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Peter Sam and the Lost Engine
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date March 27th, 2020
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Peter Sam and the Lost Engine is the eleventh episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


It was a nice sunny day on the Island of Sodor and all the engines were busy at work. At the Skarloey engine sheds, Peter Sam and Rusty were busily shunting trucks and coaches around getting them ready for the other engines. It was a hot day too, which made the work a little hard for the two engines.

"Phew, boiling boilers," sighed Peter Sam. "This heat really isn't doing us any favors, is it Rusty?"

"Oh you can say that again," puffed Rusty. "When the heat's involved with our work, it sure does make everything difficult. Plus, the fact that we've been pretty busy lately is making our lives even harder."

"Indeed it has," agreed Peter Sam. "You would think with all us narrow gauge engines, we would have enough to cover all the work on this railway, but even then, not all of us can handle everything we get."

Just then, Stepney the Bluebell engine puffed up alongside the sheds. "Good morning, you two," he whistled cheerfully.

"Good morning, Stepney," replied Peter Sam.

"Good to see you, old friend," said Rusty.

"Good to see you too," said Stepney. "How are you two doing this morning? Enjoying yourselves?"

"Well without the heat, we are," puffed Rusty.

"But at the same time, it's been really quite busy around here," added Peter Sam. "It's always around summertime we get extra work and we're rushed off our wheels getting our jobs done."

"Ooh, sounds like a lot of work to me," chuffed Stepney. "Well at least you have enough engines, right? I mean, aren't there about…mmm, ten or eleven of you?"

"Around that, yes," replied Rusty, "but even so, a number of us also work at the Blue Mountain Quarry helping collect slate and stone and taking it to other areas of the island and getting it ready for engines on your railway, which requires a lot of work."

"And the rest of us handle all the other goods and passengers, but that's a lot of work too," chuffed Peter Sam.

"Oh I see," said Stepney. "Hmm, well you would think with all the engines on your railway, you would have enough to complete all the jobs on time, but sounds like you all may need another engine."

"That would be nice, Stepney," agreed Rusty. "Can't argue with that."

"Huh," chuffed Duncan as he grumped into the depot, hearing everything they said. "Well I say we all need to work harder and stop complaining, then we won't need another engine. You all just need to toughen up and deal with what we have."

The three engines glared at Duncan. "Duncan, I think even you know we've been getting too much work lately and you just don't want to admit," huffed Peter Sam.

"Och, fine you're right," grumbled Duncan. "I'm just worked off my wheels again, that's all. But why does Mr. Percival always do this to us around this time of year? Why can't he just borrow an engine from the Mainland or something?"

"Well I hate to say it, Duncan," chuffed Rusty, "but that's because there aren't too many narrow gauge engines available to borrow, or at least that's what I heard Mr. Percival say. So you might be right about dealing with what we have."

"Hmph," snorted Duncan. "Well why can't you go back to that diesel yard where you found Stepney and find an engine there? Surely there has to be one, since leftover steam engines appear to be found there a lot."

Stepney cringed a little bit, but Rusty and Peter Sam were cross. "That's not funny, Duncan," hissed Peter Sam.

"Indeed," agreed Rusty. "That place is not a joke. I was lucky to find Stepney there and I never plan on going there again. Besides, even if I did, there probably wouldn't be an engine for me anyway since there's not too many spare engines around these days and the diesels there don't like visitors, especially those that try to take engines away."

Duncan scoffed. "You never know until you try," he chuffed, "but all the same, if something could be done about all this work, then that would be nice regardless." Then Duncan huffed away with his coaches.

After he left, Stepney felt hurt. Rusty and Peter Sam could tell. "Never mind him, Stepney," soothed Rusty. "He's just in a bad mood as usual, that's all. I'm sure he doesn't really mean what he said."

"I hope he doesn't," replied Stepney. "I just hate hearing about that place. Being left alone on that siding with only my driver for company and those diesels making sure I didn't escape? Huh, that was not fun. That's why I'm grateful that you came and rescued me that night Rusty."

"You're welcome, old friend," smiled Rusty.

"Well you know," added Peter Sam. "Duncan is right in a way. If something could be done about all this work we have, then it would help a lot, especially if we could have another engine working here."

"Ah but like I said, Peter Sam," said Rusty. "I heard Mr. Percival say there aren't too many engines available. Plus, and I hate to say it, if there are any engines, they've probably been left on a siding or even in a scrapyard somewhere."

Stepney squirmed. "Uh well hopefully they haven't," he puffed, "but if they have, I'd recommend not checking in that diesel yard where you found me, Rusty. From what I heard, the diesels that work there now are always on high alert and make sure no one trespasses in their yard, or else they'll catch you, teach a lesson, and then you may not be able to escape."

Rusty and Peter Sam were nervous. "Is that really true, Stepney?" asked Peter Sam.

"Mmm, I'm not sure," replied Stepney. "I only heard about it from Bertram one time. He apparently knows more about them than I do." Peter Sam was curious about what Stepney said.

"Well if it came from Bertram," said Rusty, "then it's most likely a story and it's probably not true, so there's really no need to worry about it, especially since none of us plan on going to that yard anyway, right?"

"Right," said Stepney and Peter Sam.

"Good," said Rusty. "Now after all this chatter, I think it's best that we get back to work."

"Good idea," agreed Stepney. "I'll see you two later. Got to get back to my branchline now. Good-bye." Then Stepney puffed away.

"Good-bye," called out Rusty and Peter Sam.

"Well I best be off to the Blue Mountain Quarry now, so I'll see you later, Peter Sam," said Rusty, then he rolled away.

"See you later, Rusty," called Peter Sam, but he stayed behind and thought for a while.

A little later, Peter Sam was taking a group of visitors to Bertram's mine. He was curious to find out if Stepney's story about that diesel yard was true.

"I doubt it is," he thought, "but you never know."

Soon he arrived at the mine. Duke was there too with some more visitors.

"Hello Stuart," he puffed. "Good to see you again."

"Good to see you too, Granpuff," said Peter Sam. "What brings you here?"

"I'm giving some guests from Ulfstead Castle a tour of the railway," explained Duke. "Our next stop is here. Bertram's planning on giving them a ride around the mine, but first he's going to tell everyone a story."

Peter Sam was interested. "Did Bertram say what the story is?"

"No he didn't," replied Duke, "but I think we're about to find out."

Peter Sam looked forward and there was Bertram puffing up into view. "Ah hello everyone. Glad to see you could make it. Now I know all of you are excited for a ride around the mine and want to enjoy the amusements, but first I have a story to tell, and it's a mysterious one too." Everyone was keen to listen, and so was Peter Sam.

"What is the story, Bertram?" asked Peter Sam.

"I'll tell you," smiled Bertram, and this was the story he told them. "A long, long time ago, a little engine was traveling at night on his way back to the sheds. He knew where they were, but he wasn't ready to go back yet, so he decided to go on a little adventure into areas of the railway that he had never been to before. After a while, he made his way to an unfamiliar and interesting place. It looked very isolated and quiet: there was not a sound to be heard. Then suddenly, a light flashed on him, horns rang out, and the next thing the engine knew, two diesels come charging after him. The engine was preparing to run away, but the diesels were too quick, and they got him. No one knows what happened to that engine that night, but legend says he is still lurking around that diesel yard, still trying to escape and get back home, but can't get past the guarding of the diesels."

Everyone was awed by Bertram's story, and Peter Sam was speechless. "Wow, that was a very interesting story, Bertram," he puffed. "That sent shivers down my boiler." Then he remembered something. "Say, this wouldn't happen to be that diesel yard that's by Vicarstown, would it?"

Bertram chuckled. "The very same, Peter Sam," he replied. "You are right. That lost engine is supposedly still in that yard now being kept by the diesels that work there."

Peter Sam was shocked. "Well bust my boiler!" he exclaimed. "Do you think he really is?"

Bertram smiled. "I highly doubt it, Peter Sam. I'm just here to tell stories and give rides, that's all. Speaking of which, who's ready for a ride?" he asked the visitors. Everyone was excited, so they climbed into Bertram's coaches and he sent off for the tour around the mine.

"Hmmm, you seem pretty interested in Bertram's story, Stuart," chuffed Duke. "Any reason why that is?"

"Well It has something to do with what Stepney told me and Rusty earlier today," explained Peter Sam, then he told Duke what Stepney had said.

"Oh, stuff and nonsense," muttered Duke. "I'm sure those rumors about those diesels are not true. Besides, if it's here on the Island of Sodor, then I'm sure Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival would never allow any engine like that here."

"But some of those standard gauge diesels can be pretty rough and mean, Granpuff," chuffed Peter Sam, "and what if there is an engine in that yard after all? If we can go there and find him, he'll be safe again and we'll have more help on this railway."

Duke rolled his eyes and chuckled. "You have some imagination there, Stuart," he puffed, "but I'm sure everything in Bertram's story is not true and there is no lost engine. So if I were you, I would not bother trying to go that yard and just stay here on this railway and get back to work and be a really useful engine."

Peter Sam frowned. "There might be though," he huffed, "and I'm curious to find out." Then he puffed away.

Duke snorted. "Silly scallywag," he muttered.

Later, Peter Sam found Rusty and told him all about Bertram's story. "Wow, that's quite a story," he puffed afterwards.

"It certainly is," agreed Peter Sam, "and I'm curious if there really is an engine over there right now."

"Well I hate to say it, Peter Sam," sighed Rusty, "but I have to agree with Duke. That's just a story. You know most stories we tell are not real. Besides, even if it true, I'm not going to that yard again, even if I am a diesel. It's dark and spooky over there and they might remember me from the last time I was in that yard."

"But Rusty," encouraged Peter Sam. "The more I keep hearing about this engine, the more I'm thinking there really is one in that yard. I'm almost inclined to go there tonight to find out and bring him back and…"

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute," interrupted Rusty. "You're thinking about going to that place? Peter Sam, I highly recommend you don't do that. Steam engines are not invited there and I think the next one that appears in that yard is going to get into trouble. Not for trespassing, but because the diesels over there are mean and scary and will probably teach you a lesson."

Peter Sam scoffed. "Those diesels don't worry me. They might be intimidating, but if they do anything to me, Mr. Percival and Sir Topham Hatt will take care of them."

"Hmm, but even so, Peter Sam," continued Rusty. "I still say you shouldn't go to that diesel yard. It's a long journey and you'd be going there for nothing if there's no engine. So I'm sorry, but try to make a smart decision on this." Then with that, Rusty purred away.

Peter Sam felt upset. His driver could tell, so he looked around to see if anyone was listening, then he spoke to Peter Sam. "You know, the other engines can say what they want," he whispered to Peter Sam, "but believe or not, old chap, I heard there really is an engine being stowed away in that yard."

Peter Sam's eyes widened. "Really? Are you serious?"

"I'm almost certain," replied his driver. "Now don't take my word for granted, but I heard from some engines on Sir Topham Hatt's railway that they have seen an engine hiding out in that yard and some of the less-than-friendly diesels are keeping him from escaping." Peter Sam gasped. "Neither Sir Topham Hatt or Mr. Percival know this, so I say tonight, we go on a rescue mission to save that engine. Are you willing to go for it?"

Peter Sam felt determined. "Yes I am," he said confidently. "No engine on this island gets left behind or is held captive. Those diesels don't know what they're in for. If Rusty was able to stand up to them, then so can I."

"That's the spirit," said his driver. "We'll leave when the sun sets, and also, let's not tell the other engines what we're doing. We don't want them concerned or laughing at us if it turns out there really isn't an engine."

"Oh right, uh, of course," agreed Peter Sam, then he went back to work.

Later that day, as the sun was starting to set, Peter Sam began making his way to the diesel yard near Vicarstown. On his way, he stopped at the coal mines to fill up on coal. Sir Handel came puffing up beside him.

"Hello Peter Sam," he chuffed. "Taking on more coal to get home? There's plenty of it for you if you need it."

"Thank you Sir Handel, but I'm not heading home just yet," replied Peter Sam.

"Oh, really?" chuffed Sir Handel. "What else are you doing tonight?"

"Well let's just say I'm on a little mission, that's all," said Peter Sam cheekily. At that point, he was filled up with coal. "See you later, Sir Handel, and in case I don't see you tonight, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, Peter Sam," replied Sir Handel. "I'll see you later too." But he was puzzled and wondering what Peter Sam was going to do. Peter Sam was soon well on his way to Vicarstown. It was a long journey to get there and it was soon nighttime. He could tell he was getting close by the unfamiliar sights and the old overgrown rails, but he was getting more and more excited by the minute as he continued on.

Finally, after what felt like hours of traveling, Peter Sam arrived at the Vicarstown goods yard. It was foggy and eerie, and there was not a sound to be heard. He was beginning to feel a little nervous.

“Oh my,” he chuffed. “I can see why Rusty didn’t want to come back here. It really is dark and spooky, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around.”

“Don’t worry, Peter Sam,” soothed his driver. “We’ll be alright. Let’s just try to find that engine and get back to our railway as soon as possible, and without being caught by any diesel as well.”

“Yes definitely,” agreed Peter Sam. “I’m just hoping those diesels don’t show up out of nowhere like in Bertram’s story and...” Then suddenly lights flashed on Peter Sam.

“Oy! Over there! We got a trespasser!” Called out a voice.

Peter Sam was horrified. “Bust my buffers! What’ll we do?!” He cried.

“Stand your ground,” said his driver. “We won’t let them take us. Let them come here.” Peter Sam was frightened, then the lights grew closer and closer to him. He shut his eyes and waited for the worst.

“There he is,” said the voice again, this time right next to Peter Sam.

He opened one eye and was most surprised. “Huh? Norman? Sidney?!” He exclaimed.

“Peter Sam?!” Exclaimed the two diesels.

“Hey it’s no trespasser,” said Sidney. “It’s just Peter Sam.”

“I see that now, Sidney,” huffed Norman, then he turned to Peter Sam. “Um, sorry about all this, old chap. We didn’t mean to frightened you like that.”

Peter Sam felt relieved, but a little annoyed. “Well you certainly did scare me,” he huffed, “and what was the meaning of that? And why are you two here?”

“Well it’s because we’re on night duty here,” explained Sidney.

“Yes, we’re working here tonight organizing the goods that have come for the Dieselworks,” added Norman. “Our job is to sort them out, then take them there tomorrow morning. Usually ‘Arry and Bert do this, but they’re taking the old parts and scrap from here to the Smelter’s Yard, so that’s why we’re here.”

“Oh, I see,” said Peter Sam slowly, “but where does the whole scary thing come into all of this?”

“Ah, that’s because thieves have been coming in and try to steal those parts,” added Sidney. “We try to keep them from taking them, but often at times, they get away.”

“And then that causes trouble for us at the Dieselworks and for us diesels,” chuffed Norman. “So that’s why we’re here trying to scare them off tonight and making sure they don’t take anything.”

“Ah that makes sense now,” said Peter Sam. “Well, I’m sorry to say this, but there is something here that I do want to take if that’s alright with you.”

Norman and Sidney looked at each other and back at Peter Sam. “Um, what exactly is it, Peter Sam?” Asked Norman. “It’s not one of our goods, is it?”

“No, no, of course not,” replied Peter Sam. “It’s, well...actually...I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard rumors about it, but… is there an engine roaming around here?”

The two diesels were puzzled. “You mean like a steam engine?” Asked Sidney.

“Yes that,” said Peter Sam.

Norman and Sidney paused. “Mmm, I’m not sure if there’s one here to tell you the truth, Peter Sam,” puffed Norman.

“Yeah,” said Sidney. “We haven’t seen any engine around here tonight and ‘Arry and Bert haven’t said anything about one being here.”

Peter Sam was upset. “Oh dear, I was hoping there would be one. I spent half the night traveling here because I heard there was an engine. Now I came all this way for nothing.”

Norman and Sidney felt sorry for Peter Sam. “We’re sorry Peter Sam,” sighed Norman. “We wish there was something we could do to help.”

“Uh well you know,” chuffed Sidney. “Now that I just remembered, maybe that voice we’ve been hearing all night can help him out.”

Peter Sam paused. “What voice?” He asked.

“Oh there’s this voice we’ve been hearing as we were working,” explained Sidney. “We don’t know where it’s coming from, but so far it’s been keeping the thieves away and making our duties easier.”

“Oh yes that voice,” said Norman. “I remember that now. Wherever that voice is coming from, it really is doing us a favor, but it’s also been rather annoying too. It keeps mentioning that it’s legendary and has a magic lamp that grants wishes or something like that. Quite silly if you ask me, and...”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute there, Norman!” exclaimed Peter Sam, his eyes widened with wondering. “Did you say magic lamp that grants wishes?”

“Yes I did,” replied Norman slowly, feeling a little confused. “Do you know anything about that?”

Peter Sam was speechless. “As a matter of fact, I do!” He said. “And I think I know who that is.” Then Peter Sam raced into the yard trying to find the source of the voice.

“Um, am I missing something or did he just lose his mind?” Sidney Asked Norman.

“I’m not sure," chuffed Norman, "but we better go and see what he's doing." So they followed Peter Sam.

Peter Sam searched all around the yard, trying to look through the fog. "Hello!" he called out. "Anybody here?" But no one replied. Peter Sam puffed onwards again. "Hello! It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to meet you and hopefully bring you back to my railway." He stopped and listened again.

Then came the voice again. "Really? You mean it? That's great! About time someone got me out of here. I'm over here, by the way."

Peter Sam grew excited and puffed forward a little more. He turned a corner and there he saw the source of the voice.

"Well bust my boiler!" he exclaimed. There in front of him was a little yellow engine whom Peter Sam knew almost immediately. "You're Proteus!!!"

"Yes that's correct, little fellow," said Proteus. "Glad to see someone recognizes me. Who might you be?"

"My name is Peter Sam," he replied. "I work on the Skarloey Railway."

"Oh really? The Skarloey Railway, you say?" chuffed Proteus. "Well this really is an honor. I've heard a lot about your railway. I used to work on it you know."

"You did?" exclaimed Peter Sam. "But how is that possible? I thought you were legendary, and just a story people told."

Proteus chuckled. "Ah yes, I heard about those stories. Well believe it or not, Sammy Pete…or uh, Peter Sam, I'm real, as you can tell. Yes, I worked a long time ago on the railway, even before some of the first engines arrived and..."

Just then Norman and Sidney came up. When they saw Proteus, they were most surprised.

"Hey look at that, Norman," puffed Sidney. "There's the voice right there. It's just a little engine."

"Yes I can see that now, Sidney," chuffed Norman.

Proteus glared at the diesels. "Hey now, I don't want anymore trouble from you two, understand? You can keep me here if you want, but I can still protect myself from you two and…"

"Whoa, whoa, hold on a second there, little fellow," interrupted Norman. "What are you talking about? We just met you. We have no idea what you're saying."

Proteus paused. "Oh, you must not be the diesels then. Sorry about that."

The other engines were confused. "Proteus, what exactly happened to you?" asked Peter Sam suspiciously.

"Well it's a long story, but here's what happened," began Proteus. "A long time ago, I was traveling home one night and came across this place, just having a little look, then out of nowhere, two diesels came right after me. They captured me and told me I could never leave this place again. I tried several times to escape, but they caught me every time. They keep saying that one engine got away from them and they're not going to let it happen again. Don't know who they're talking about, but after a while, I gave up and decided to succumb to being here. Now all I do is scare off robbers that try to steal parts from this place, which is quite boring. I would give anything to be working again."

The three engines were amazed. "Wow, that was quite a story," chuffed Norman.

"Wait a second," puffed Peter Sam. "That's the story I heard earlier today. So it really did happen! You are the lost engine we've heard about!"

"Yes, I suppose I am," said Proteus, feeling a little confused about what Peter Sam was saying.

"Well guess what, Proteus," said Peter Sam. "Tonight's your lucky night because I'm going to get you out of here." Proteus was delighted.

"Wait, hold on a minute," said Norman. "Didn't you say two diesels forbade you from leaving here?"

"Yes I did," replied Proteus. "I don't remember who they were, but I just know they had stripes on them and were frankly very horrid."

The engines gasped. "That's 'Arry and Bert!" exclaimed Norman. "They must have been the ones who captured you!"

"And they're probably doing this because of Stepney getting away from them years ago!" added Peter Sam. "No wonder they're keeping you here."

"Well I don't know any Stepney," said Proteus, "but he must have been the one they're talking about."

"Uh guys," added Sidney. "Um, this may not be the best time to bring it up, but I just remembered something." The others listened. "Before we were sent here to work, Norman, 'Arry and Bert told me to keep an eye out for any engines that might take Peabody, or Proteus away and if anyone did, make sure they don't escape." The engines were surprised.

Then to make matters worse, they heard a couple of horns sounding out. "Norman! Sidney! We're back!"

"Oh no! It's them!" exclaimed Norman. "They're back already! If they catch you trying to take Proteus, you're done for Peter Sam. What are we going to do?"

Peter Sam thought for a moment. He was scared, but then he remembered Rusty's story about saving Stepney. "I'll tell you what we're going to do: Proteus and I are going to get out of here one way or nothing, whether those two like it or not."

Proteus was delighted, but Norman and Sidney were worried. "But how Peter Sam?" asked Sidney. "Those two are already here. How can you get by them?"

"That's where you and Norman are going to help us," explained Peter Sam. "Try to distract 'Arry and Bert as much as possible as we escape. Can you two do that?"

Norman and Sidney looked at each other. "We'll certainly try," promised Norman.

"Yes, we'll do our best," agreed Sidney.

"Good, now please go to it," said Peter Sam, then they puffed out of the siding to meet 'Arry and Bert. "Alright, now we have to get out of here quickly," whispered Peter Sam to Proteus. "I'll run backwards since there's no time to turn around."

"Oh thank you, Peter Sam," sighed Proteus. "You're even braver than me. Even I wouldn’t be able to do this."

"Don't mention it," smiled Peter Sam, as his driver began coupling them up.

"Norman! Sidney! Hello? Where are you two?" called 'Arry.

"I hope you didn't run away from us," called Bert. "You had a duty you know and we expected you to…"

"H-hey there, 'Arry and Bert," said Norman as he and Sidney rolled up. "Good to see you again. We didn't hear you come in. We thought you would be back by morning."

'Arry and Bert were puzzled. "We were only taking scrap to the Smelters'," said Bert. "We didn't say anything about being back by morning."

"Oh right, must have forgotten about that," said Norman hastily. "Well you got nothing to worry about here. Sid and I have been working hard and no one has tried to take our goods yet."

"Good to hear," said 'Arry, "and hopefully no one will for the rest of the night. Anything else happened?"

"Uh, no. Nope, nope, nope, nothing out of the ordinary," said Sidney nervously.

"Keep it together, Sidney," whispered Norman. "Don't make it look obvious."

Then there was trouble. Peter Sam's driver had managed to couple Proteus up, but as Peter Sam tried to move, Proteus wouldn't budge. Peter Sam tried and tried, but it was no use.

"What's going on?" whispered Peter Sam.

"Oh dear, I think my brakes are jammed on," replied Proteus. "I don't think they can be released. You're just going to have to pull hard and hopefully they'll brake."

Peter Sam really didn't want to, but he conceded. "Well alright, here goes nothing." Then he began pulling harder and harder.

"Hmm, you two seem to be acting very strange," murmured 'Arry to Norman and Sidney. "Are you sure nothing else is going on?"

"No, no. Absolutely not, 'Arry," replied Norman. "Everything has been completely normal all night. Hasn't it Sidney?"

"Yes definitely," agreed Sidney. "Work has been fine, we're fine, and no one is trying to steal that engine right now as we speak."

'Arry and Bert stared. "What?!" they exclaimed. Then there was trouble again. Peter Sam tugged Proteus so hard, the brakes came loose and the sound echoed everywhere. 'Arry and Bert heard it.

"Uh oh," said Peter Sam meekly.

"Run for it!" cried Proteus, then without thinking about anything else, Peter Sam ran backwards as fast as he could. Then he and Proteus came into sight of the diesels.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" barked Bert.

"That's our engine!" added 'Arry. "He's not getting away from us!"

"We'll see about that!" hissed Peter Sam. "Hold on Proteus!" Then Peter Sam went even faster.

'Arry and Bert were determined to not let them get away. "Come on Bert, let's get them!" And they quickly got into action.

Peter Sam and Proteus raced through the yard as fast as they could. They were nearly at the entrance, but then they saw 'Arry and Bert attempting to block them.

"He, he, he. You won't get away from us this time!" called 'Arry devilishly.

Peter Sam was worried and shut his eyes. Then suddenly, 'Arry and Bert looked forward and saw flatbeds were blocking their way. "Oh no!" they cried and shut their eyes. Then they bashed into the flatbeds, and stopped. They tried to push them out of the way, then they saw that Norman and Sidney had quickly shunted them there and were holding them back.

"Go on, Peter Sam! We'll hold them off!" called Norman. "Get out of here while you can!"

"Thanks you two!" called Peter Sam, then in a flash, he and Proteus escaped the yard.

"Oh great," moaned Bert. "Another engine got away."

"Why does this always happen to us?" grumbled 'Arry. "It's like we can never get what we want. Huh, keeping old, useless engines here is impossible."

"Forget it, you two," said Sidney. "It's Vicarstown."

'Arry and Bert were puzzled. "What is that even suppose to mean?"

"Uh, I'm not really sure now that you mention it," said Sidney. "Thought I heard that somewhere." 'Arry and Bert sulked.

Meanwhile, Peter Sam and Proteus were well on their way back to the Skarloey Railway, pleased and relieved they managed to escape the yard.

"Woohoo! Finally free!" cheered Proteus. "Out of that yard and back to civilization again!"

"Ha, ha. Well by morning, you will be," chuckled Peter Sam. "We got a long way to go, but I think you'll find our railway to be much better than that yard."

"Oh I'm sure of it," smiled Proteus. "By the way, thank you so much for rescuing me from that place. I don't know what would've become of me if you hadn't showed up."

"You're very welcome, Proteus," said Peter Sam. "We engines look out for each other and always help out others in need, even if it means rescuing them from scrap."

"Ha, I can tell," chuffed Proteus. "Now since we got a long way to go, mind if you catch me up on everything that's changed?"

"Of course I can," laughed Peter Sam, and he told Proteus everything as they continued on.

At last, as the sun was starting to rise, the two engines made it back home and arrived at the sheds.

"Phew finally," exclaimed Peter Sam. "I've never been more pleased to be back here again."

"I could imagine," said Proteus. "Oh, by the way, will your controller be alright with me?"

"Of course he will," soothed Peter Sam. "In fact, we'll make you a surprise for him when he wakes up. You stay here in this goods shed for now and I'll announce you when everybody wakes up."

"Well okay, if you're certain about this, then alright," conceded Proteus.

"Good," said Peter Sam. "Now you wait here and I'll see you soon." Then Peter Sam left Proteus at the goods shed and made his way over to the sheds.

By the time he made it back to the sheds, all the engines were awake and looking at him. Stepney was there too.

"There you are Peter Sam," exclaimed Rusty. "We were worried about you. Where have you been?"

"Oh I was just doing a special job elsewhere, that's all," said Peter Sam cheekily.

"A special job? You said it was a little mission last night," huffed Sir Handel.

"Oh right, that's what I meant," said Peter Sam. "My mistake."

The other engines were puzzled. "Alright, what's going on here, Stuart?" huffed Duke. "It's too early for playing games. Just tell us what you did last night."

"Well I would, but you all wouldn't believe me if I told you," smiled Peter Sam.

"Oh really?" chuffed Duke. "Try us."

"Alright Granpuff, but don't say I didn't warn you," teased Peter Sam, then he told all the little engines and Stepney what he did last night.

Then afterwards, the engines laughed. "Och, you can't be serious," Duncan chortled. "You saw Proteus? That magical engine that Skarloey made up? Ha! Oh this is just what I needed to make me feel better."

"But it's true you know," puffed Peter Sam. "I with the help of Norman and Sidney managed to free him from 'Arry and Bert and I brought him back here last night."

Even Stepney had to laugh. "You actually managed to get away from 'Arry and Bert? Ha, ha! I mean no offense, Peter Sam, but if I couldn't get away from them without the help of Sir Topham Hatt, then I doubt a little engine like you could do the same."

"Well think what you all will," chuffed Peter Sam, "but believe it or not, Proteus is here right now." The little engines laughed again.

"Right, and there's a unicorn sitting right next to me, huh?" mocked Duncan, and he laughed some more.

"Alright you don't believe me? Fine, then take a look over at the goods shed," said Peter Sam. "Stepney, could you move back for a minute?"

So Stepney did, but to Peter Sam's surprise, Proteus wasn't there. "What?! Where did he go?"

The engines tried not to laugh again. "Umm, I think we're missing something here, Peter Sam," said Sir Handel.

"Or maybe he's just lost his mind," chuckled Duncan.

"No, no. Something's wrong," said Peter Sam. "I brought Proteus home last night and stored him in that shed. He wasn't able to move at all. This doesn't make sense. Where did he go?"

"Um Peter Sam," chuffed Rusty. "I think it might be time to drop this act. We all thought this was funny at first, but now I think the joke is over."

"It's not a joke, Rusty," huffed Peter Sam. "I'm serious. I went to that diesel yard and found Proteus and brought him back here and…"

"Calm down, calm down, everyone please!" came a voice. It was Mr. Percival. He was walking over from his house to the sheds. "Now what's all this arguing about?"

"Sir, I can explain everything," said Peter Sam. "I wasn't here last night because I went to find a lost engine in that diesel yard at Vicarstown and I found an engine over there called Proteus and I rescued him from some diesels and brought him back here and put him in that goods shed, but now he's gone and no one believes I brought him back because they say he was only a legend and…" "Okay Peter Sam," chuckled Mr. Percival. "I think I can take it from here." Then he turned to the other engines. "You all may not believe it, but everything that Peter Sam just told you…is true." The engines gasped, and even Peter Sam was surprised. "Yes, I'm well aware of what you did last night, Peter Sam. Your driver told me before you left you were going to find a lost engine and I'm pleased that you did and you found one."

"Um, you're welcome sir," said Peter Sam, "and you're not cross?"

"No, no, absolutely not," chuckled Mr. Percival. "That was very brave of you to do such a thing. You should have told me first instead of trying to sneak off, but at least you found one, and one that even I didn't know existed; and don't worry, Proteus is safe. I heard you two arrive this morning and I sent for Victor to take him to the Steamworks to be repaired when he had the chance."

Peter Sam felt relieved. "Oh thank goodness," he sighed. "I thought maybe 'Arry and Bert had managed to get back here and take him again."

"Oh ho, don't you worry about them," said Mr. Percival. "I heard what they tried to do to you two last night and once I informed Sir Topham Hatt about them, he assured me they will be punished greatly for this. Anyway, thank you for finding another engine for our railway, Peter Sam. Proteus will be a great addition to our railway and I'm sure work will be easier with him here to help us out. Now once he's repaired, I expect all of you to treat him with respect and welcome him when he comes back."

"Yes sir," replied the engines. "We will."

"Good," said Mr. Percival. "I must be off now, so good day everyone." Then he left.

After he did, Peter Sam looked at all the engines and they all looked speechless.

"I take it you all believe me now?" he asked cheekily.

"Yes!" they replied.

"I can't believe you actually made it there!" exclaimed Rusty. "You're even braver than me for going back there."

"And me," added Stepney. "Especially since you were able to get away from 'Arry and Bert. That takes courage."

"But how exactly did you do all of this?" asked Duncan.

"Well I did just tell you all this," reminded Peter Sam, "but you all didn't believe me, but tell you what? How about you hear about it from me and Proteus together? What do you say?"

"Yes please!" said Sir Handel.

"Even I'm curious to hear the whole story again," added Duke.

"Well alright then," chuckled Peter Sam. "Let's all head to the Steamworks and hear it from the legend himself." Then with that, Peter Sam led the party of engines to the Steamworks.

When they were there, Proteus was still getting repaired, but was happy to tell all of the engines about his and Peter Sam's adventure.

"And if it hadn't been for your friend, Peter Sam, here, I probably would have been stuck in that dreadful place for eternity," finished Proteus.

The engines were amazed. "That was quite the story," said Duke.

"I can't believe it really happened," added Sir Handel.

"I still can't believe Proteus is real," said Duncan. "All this time, we thought he was a legend, but he was actually a real engine. Good work finding him in that case, Peter Sam." Peter Sam grinned.

"Yes, your friend here was quite the hero last night," smiled Proteus, "and I owe a lot to him for saving me, and thank you again, Peter Sam."

"You're quite welcome, Proteus," chuffed Peter Sam.

"So does this mean you'll also be a lot of help with all the work we have?" added Duncan.

Even Peter Sam and Proteus had to laugh at this. "Yes I can assure you that I will be a lot of help, young fellow. I was quite the hard worker back in my day. Would you all like to hear it?"

"Yes please," said the engines, then Proteus began talking again, even Victor was curious too.

Now Proteus is a really useful engine again. He helps where he is needed, he is a hard worker, and enjoys telling everyone about his adventures, and even Bertram is fascinated by them. All the engines agree he is a great addition to the railway and they, like Proteus, are very grateful to Peter Sam for saving him that one night. Proteus and Peter Sam are good friends as well and they, along with Rusty and Stepney, hope that none of them have to go saving an engine from another scrapyard again, unless it's absolutely necessary!




  • Several references to the television series episodes, Rusty to the Rescue, Stepney Gets Lost, and The Magic Lamp are made throughout the episode.
    • This episode's plot is also similar to Rusty to the Rescue and the third season television series episode, Escape, as well.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks the first of a few things:
    • Stepney's first official appearance since the twelfth season television series episode, Rosie's Funfair Special, though he was mentioned in the previous season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in Luke's Lucky Find.
    • Proteus' first on screen appearance since The Magic Lamp and his first speaking role.
    • Vicarstown Goods Depot's first appearance since Rusty to the Rescue.
  • This episode also marks the first of a few more things:
    • Norman’s first speaking role in The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
    • The first episode to be released in the month of March.
  • This episode also marks the only things for a few characters in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor:
    • Norman and Proteus' only speaking roles.
    • Sidney, 'Arry and Bert's only appearances.
  • Sidney's line, "Forget it, you two. It's Vicarstown", is a reference to the 1974 drama-thriller, Chinatown.