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Peter Sam's Birthday Surprise
Season The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1, Episode 1
Air date 18th September 2020
Written by whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon
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Peter Sam's Birthday Surprise is the first episode of The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1.


It was a summer bank holiday on the Island of Sodor; the sun was shining, and the Skarloey Railway was preparing for a day of heavy passenger traffic. Peter Sam was resting in the sheds as it was still early, and the first train wasn't due till much later and so he wasn't expecting his driver and fireman to arrive just yet. But he was wrong. "Wake up." said his driver “We have to shunt trucks at the Wharf"

Peter Sam was confused. "Shunt trucks at the wharf? On a day like this? Shouldn't I be preparing to take the first train?"

"Rheneas will take it today." came the reply. "Now c'mon."

Peter Sam spent the next two hours shunting trucks with Freddie

"Now back to Crovan's Gate." said his driver at last

A surprise was waiting for Peter Sam when he got back. There in the loading yards were his four brothers.

"Who are they?" asked Peter Sam

"There's no need to be rude." said one, who was on a flatbed which was coupled behind one of the other engines,

"I'm Stanhope"

"and I'm Little Barford" said the engine coupled to the flatbed,

"I'm Edward Thomas" said the engine next to him who was green,

"and I don't have an official name" said the engine behind him who was red "but you can call me Kerr."

"That's all well and good," said Peter Sam "but what are you all doing here?"

"They're your brothers." explained Duke

"I can see that," said Peter Sam "but why are they here?"

"Do you not realize that it's been 100 years since you were first built and arrived at the Mid Sodor Railway?" asked Duke

"Oh" exclaimed Peter Sam

"Now c'mon," said Duke "You need to go to Skarloey station, the other engines will follow you. Take Cora with you as well."

So, Peter Sam fetched Cora and led the other engines up the line. On the way there he told the other engines about the many adventures he has had, and they shared some of theirs.

"I can't help but notice your Giesel Ejector," said Edward Thomas "I had one as well, but it didn't do me much good."

"I got it after my old funnel was knocked off by an icicle," replied Peter Sam

"How was your funnel so loose that an icicle could knock it off?"

"It was damaged after some truck broke away on the incline and crashed into me"

"It is a lovely line you have," said Little Barford "quite long and very scenic. Mine is only short and runs around the power station at Peel Godred"

"I worked there for a bit after the Mid Sodor Railway closed" replied Peter Sam

"My line is only just over 1KM long, but enthusiasts want to extend further" said Kerr

"The Corris Railway isn't it?" asked Edward Thomas


"Ah, I thought so. I used to work before it closed, and I was bought by the Talyllyn Railway"

At last they arrived at Skarloey. The station was packed with visitors who wanted to wish Peter Sam a happy birthday. The Refreshment Lady was serving drinks and recounted the time Peter Sam had left her behind. Peter Sam gave rides to children in his cab and had his photograph taken many times from different angles and the party went on until the early hours of the evening. Then, late at night Peter Sam returned home to the sheds. His brothers were loaded back onto flatbeds to be taken away and Peter Sam said "Goodbye and thank you!" to them then went happily to sleep.




  • This the first episode of The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends.
  • No standard gauge engines appear at all.
  • This episode was written to celebrate Peter Sam's 100th birthday which takes place in 2020.
  • All Kerr Stuart Tattoo class engines in existence are featured in this episode excluding one or two that exist in Burma as Whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon thought having them come to Sodor would be too unrealistic.
  • Going by production order this is the eighth episode of the first series