decide to leave but were encountered by Diesel 10, who used them as his helpers. He sent them to cause confusion and delay on the railway. Philip was thought to have sent the Philips to cause all the trouble, but the engines didn't believe him. Thomas soon had the Steam Team agree to fight the Philips, but were captured. Diesel 10 sent the Philips to capture their friends including Duck, Oliver, Ryan, Stanley, Rosie, Donald and Douglas. Soon Luke and Millie, along with the other narrow gauge engines and Philip, decided to fight the Philip Army. The Philips soon spotted them and chased them but the engines made the Philips follow them to the docks were Cranky, Carly, and Big Mickey were able to capture them and sent them away to Misty Island, were they would never return. It is unknown what happened to them after their defeat since they weren't seen or mentioned when Luke visited Misty Island. It can be assumed they escaped off the island and went back to their railway.


They are villians that like to cause trouble for the other engines. The Philips are both annoying and funny like the real Philip. However, they are shown to obey their leader without questioning.

Technical Details


All the Philips are based on the Pennsylvania Railroad (PR) Class A6 "Boxcab" diesel-electric switcher, but with the curved back end and extra door of the AGEIR (Alco, General-Electric and Ingersoll-Rand) prototype boxcab #8835, albeit with five windows instead of seven. To fit in with the other engines on Sodor, the Philips also have buffer beams added on each end with loose couplings and added buffers.

The Philips' Basis


The Philips are painted dark green on the bottom half of his body and yellow on the top half, with red buffer beams and black wheels. Their number is painted on his sides in black, surrounded by a white circle with a black outline.


Thomas and Friends

Lukeillie's Series



  • They each have their own number.
  • They all share the same voice actor.
  • The Philips all speak British depite being American.
  • It is unknown if they have their own individual names, as they have been only been referred as "Philips".
  • Its unknown if they will ever appear again.
  • Them along with the BoCo and Duck Army are going to appear in the special Good VS Evil by Bigwikistudios.