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Percy and the Mud is the eighth story of the second volume and thirty-fourth story of The New Adventures on Rails.

Percy and the Mud
Season X, Episode 34
Air date 3 May 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It had rained all over Sodor for the past few days.

One dark, grey, cloudy morning, Percy was on his way to the Harbour. The wind was blowing hard but Percy pressed on. At last he reached Toryreck, where the line splits to go to either the Junction or the Harbour.

"The line is bound to be muddy," said Percy.

He was right. Mud was everywhere. Percy slowed down but that didn't stop mud from going all over him.

"Great," huffed Percy. "Now I'm all dirty."

He was glad when he reached the Harbour.

Later, he was back at Ffarquhar.

"What happened to you?" asked Toby.

"The Harbour line is very muddy," explained Percy. "However, I managed to get through. The line is stable for now."

Soon, Mavis brought some stone trucks.

"It might just be me, but it looks like it could start raining at any time," said Mavis.

"Yeah," said Toby. "You'd best take care, Percy."

"I'll be all right," said Percy.

He was soon making his way to the Harbour. He arrived safely and was about to head back when it began to rain.

The Driver and Fireman ran into the cab.

"Let's be off," said the Driver.

Percy started off with his empty trucks but he was in for a difficult time. The rain was making the embankment sink along the line.

"I feel the track is sinking," observed Percy.

"We must get to the station quickly," said the Fireman.

Percy approached a cutting. Unbeknown to him, the rain was making the slope loose. Suddenly, rocks and mud fell across the track!

Percy saw this and tried to stop! But it was too late.

"Help! I'm stuck!" cried Percy. And they were.

Meanwhile, at the Junction, Jessie had just collected some coal trucks from Molly. She reached Dryaw station where she had to stop for a red signal.

"What could be the matter?" she asked.

The Stationmaster came up to her cab.

"Percy hasn't arrived at Toryreck, so we don't know if the line is clear," he explained.

"Could something have happened to him?" asked Jessie.

"Perhaps," said her Driver.

"But until we know for sure, you will have to stay here," continued the Stationmaster.

"Hmm," thought Jessie. "Can't we send Harold to search?"

"I'll go and check," said the Stationmaster, and he ran off.

He returned shortly. Just as he did, they saw Harold hovering overhead.

"Glad to be of service," he called. "I'll find Percy in no time," and he flew off towards the Harbour line.

Percy still had steam, but he was truly stuck.

Suddenly, Percy heard something.

"I think that's Harold!" he exclaimed. "We must let him know we're here!"

He blew his whistle loudly. Harold heard him.

"He's not far," said Harold. "There you are!"

"Thank goodness," sighed Percy. "We're stuck!"

"Yes, I can see that. I'll get help straight away!"

Harold flew back to the station and delivered the news.

"Good thing we know were he is now," said the Stationmaster. "I better spread the word."

Once the line was clear, Jessie set off again.

Meanwhile, Percy was beginning to worry.

"I hope someone comes soon," he sighed.

At Ffarquhar, the Stationmaster told Liza what had happened.

"Jessie is on her way but we still need to get Percy out."

"Perhaps we can have Terence to pull him out of the mud."

"Yes. I'll call Farmer Finney and see if he's available."

He returned shortly.

"Terence will be ready and waiting at Hackenbeck."

Just then, Jessie puffed into Ffarquhar. Liza ran up to her.

"Hey Jessie," said Liza. "So, we heard that Percy is stuck in the mud at the cutting along the Harbour line."

"Yes," said Jessie.

"Because of the weather, we're going to need Terence to help get him out of the mud."

"I can take Terence."

"Good. I'll tell Stationmaster."

Soon, Jessie headed off.

Terence was waiting at Hackenbeck. He was loaded onto Jessie's well-wagon and she made her way towards the cutting where Percy was stuck.

"Not long now," she thought.

Percy was still stuck and felt cold and damp. Then, he heard a whistle.

"That's Jessie!" he cried.

"There you are Percy," said Jessie.

"Finally. I'm saved!"

"I'll have you out in no time," said Terence.

Terence set to work clearing the line.

Finally, Percy was out of the mud. He was very dirty, but pleased to be on firm rails again.

"All right. Let's get you back to Ffarquhar," said Jessie.

At Hackenbeck, Terence was unloaded.

"Thanks for rescuing me," said Percy.

"As always, glad to help," replied Terence.

Finally, they were back at Ffarquhar.

"I'm glad to be out of the mud," said Percy.

"Yeah, even though you are all muddy," chuckled Toby.

"I know. It wasn't fun being stuck in the mud."

"At least you are safe now."

"But he does look funny!" chuckled Jessie.

"Like pudding," added Mavis.

"Desert is here," laughed Toby.

Percy felt a bit silly but he still had to laugh.

The next day, the rain stopped. Work began to repair the Harbour line. Meanwhile, Percy was given a good wash-down.

"There! You look much better," said Liza.

"Thank you Liza," said Percy. "I hope I never get caught in the mud again."

"You'd better not," chuckled Liza. "It means more work for me, which I love, but still."

Percy was glad to be clean and was soon back at work. For a short time afterwards, the other engines teased him about his encounter with mud. Percy sure hopes he never gets stuck again.